LU, Yen

LU, Yen

LU Yen was born in Nanjing in 1930. He is a composer. His mother, Wang Bi-Cheng, was a trained teacher and knew how to play the yueqin, dizi, xiao and erhu. In her spare time, she taught her son how to sing guqin songs. Lu entered Sheng Guang Junior High School at the age of 11, which was when he first came into contact with church music. His compositions were highly innovative and exhibit a Chinese literati’s sentiments along with own calm temperament, aesthetically fusing the essence of Eastern and Western cultures. Lu’s major works include "Septet" and "Furniture Music." He was awarded the National Award for Arts and the TECO Technology Foundation Award for music. Lu died in 2008 from mouth cancer.

(Source:Taiwan Music Institute)


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