Videos record the art scene, creative process and related achievements of the subsidized art projects of NCAF
Art Advances
The videos document the support offered by) grants for the Art Advances category, the implementation process for each project, and their interpretation of the “multi-art form” concept. This category supports projects that connect different fields or show experimental or organic characteristics during the implementation or performance.
Platform for Arts Project
Here is documented the support offered by grants for the Arts Environment and Development category. This professional service platforms project is rooted in long-term planning. It describes the art scenes nurtured by the professional artistic and cultural community of every platform.
Visual Arts Curating
To document and present footage and interviews from the art venue, execution process, and curatorial experience of the exhibitions supported by NCAF's curatorial grants.
2021 Recording: Digital Corporeality

This video documents the making of Digital Corporeality, an exhibition curated by curator I-Wen Chang and supported by NCAF's Production Grants to Independent Curators in Visual Arts. It presents footage and interviews from the art venue, execution process, and curatorial practice.

As a performance critic and dance expert, the curator has traveled to major art festivals around the world over many years to do research on corporeality, choreography, performativity, digital art, technological art, and live art. This exhibition, Digital Corporeality, is based on her research and proposes a somaesthetic that integrates the viewpoints of technological art. Initially inspired by The Rite of Spring, different versions of The Rite of Spring were displayed at the entrance to explore the four aspects of digital corporeality: "Part 1: Future Body through Critical Lens", "Part 2: Corporeality, Materiality, and the Other", "Part 3: Inter-passivity", and "Part 4: AI, Big Data, and Digital Bodies", followed by "Epilogue: AI and Future Choreographies in the 21st Century", which echoes the performance documentation video series of The Rite of Spring at the beginning. From non-human theaters to an AI-generated choreography to connect with spirits, the exhibition contemplates possibilities of digital corporeality from multiple dimensions and offers a basis for diverse theories and exploration of digital corporeal experimentation, a hotly discussed topic at present.

2021 Recording: Just What is it That Makes Today's Image So Different, so Appealing?

This video documents the collaboration between NCAF and Hong-Gah Museum in support of the exhibition project Just What is it That Makes Today's Image So Different, So Appealing? by curator Chen Wei-Lun, recipient of the Curator's Incubator Program @ Museums. It presents footage and interviews from the art venue, execution process, and curatorial experience of the exhibition.

The curatorial project Just What is it That Makes Today's Images So Different, So Appealing? focuses on the question of how images shape our social landscape through the medium of technology and attempts to deconstruct the meaning of images through placement of the works. The title of the exhibition consists of the rewording of a Pop Art title, and the role it played in advancing aesthetic discourse in art history is used as a commentary of this exhibition. The seven artists—Wang Ya-Hui, Huang Hai-Hsin, Chang Hui-Hsin, Chuang Pei-Xin, Tsai Tsung-Hsun, Yin Guan-Hong, and Hsieh Yu-Cheng, with their different creative contexts and the distinctive forms of their work, set aside the framework of media classification and deliberately blur the differences between light, image, and screen on the basis of medium. From the process of re-aestheticizing the image medium in contemporary art, the exhibition redefines and advances the discursive framework of the image in contemporary art. On the premise that deconstruction and construction go hand in hand, it proposes an alternative aesthetic view of images, different from narrative images.

Inclusive Arts
To document the projects undertaken by art groups and creators supported by NCAF's Inclusive Arts Project, aiming to enhance arts participation and social care.
Performing Arts Abroad
To document strategic models, processes and outcomes of international development and exchange plans shared by art groups that received the support of NCAF's Performing Arts Abroad Project.