CHANG, Chun-yien

CHANG, Chun-yien

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Chun-yien Chang (b. 1973), Taiwanese leading composer, pianist and interdisciplinary specialist. Born in Taichung City. Mr. Chang is an artist who was educated and nurtured completely in Taiwan, having received his Master of Fine Arts from National Taiwan Normal University, and Music Bachelor of Arts from Tunghai University Department of Music. His teachers include composer Gordon Shi-Wen Chin, musicologist Juanelva Rose, pianist Thomas Linde, mezzo-soprano Syou-Fen Lee, and conductor Leonid Moullaev. The critics have hailed his works as "Deep thinking, full of philosophical connotation and religious affection", "Colorful, lush harmonic texture, dramatic tension, and emotion." Renowned violinist Bin Huang also described Mr. Chang’s compositions as "well-structured, colorful and deep, with a fresh feeling for every reading." His works have been performed in international festivals such as Seghizzi in Italy, Vivace in Hungary and Brahms in Germany. The output with a wide spectrum of musical genres includes symphonic poem, concerto, Musical, cantata, chamber music, instrumental pieces, art song, choral work, etc. He has been receiving commissions from musicians and music groups worldwide.

Forme complexe is the central concept of his creative outcome in recent years, the representative works include: Tone Poem “Formosa Rhapsody 2002: The Treasure Island Filled with the Prophets” (2002); Cantata No. 2 with 7 Piano Preludes (2005); Missa Instrumentalis “A Rainbow, in Memory of Eternity” (2009); Chamber music in forme complexe "Song of Time" (consisting Piano Trio "Song of Time", Cello Sonata "Earthly Elegy" and Piano Pieces "Heavenly Tunes", 2010); “O’ remadiway no Sikawasay” (the Witch of Singing) for Tenor and Chamber Group (2012); Piano Trio No.2 “In forme complexe” (in a retro style, 2012); Three Movements for Unaccompanied Cello (after S. Prokofiev, 2013). His works have received funding from the National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF) numerous times.

Mr. Chang has been a faculty member of the Music Department, School of Fine Arts and Creative Design, Tunghai University and the Graduate School of Art of Church Music, Taiwan Theological College and Seminary. He has also been invited as the resident composer of Taipei Chamber Singers, and collaborative musician and a pre-concert lecturer of the Yinqi Orchestra & Chorus. In 2009, he joined the "Player Tribe" Piano Trio as the resident composer. In 2010, he became artistic director of Polylogue Vocal Ensemble, and he also founded Mysterium Musicum in the same year. To advocate healthy techniques for music students, he established “Taiwan Society of Healthy Performance Technique Promotion” (HPTP). Mr. Chang's writings can be seen regularly in periodicals such as "MUZIK", "Music Browser", "Choral Music", and "Cosmic Light". His solid training in Information Technology leads him to be the project leader of information infrastructure of Taiwan Digital Culture Center, run by Taichung City government.

Selected works
Earthly Elegy
A Victim's Last Prayer
The Memory
Selected works

Earthly Elegy


A Victim's Last Prayer


The Memory

Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
Cantata no. 3 2006
Cantata no. 2 Soprano solo, Baritone solo, Mixed Choir, Piano 2005
Cantata no. 1 Soprano solo, Baritone solo, Mixed Choir, Piano 2004
崔斯坦與伊索迪之網路情迷 Sop. solo, Mezzo-sop. solo, Tenor solo, Bar. solo, Piano 2002
Orchestral/Concerto Works
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
Homage to Haydn Concertino for string quartet and Chamber Orchestra 2222-1110-str qua-str 2003 10'24"
Tone Poem: Formosa Rhapsody 2002 “The Treasure Island id Filled with the Prophets” Chorus: SATB, *3*32*3-4331-tmp-hp-str 2002 10'36"
Vocal Works/Choral
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
Agnus Dei Bar. Solo, SATB, Cello solo 2015
行義的路 Sop. solo, Bar. Solo, Piano 2014
Reges eos SATB, sop. & bar. Solo, a cappella 2012
Jesu dulcis memoria Sop. solo, str 2011
A Victim's Last Prayer Bar. solo, Cello, Piano 2009
上帝的花園 Sop. Solo, Piano 2007
花的哀怨 Sop. Solo, Piano 2007
《水璉情歌》,阿美族語民謠新創作,為男高音與鋼琴 Ten. Solo, Piano 2006
Mi dalimaw to wawa Ten. Solo, Piano 2006
微風輕拂 Ten. Solo, Piano 2006
The Flower of Evil Soprano solo, Mezzo-Soprano solo, Mixed Choir, Piano 2005
Three short poems Sop. solo, SATB, Piano 2005 2'13",2'10",2'13"
"Ad prophetas", "Si habuero prophetiam" SATB, a cappella 2003 3'33",4'32"
The Memory Mezzo Sop. Solo, Piano 2003
War Poetry Bar. solo, Piano 2002 3'18",4'23",3'14"
尋道,為男中音與鋼琴 Bar. solo, Piano 2002
洞窟之歌 Bar. solo, Piano 2001
連綿的群山 Bar. solo, Piano 2001
Hwei-shuan-chue Sop. solo, Piano 1998
Shan-chou-seh-uen Sop. solo, Piano 1998
返魅書簡 Bar. Solo, Cello
高高太子山 SATB, a cappella
彎彎的垂柳青青的山 SATB, a cappella
Chamber Music Works
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
In forme complexe Violin, Cello, Piano 2012
O' remadiway no Sikawasay Tenor solo, Clarinet and Piano Trio 2012
In Memory of In Memory of a Great Artist Violin I, Violin II, Cello, Piano 2011
Song of Time Violin, Cello, Piano 2010
一位早逝作曲家的殘稿 Harp, Violin 2009
In Memory of Eternity Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Piano 2008 3'10",2'10",4'19",3'31"
Missa Instrumentalis “A Rainbow, in Memory of Eternity” Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Piano Bar. solo, Piano 2008
Equilibrium Vn I, Vn II, Va, Vc 1996 8'21",5'54",5'28"
Solo Instrumental Works
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
La feuílle Cello solo, piano 2016
Six Miniatures for for unaccompanied cello Cello solo 2015
Three Movements for Unaccompanied Cello (after S. Prokofiev) Cello solo 2013
A Portrait Cello, Piano 2012
A Story of Christmas Solo violin, piano 2012
Earthly Elegy Cello, Piano 2010
Symposium Solo violin, piano 2010
Auschwitz Solo violin, piano 2004
De Rêve Solo violin, piano 2003
Sine nomine Solo violin, piano 2002

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Title Instrumentation Year Duration