CHEN, Cheng-Wen

CHEN, Cheng-Wen

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CHEN Cheng-wen (陳政文), is active as a composer in the vocal-instrumental and electroacoustic fields. Born in 1980 in Taiwan, lives and works in Germany since 2010.

His compositions often create new situations for listening by making conversant sounds unconventional, staging the physicality of the musicians in an extraordinary way or explore new concert forms. In the foreground is the acoustic thinking, which is inspired by electroacoustic listening experiences, e.g. through spectral analyzes on linguistics, spatial perspectives or the development of hybrid instrumental bodies. An important role is played by the confrontation with the Daoist world of thought and its encounter with a European perspective.

Central works of recent include: »Leere Herzen« Music with Zen-Buddhist and Daoist texts in dialogue with G. F. Handel's »Messiah« for soloists, choir and baroque orchestra (2017/18), »TRIO: Anwesende Abwesenheit《Music in three separate rooms》(2016), …in der Welt…《Music with Laozi: Daodejing Chapter II》 (from 2015) for choir and tape, as an acousmatic composition and as a soundscape with speaking cello-corpus,《Libra》for a cymbal player with or without live electronics (2013) and 《Musik für Gitarre zu vier Händen》(2016) in collaboration with the composer Tobias Klich.

He received various awards for his work: Bremer Composer Award 2014, composition scholarship of the state of Lower Saxony 2014, Germany Scholarship 2013, and others. as well as residence in Lauenburg/ Elbe, Eckernförde and Worpswede. Commissioned works were created u.a. for the TIMF Taiwan International Music Festival 2017 and for the EXPO 2015 in Milan.

His compositions were performed by Zafraan Ensemble, Ensemble reflexion K, Ensemble Senteri Selvaggi, Tout Pour la Musique Contemporaine (TPMC), and soloists such as Ulrike Brand (cello), Jennifer Hymer (piano/ toy piano), Carin Levine (flute), Mikael Rudolfsson (trombone), Jack Adler-McKean (tuba), Callum G'Froerer (Trumpet), Till-Marek Mannes (accordion), Henrik Dewes und John-Robin Bold (guitar) u.a.

He studied composition with Prof. YING Kuang-YI and Prof. Lee Tzzy-Shang at National Sun Yet-Sen University (Bachelor‘s Degree) and with Prof. PAN Hwang-Long at Taipei National University of the Arts (Master‘s Degree). He traveled to Germany in 2010 to study with Gordon Williamson and Joachim Heintz at Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media (soloist diploma for composition), and then studied electro-acoustic composition with Kilian Schwoon for at University of the Arts Bremen.

Vocal Works/Choral
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
Leere Herzen for soloists, chor and baroque orchestra 2017 35'
Chamber Music Works
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
Musik für Gitarre zu vier Händen for four hands guitar 2016 13'
emotion recollected in tranquility or ensemble in the room with trombone solo 2012 8'
Das Häßliche Entlein for speaker, actor and ensemble 2011 6'
Chin-Ko-Chi I for mixed ensemble (14 musicians) 2010 20'
Chin-Ko-Chi II for mixed ensemble (16 musicians) 2010 20'
Solo Instrumental Works
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
Luftspiegelung for the carillon at the Hildesheim town hall 2012 1'
Wasserspiegelung for trombone solo 2011 6'
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
present absence for a pianist and grand piano with live-electronics 2017 20'
TRIO: Anwesende Abwesenheit music in three separate rooms and live-electronics 2016 50'
«... in der Welt ...» II acousmatic composition 2015 2'39"
«... in der Welt ...» II for choir and tape 2015 10'
«... in der Welt ...» IV soundscape with speaking cello-corpus 2015 15'
Orchidee for violoncello solo and live-electronics with or without percussion 2015 13'
Der Nebel, der Vogel und der Prophet acousmatic composition 2013 3'16"
Libra for a cymbal player with or without live electronics 2013 12'
Chin-Ko-Chi III for bass flute solo with live electronics 2011 6'
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
listen to Hearing sound installation for six mobile speakers 2012 28'

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Title Instrumentation Year Duration
Chin-Ko-Chi I for mixed ensemble (14 musicians) 2010 20'
Chin-Ko-Chi II for mixed ensemble (16 musicians) 2010 20'