YANG, Ya-Hsiang


latest update:2021-12-31

Graduated from the Graduate Institute of Trans-disciplinary Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts (major in Cultural Production and Curation) and Graduate Institute of Philosophy, National Central University. Likes to watch crime movies, thrillers and horror movies, especially B-movies. Once watched 4 zombie films non-stop in one day, but the friend who watched together never went to the film festival with her. In the past two years, she has been addicted to the balcony platycerium plant. She likes to listen to independent music while tying and raising them, to gain inner peace and tranquility.

She is currently the project manager of Pixelight, responsible for interactive technology programs and exhibitions for museums and private enterprises. She also serves as a film producer for L.J Video Studio, and collaborates with different bands and video workers on Music Videos. The former participated projects, including Yunlin County Government Douliu Lijian Environment Interactive Classroom, National Taiwan Literature Museum “Digital Game Development and Collection 3D Scanning and Modeling Project (3)” “Digital Game Development and Collection 3D Scanning and Modeling Project (4)”, Tainan City Zuojhen Fossil Park “Fossil and Elephant Pavilion”, “Rhino Exploration Pavilion” exhibition, Taishin Bank “Future VR Shopping Home Pavilion”, etc. Recent projects have been related to making literary games. She used to be the curator of GroupG, the Facebook editor of Beyond The Rainbow (Marriage equality Program), and the curator of Waley Art. As a curator, she was responsible for community art projects, international residency projects (Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea), art curation and space exhibitions, trying to practice art projects to provide a diverse face and different views of history society of the record.

Due to her own life experience, study history and interests, she pays special attention to several life topics, including gender experience in different situations, bullying and trauma, human mental state, philosophical basis and cultural disadvantage, etc.

The idea that grows along this thread is: how visual culture and art can operate art performances and programs through the concept of “facing the real malice is the collective responsibility of society” in the face of various human predicaments, in order to find other possibilities to practice and reassure programs. Adhering to the viewpoint that the artist themselves is the media, we try our best to cooperate with the artist in every performance, so as to produce new plans, works or ideas.

Beginning in 2016, she miraculously opened up the life experience of telepathy communication with her grandmother who passed away. With the completion of the land acquisition under the Taipei City Urban Plan in 2021 (Fu Du Gui Zi No. 10233237400 Announcement), the excavation of the area has finally started. Coincidentally, with the progress of this year’s construction, she dreamed of her grandmother who haunted in different situations. At the same time, she has frequently gone in and out of the hospital emergency several times almost every month. Under this opportunity, she cooperates the “Fragments of Dreams” dream-telling and dream-painting project with cartoonist Guhoshi and video director Lin Jie. She also began to search for the family history of how grandmother started a business and became the head of the family when she lived in Chai Liao Tsai as an adopted daughter and wasn’t married.

  • 2016

    Graduate Institute of Trans-disciplinary Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Producing Cultures and Curating, MFA

  • 2009

    Graduate Institute of Philosophy, National Central University, MA

  • 2019-

    Pixelight, Project Manager

  • 2018-2019

    Group.G, in-house Curaor

  • 2017-

    L.J. Video Producer, MV Producer

  • 2016-2018

    Waley Art, in-house Curaor

  • 2013

    Taiwan Literature Development Foundation, “Wenhsun 30th Anniversary & Fundraising Auction II” Art Auction Project Manager

  • 2020

    The new form of beauty consisting of artworks and space: One Art Taipei, art plus NO.88

  • Awards
  • 2021

    MakeMake band “Shadow” music video, The Independent Awards, Best Music Video

  • 2021

    MakeMake band “Shadow” music video, Golden Harvest Film Festival, GHFF 2021 Award-Winner, Best Music Video

  • 2021

    MakeMake band “Shadow” music video, 27th Munich Music Video Awards, Finalist

  • 2020

    MakeMake band “Shadow” music video, New York Movie Awards, Best Music Video