LIEN, Ya-Wen

LIEN, Ya-Wen

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Introduction of Mr. Ya-wen, Lien

The principal timpanist of Nation Symphony Orchestra (N.S.O)TAIWAN

The first diploma of percussion at Actilingua Academy Vienna Austria

1986-2004 The founder and the art director of Taipei percussion

The producer of the album” Ki-Go ” and album” Sound of Articles “, both won the best recording award in the non-pop Music category in 1997 and 2002

2002 The founder of Lien percussion teaching system

2005 The founder and the art director of Lien percussion

2016 The founder of Taiwan percussion Association


Suite for Metal, Wood, Rawhide

The Dew Devil's Funeral

Capriccio for Percussion

New, Joy, Mild


A Grain of Wheat

Overture for Drums

Percussion Lagoon

Overture 1999

Sound of Articles

Pipe Talk

Wipe or wipe not

Down & Out in China Empire

Sixteen Sun(s) and umbrella

Menage de Trois (III) Bach’s Dancing Shoes

Timpani( Timpani concerto)



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