HOU, Chih-Cheng

HOU, Chih-Cheng

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Dr. Hou graduated from the music department of Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan, in 1991, and received his master degree in Trumpet Performance (1992) ,in Theory and Composition (1995), and doctoral degree in Theory and Composition (1999) from the University of Northern Colorado, USA. He studied trumpet with Mr. Bai-Kuang Hsei, Mr. Chou Long, Mr. Hse-Fu Bi, Mr. Reymond Nei, and Mr. William Pfund. He also studied Wind Ensemble Conducting with Mr. Yu-Biau Hou, Theory and Composition with Dr. R. Evan Copley.

Dr. Hou currently works as a professor in the music department of the National University of Tainan, Taiwan, and teaches courses including Harmony, Counterpoint, Music Analysis, and serves as the director of the University Wind Orchestra. He has been active as a conductor in many concerts in Taiwan, Macau, and Vienna recently.

Most of his compositions are for winds, among his works are:

《Formosan Capriccio No. 4 》for Symphonic Band (2003)

《Nocturne》 for 4 Bassoons and Piano(2004)

《Psalms of Puyuma》 for Symphonic Band(2006)

《Magpie》 for Flute, and Piano(2006), revised for Flute an Strings in 2012

《Symphonic Overture 2008》 for Orchestra for the 110th anniversary of NUTN(2008)

《Festival Dance 》for Symphonic Band(2009)

《Pastoral Sentimental 》for Symphonic Band(2011)

《Immortal Heroism》 for Symphonic Band(2011)

《Tribute to Spring》 for Symphonic Band(2012)

《Southern Breeze March》 for Symphonic Band(2013)

《Fantasia Nos.4-9》for Solo Flute(2017)

《Soaring in the Sky》for Symphonic Band(2017)

《Glory and Victory》for Symphonic Band(2017)

The《Immortal Heroism》and 《Southern Breeze March》were performed by the joint band of ROC National Defense Band, Army Band, Navy Band, Air Force Band, along with Military Honor Guards of ROC in the 100th and 102th Ceremony of the National Day on October 10th, in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

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