Nakaw Putun


latest update:2021-12-31

 Nakaw Putun, from the Pangcah tribe and village of Makotaay in Taiwan, is a director of the indigenous art platform Wata, member of the Ministry of Culture’s Southeast Asia Advisory Committee, board director at the National Performing Arts Center, and a PhD student in the Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory at Tainan National University of the Arts. Since 2014, she has been curating in various realms, especially indigenous art. Recent projects include: What Are You Doing? (2014), Modern You? - Connection and Crossover of a New Generation of Indigenous Art (2015), Art pakongko (2015-2016), Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival (co- planning, 2016), Original Appearance (2016), Original Living Art Festival (2017), Pulima Art Festival (2018), “Ketagalan Boulevard Arena” at the Taipei Biennial (co-curator, 2018), Pulima x YIRRAMBOI Festival (2019), Romantic Route 3 - Dawo Tunnel Drain Land Art Festival (2019), “Wave Sounds and Voices” at the Kaohsiung International Container Art Festival (2019), To See or Not to Sea (2020), New Perspectives of Hualien Landscape (2021). In 2020, she returned to her home village to co-found the Makotaay Artist Village.