KAO, Chen-Kang

KAO, Chen-Kang

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Chen-Kang Kao got his bachelor's and master's degrees in the music department of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), majoring in composition. He learned composition form Prof. Ching-Yu Hsiao.

In 2002, he took part in the Taipei City's student music competition of the 91st school year, and got third place Grade A in the south area; in 2010, Love and Revenge—for Trumpet Solo and Orchestra was selected in “NTNU Orchestral Composition Audition”, and was performed and recorded by trumpet soloist Man-Chun Wei and NTNU orchestra; in 2011-2012, Natural Phenomena—String Quartet No. 1 reached the finals in “Music Encyclopedia of National Theater and Concert Hall—Domestic Music Compositions Audition” ; in 2011, he participated in the “International Music Camp” held by Taiwan Music Center, and received composition instructions from Prof. Hwang-Long Pan, Tzyy-Sheng Lee, Ming Wang, Deqing Wen, and German Composer Volker Blumenthaler; he joined Formusica Arbeitsgruppe der Komponisten in the same year, and in the concert “2012 Piano Music from FORMUSICA” on Jan. 5th, 2012, Movement—for Two Pianos premiered by Ta-Wei Wang and Yi-Yin Lin in National Recital Hall; in the concert “Spring Autumn Music: Spring 2012” on May 20th, 2012, Natural Phenomena—String Quartet No. 1 was performed again by the Fifth String Quartet in Hong-gah Museum; Transformation—for percussion solo was performed by Ming-Jen Suen in Forum Auditorium on Dec. 16th that year; he joined Asian Composers League-Taiwan in the same year, and in the concert “MUSIC TAIWAN 2012 Concert Series” on Dec. 26th that year, Stray Birds—for Mixed Four-part Chorus and Piano was performed by Taipei Chamber Singers in Performing Arts Center, Soochow University; on October 9th, 2014, Han-Yun Chang, Li-Ling Ting, and Yi-Hua Yang premiered Obligation – for Violin, Cello and Zheng in National Recital Hall; on March 4th, Yi-Ying Lin premiered Thinking Bitterly – for Solo Piano in National Recital Hall; in 2015, Etus Nate – for Mixed 4-part Chorus, Flute and Bassoon was comminssioned by Taipei Chamber Singers, and premiered by Taipei Chamber Singers conducted by Yun-Hung Chen in National Concert Hall the same year; on May 21st, 2017, 2 Pieces: Light, Fire – for Piano 6 hands was premiered by Yi-Ying Lin, Pei-Chun Chen, and Ta-Wei Wang in National Recital Hall; in 2017, Liberation‧Enlightenment – for Mixed 4-part Chorus and Piano was commissioned by La Voix d'Azur, and was premiered by La Voix d'Azur conducted by Yu-Wen Pan in National Recital Hall the same year.

He's now a music teacher in Taipei City Nanmen Junior High School.


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