Founded in 1996, the National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF) aims to create a favorable environment for the development of arts and culture, encourage artistic and cultural undertakings, and enhance cultural literacy in Taiwan. It also endeavors to establish grant mechanisms that can fully reflect the artistic and cultural reality of Taiwan and use public resources to invigorate cultural practice among civil society.
The outcomes of projects of Taiwanese contemporary artists and art groups funded by NCAF partially represent and reflect the characteristics and trajectories of Taiwan's artistic and cultural development. To openly share such cultural resources, the new version of the NCAF Online Grant Portfolio Archive (Chinese), launched by NCAF in 2018, provides the public with access to data on past grants online. The archive also compiles and organizes relevant grant contents in various ways to facilitate the circulation, application, and promotion of grant outcomes.
The website you are viewing now is the NCAF Granted Project Database, established by NCAF for international users. Since the NCAF Grant Portfolio e-Archive was conceived and written in Chinese, the English version is planned based on articles or documentary videos of relevant research and reviews of grantees under different art categories. The contents include the following:
The featured videos are produced collaboratively by NCAF and video artists/art groups. They document grantee projects under various themes or categories and present the execution processes and outcomes of individual artworks and projects, providing the public with a more diversified understanding of artistic projects and developments in various fields in Taiwan.
The articles fall into three categories in terms of contents: (1) Outlook: Articles by experts and scholars in relevant fields that study and analyze grant outcomes and the artistic and cultural ecosystem; (2) Case study: Articles describing the key processes of individual grantee projects; and (3) Focus: Thematic short essays that compile and introduce project outcomes relevant to current events and artistic and cultural activities. Icons are also featured to provide links to the Chinese pages of individual projects.
By way of such integrated presentation, the NCAF Grantee Project Database hopes to give people across the world the opportunity to learn about the rich and diverse outcomes of projects implemented by Taiwan's contemporary artists and art groups, as well as know more about the grant mechanisms offered by NCAF.
You are welcome to view more contents through the following links:
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