TUNG, Chao-Ming

TUNG, Chao-Ming

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Chao-Ming Tung, pursues new forms of musical performance with various media through experimental approach, believes in the abstract logic of composing he learned by the master of New Music Theater, Mauricio Kagel, and is strongly fascinated by the intense emotions revealed in Taiwanese traditional opera and folk music. He surpasses himself through musical performing, learns from interdisciplinary collaboration with several artists, combines traditional and modern elements in his creations, and attempts to stride across the unlimited time and space, for returning to the very origin of the art.


Chao-Ming Tung is a Taiwanese-born composer and guzheng player (Chinese zither). His music encompasses stage, instrumental, vocal, electro-acoustic works and multimedia-performances with visual arts and dance. He studied composition with Chien Nan-Chang, Johannes Fritsch, Mauricio Kagel, and Nicolaus A. Huber and graduated his composition studies in 1999 at the Folkwang-Hochschule Essen Germany with distinction.


He began to perform publicly with guzheng and live electronics in 2003 and created the compositions with computer real-time interaction: ”Washed Sand with Sea Waves“(2003), “Heart Sutra” (2004),“Screaming Space”(2010), which he performs in person. In 2004, he founded Zheng Ming Guzheng Trio with Fengxia Xu and Ming Wang in Vienna and attempted to open up new horizon of sound aesthetic for the traditional instruments.


He was awarded the Bernd Alois Zimmermann Scholarship for Composers from the City of Cologne in 1999, the Scholarship of National Culture and Arts Foundation Taiwan in 2001 and Stipendium of Villa Aurora Los Angles in 2004. From 2006 – 2007 , he was composer in residence of Chai Found Music Workshop Taipei. His first collection of works “Voyage of Sounds” for traditional instruments with Chai Found Music Workshop Taipei is released as CD in 2008, and his second CD “Touching Guzhengs” in 2016, both CDs sponsored by National for Culture and Arts Foundation. In 2013, he was awarded the Taiwanese Cultural Prize from International Rotary Club Taipei West of Taiwan. In 2014, he founded the mixed chamber ensemble “ C-Camerata Taipei” with famous musicians from Taiwan and serves as curator. Since 2007, he teaches composition, multimedia composition and new music theatre at the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan and cofounded a interdisciplinary art team of NCTU (transArt Team NCTU) in 2008 with Professors of Applied Art and Architecture NCTU, which realized diverse exchange projects in Europe . He is also the director of Taiwan Computer Music Association (TCMA) since 2015 and organized international events of digital art.

Selected works
Selected works
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
LEDA 5 singers and chamber ensemble 1998 80'10"
Orchestral/Concerto Works
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
Moonshine of Guan-Hua orchester and electronics 2015 7'
Hakaw Utux chinese orchestra 2014 10'
suites of red chamber cello and chinese orchestra 2012 25'25"
Yun chinese orchestra 2012 7'30"
Grdhra-Kuta sring orchstra and children orchestra 2008 20'10"
Vocal Works/Choral
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
sunny moon 6 singers and mixed ensemble 2015 10'15"
Chamber Music Works
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
YYJY pipa and string quintett 2015 12'10"
3 Hearts four percussionists 2013 8'30"
reverberant echos chinese samixian, pipa, guzheng and percussions 2012 11'
Brechung violine and piano 2010 7'30"
compass erhu and string quartett 2010 9'20"
Cetus alto Saxophone, obe, bass clarinet and tonband 2009 9'20"
Ponso no Tau percussion quintett 2007 17'20"
energy piano quintett 1999 7'10"
Formosa Piano with four hands 1999 9'
Solo Instrumental Works
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
Beten und Hoffen piano 2016 4'30"
sketch from class breaks guzheng 2014 8'
Gragon dance erhu 2010 7'
messages from dreams also saxophone and live electronics 2010 13'10"
Lotusduft guzheng 2008 7'25"
Unsichtbare Bewegungen im Klangraium Guitar 1999 8'
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
Karma of Stone and Bamboo bamboo, live electronics and live video 2013 7'
心經 guzheng and live electronics 2004 10'
Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
Darwin's Pipa erhu,dizi, pipa, guzheng and multimedia 2014 60'

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Title Instrumentation Year Duration