HO, Li-Ren

HO, Li-Ren

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Li Ren Ho has become a professional tradition Chinese music composer since 1998. Before that he had received many composition contest awards from Taipei Chinese Orchestra,Council for Cultural Affairs (now Ministry of Culture) and International Ensemble Demonstration Competition (new song group).

He is often invited to compose music (in the form of ensemble, concerto, and solo) by many organizations, including National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, Taipei Chinese Orchestra, Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra, Taichung City Chinese Orchestra, YuShan Chinese Orchestra, Chinese Music Association and Tainan National University of The Arts.

Li Ren Ho is an active traditional Chinese music composer in recent years. He was invited by Tainan National University OfThe Arts to rearrange the "Transformed Shin-ShuiMelody"(變體新水令) created by Tein-Hua Liu (劉天華) to a Chinese musical version and announced in the "New Wine In Old Bottle" concert. His "Six Beat Fantasy" (collaborates with Mr. Chung-Shen Chen (陳中申) ), "New Melody for Yu-Shan" (玉山新韻),and "Song for Snow Plum" (雪梅吟) are selected as assigned songs for competitions.

In 2000, he was invited by Taipei Chinese Orchestra to rearrange "The Spring of Xin-Jiang" (新疆之春) (violin and traditional Chinese music orchestra), andperformed by the internationally famous violinist Si-Qing Lu (呂思清).

In 2003, he arranged the incidental music for the musical "The Butterfly Lovers" (starred by the famous actressesLangzu Jun (郎祖筠) and Xia Yi(夏禕) ).

His "Transformed Shin-ShuiMelody"(變調新水令) was performed in National Concert Hallin 2013, and wascollected in the world-music database of Center of Ethnic Music of Virtual Art Village ofTainan National University of The Arts.

In 2014, he was invited by Chen Cheng Po Cultural Foundation to compose the music "Impression-Hometown" (印象.故鄉), which was performed in theChen Cheng Po Painting Asian Tour Exhibition concert titled"The Paints Under Tropic of Cancer -- The Conversation Between Chen Cheng Po's PaintsandMusic"(北回歸線下的油彩─陳澄波畫作與音樂的對話).

Musical Compositions

"Everyone Celebrates the Reunion" (家家慶團圓) and "Happiness of New Year" (新年樂) are included in "The Joyful Taiwan" (心花開滿年) 2CD album which is published by National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan.

String ensemble "Flowers Fall InCold Rain" (淒雨落花) is included in "Savoring the Best of Taiwan" (台灣暢響) 2CD album published by Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra.

New arranged Kunqu opera "Springin Jade Pavilion" (玉樓春) is included in thealbum of "NCO 30th Anniversary" (樂繫古今,韻迴三十).


During his services as artistic director of Taiwan Silk and Bamboo Ensemble (台灣絲竹樂團), he organized "From Tradition to Modern" concert, which covers traditional silk and bamboo music and modern works.

He was invited to conduct China Anhui Chinese Orchestra and China Zhejiang Orchestra.

He was the leader of the Taiwan 35-county tour performances -- "Mind Rebuilding For 921" sponsored by Nantou County Government.

In addition, he was invited to perform in "The Conversion between Tea and Erhu" in Tokyo, Japan.

He was also the music producer of Zheng CD "Playing Zheng in Summer" (夏水箏樂) published by Gan Du Yan Inc.


"Fisher" (1998) -- First place of solo composed song contest held by Taipei Chinese Orchestra

"Six Beat Fantasy" (2005) -- Third place of ethnic music creation competition held byMinistry of Culture

"New Melody for Yu-Shan" -- Second place of international ensemble demonstration competition (new song group)


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