TSENG, Yu-Chung

TSENG, Yu-Chung

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Yu-Chung Tseng, D.M.A.,professor of computer/electronic music composition, division chair of music composition and division chair of music technology master program at National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan, R.O.C..

His music, written for both acoustic and electronic media, has been recognized with selection/awards fromBourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition (Selected work/1998/1999/2005), ICMA2011/2015 Music Award, Pierre Schaeffer International Computer Music Competition(1st Prize/2003,3rd Prize/2007), Città di Udine International Contemporary Music Competition(Special Mention of Jury/ 2003, Winning work/2006), MUSICA NOVA International Electroacoustic Music Competition (Finalist/2004/2005/2007,Honary Mention award/2009/2012,1st Prize/2010), Metamorphoses International Competition of Acousmatic Composition (Finalist/2006/2008/2010).

Mr. Tseng's works have also received many performances at festivals and conferences including 15 times International Computer Music Conference(1998-2017, China, Cuba, U.S.A., Singapore, North Ireland, Montreal,…..Hudersfield,Shanghai), Beijing International Electroacoustic Music Festival, Korean Soul International Computer Music Festival, SEAMUS National Conference, Shanghai International Electroacoustic Music Festival, Dusseldorf Schumann Festival, UCM New Music Festival, Tokyo Asian Digital Music Festival, Prague Musica Nova, Brussels Metamorphoses.

He also received many composition commissions from National Foundation of Arts, National Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center, Taipei Dance Circle, SuccPerc, National Taiwan Arts Education Center, Dance Forum, Council Hakka Affairs, and several instrumental performers.

His music can be heard on Selected Electroacoustic Music of Yu-chung Tseng (ISCM-Taiwan), CDCM Vol.28(U.S.A.), WOCMAT2006/2007/2009/2011(TCMA), Discontact iii(Canada), Pescara 2004, Contemporanea 2006(Taukay, It.), Metamorphoses labels 2006/ 2008/2010(Belgium), SEAMUS 25th Anniversary CD(USA), KECD2 (Demark),Musica Nova 2009/2010 prize-winning CD(Czech), ICMC 2011DVD, and ICMC2015CD.

Recent years he found his interests in integrating various technologies including various sensors, wiimote, iPhone, iPad, laptop, self-designed instruments with Max/MSP, Ableton Live, Spat…software as new interface musical expression for both individual and ensemble performing purposes .


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