SHEN, Chin-Tang

SHEN, Chin-Tang

SHEN Chin-Tang (SHEN Jin-Tang) is a passionate composer and music educator of Hakka heritage. He was born in Hsinchu County’s Guanhsi Township on March 22, 1940 and currently lives in New Taipei City’s Xizhi District. Shen earned a master’s degree in music from the City University of New York’s Brooklyn College. He has worked for the National Taiwan Symphony and has taught in the music department at the National Taiwan University of Arts, as well as the music departments at many other universities in Taiwan. All of his musical works are quite unique and in different styles. The piece "Drifting" was awarded the top prize in the Patriotic Art Song Composition Awards. With sincerity and warmth, Shen composes music for Taiwan. The music in his heart never stops.

(Source:Taiwan Music Institute)


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