HUANG, Wen-Hao


latest update:2021-12-31

Wen-Hao Huang was born in 1959, in Changhua city, Taiwan, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in botany from Chinese Culture University.

Since 1983, he has been working continuously on the creation of the art of the times and has been selected in various nation-wide modern art exhibitions as well as presented in multiple solo exhibitions. In the year of 1988, Huang together with Pu Tsong, Ching-Tung Liu, and Hui-Chiao Chen established the art space “IT Park.” In 1995, Huang founded “ET@T,” and served in the position of art director.

In 2000, he co-founded ET@T media Lab with Shih-Yong Gu, Tsi-Fu Chang, and Fujui Wang to extend artistic exploration and technical development of interactive installations, after which they presented new media art projects such as [T]Art and Yellow Submarines. Over the years, Huang has served the following positions: Executive Director of the Association of Culture Environment Reform Taiwan, Director of SOCA, project coordinator of the curatorial team of “NAVIGATOR - Digital Art in the Making” in 2004, curator of “b!as: International Sound Art Exhibition” in 2005. In 2006, he was commissioned to organized “Digital Art Festival, Taipei” and the preparatory office of the center. In 2008, Huang took up the position of Chairman of Digital Art Foundation, and a year later he began to serve as the Director of the Digital Art Center, Taipei and initiated “ET@T Lab Theater” to produce and nurture digital art performance.

During his eight-year tenure at the Digital Art Center, Taipei, he had incubated three technology-oriented cultural and creative collectives. In 2012, Huang teamed up with emerging artist Chung-Kun Wang and Wei-Yuan Lin, the then technical director of the Digital Art Center, Taipei, and together they established a new media art collective “noiseKitchen” which has focused on interactive technology. In 2014, Huang, Po-Ting Lee, and Ting-Yi Chuang founded “Solid Memory” which provides the service mainly based on the research around various 3D scanning technologies, precise duplication, and imaging of high velocity moving objects. In the same year, he initiated “Telling Tent,” a mobile performance space fusing technology, art, and culture, which has provided the children living in rural area with 4D experience incorporating the senses of taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound in an immersive panoramic theater. Currently, Huang is running the affiliated space of Digital Art Foundation –, which is dedicated to exploring and experimenting with creative thinking in the technological society.