TSENG, Hsiao-Wen

TSENG, Hsiao-Wen

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Composer Hsiao-Wen Tseng was born in Taiwan Chia-Yi, she was studied in Paris and obtained the diploma Superieur of composition in 2003 at “Ecole Normale de la Musique de Paris”.

Her contemporary works are influenced by the spectrum music while the trend is germinated in the beginning of 21th in France. She also accepted the lessons from many composers for example Y. Tarira, A. Gaussin, A. Weber and F.Bedrossian. With high talent and passion in music, she has been one of activities musicians Taiwan nowadays.

Orchestral/Concerto Works
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
Valse op.33 concerto for woodwind quintet and little wind orchestra 2017 3'30"
When the cors singing Full Wind Orchestra 2015 8'
Le parablu de la Serbourg concerto for two piano and little wind orchestra/ Full Wind Orchestra 2014 5'
tweinkle, tweinkle, Llittle Star concerto for piano and little wind orchestra 2014 8'
Palais de la Mer Full Wind Orchestra 2012 9'20"
Vocal Works/Choral
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
3 Art Songs soprano and piano 2015 11'20"
Incornation of color 3 female voices and piano 2011 5'
I know my Redeemer liveth soprano and piano 2009 7'17"
Chamber Music Works
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
Wave of Memorise Qatuort for Fl., Bb Cl., Cello and Piano 2012 9'50"
Transmutation Little concerto for Marimba and 4 percutionists 2008 9'
Solo Instrumental Works
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
le Parole de l'etoile Piano solo 2015 7'
As an eagle Marimba solo 2014 9'
The moment Zengh solo 2014 10'34"

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Title Instrumentation Year Duration