Composer Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
SHIH, Pei-Yu Electroacoustic and electronic music series Multichannel audio see note 115'30"
Li, Jang Adolescence Chromatic harmonica、Piano、Electronics 2023 3'30"
HUI, Tak-Cheung Ashes to Ashes II for Flute, Clarinet, Cello & Live Electronics 2023
HUI, Tak-Cheung Diachronic Apparatuses 8-channel Sound installation 2023 13'
Li, Jang Flow Chromatic harmonica、Electronics 2023 4'00"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan LIMBOTOPIA - Impermanence VR and Ambisonics 2023 25'00"
KAO, Chen-Kang Mist Fixed Media 2023 4'56''
Li, Jang The Galaxy Railways Chromatic harmonica、Samissan、Electronics 2023 5'00"
WANG, Chih-Yun The Misreading of Penrose for Amplified Double Bass and electronics 2023 12'00"
HUI, Tak-Cheung Ashes to Ashes (2021) Site Specific work for Flutes/3D Printing Flutes, Percussions/Deer Horns/Metal Scrapes & Live Electronics 2022 15'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Aurora for Solo Saxophone and Multi-Channel Immersive Electroacoustic Music 2022 10'08"
CHEN, Yu-Jumg Dynamic Boundary- Heterogeneous Convolution Multi-channels electronic music and video 2022 13'20"
CHEN, Yu-Jumg Lightscape of the Silence Multi-channels electronic music and video 2022 13'00"
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) OWt's World for Flute, Clarinet, Zheng, Percussion and Multi-Channel Immersive Electroacoustic Music 2022 8'21"
HUI, Tak-Cheung Remain for those Remains 16-channel sound installation 2022 13'
HUI, Tak-Cheung Tales of Tales Percussions, re-arrangement of Taiwanese Traditional Puppet Opera & Electronics 2022 16'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Walking into Consciousness of Flowers Immersive Electroacoustic Music 2022 8'12"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Trompe l'oreille II Video and Four-Channel Sound Installation 2021 5'00"
KAO, Chen-Kang Afternoon Rain in a Cave Fixed Media 2021 2'58''
WANG, Chih-Yun Cantilena of Shivering Bow for Percussion solo and electronic music 2021 13'30"
CHENG, Wei-Chung Ciao Milano 2021
CHAN, Ya-Lan Doppelgäner for bass clarinet solo and tape 2021 12'00"
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Image of Watercolor Painting Immersive Electroacoustic Music 2021 8'48"
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Meditation through Glass Immersive Electroacoustic Music 2021 9'04"
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Music from the Metaverse: 3D Illusory Immersive Soundscape “The Spirit of the Giant Tree” Immersive Electroacoustic Music 2021 8'40"
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Self Portrait Immersive Electroacoustic Music 2021 9'10"
LUO, Fang-Wei Songs of Desolation for electroacoustic music with 49.4 ambisonics 2021 12'34"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan sono.gravitas Two Performers, Objects and Ambisonics 2021 18'00"
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Summer in Trees Immersive Electroacoustic Music 2021 8'12"
HUI, Tak-Cheung Tangled Memory for City Ambiance, Live Electronic, Video & Flute 2020 10'
CHEN, Yu-Jumg Circulation Electronic music and dance 2020 14'28"
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Dance of the Soul Solo Harpsichord and Immersive Electroacoustic Music 2020 13'48"
CHENG, I-Lly Mikrokosmos No.1 for VR and Ambisonic system 2020 5'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Music of VR Movie—“Divining into Siraya” Electronics (3D immersive music for VR) 2020 20'
JEN, Chen-Hui Onto the Silent Peaks Piano, Electronics 2020 13'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Pray for Life For harpsichord and electronic music 2020 8'
LIN, Shuo-Chun The Release Vla. + Live Electronics 2020 6'
LIN, Mei-Fang Trail of Sound Acousmatic 2020 12'10"
CHENG, I-Lly Yong for sheng, synthesizer and 8 channels live electronics 2020 15'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Zen In Suiboku-ga (Oriental Ink Wash Painting) Electronics 2020 7'
HUANG, Jinya Avant mibetik 2019-20
Chen, Heng Vox I 37 reeds sheng and electronic 2019-20 13'
Li, Sandra Tavali Wuan-chin Gliricidia Dance two pianos, trombone and computer-generated sound 2019 7'00"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan <8> Wave Field Synthesis Electronics 2019 7'00"
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Grandma's memories For electronics and sound recordings 2019 7'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Hey Kid For electronics and sound recordings 2019 28'
CHENG, I-Lly Misreading for 40 installed transducers under concert hall chairs and projection mapping one the ceiling 2019 12'
LIN, Mei-Fang Songs, Recollections Viola, Fixed Electronics 2019 15'10"
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Star fantasy Electronics 2019 6'
HUI, Tak-Cheung Things that might have been for Flute, Electronics and Video 2019 15'
CHEN, Yu-Jumg Breath Between Leaving Electronic music 2018 7'48"
Li, Sandra Tavali Wuan-chin Duet in Autumn Mac, MAX MSP, Yamaha Disklavier Piano 2018 5'00"
Chen, Heng Étude de réspiration II oboe and electronic 2018 8'
HSIUNG, Jen-Yueh Fly Fire for Flute and electronics 2018 06'00"
JEN, Chen-Hui From Fading Mountains Erhu, Pipa, Zheng, Electronics 2018 12'
Li, Sandra Tavali Wuan-chin In A Soundscape 2 oboe and computer-generated sound 2018 7'00"
HUANG, Pei-Fen Lang Lao 8.1 channels 2018 8'
HUI, Tak-Cheung Like a Moth in the Rain Prepared Bass Flute and Live Electronics 2018 11'
CHEN, Yu-Jumg Looping Vibraphone solo, live electronics and video 2018 9'35"
CHEN, Ke-Chia Moments Before percussion ensemble and fixed media 2018 12'
Li, Sandra Tavali Wuan-chin Peter Tscherkassy: L'Arrivée(Soundtrack) computer-generated sound 2018 3'00"
CHOU, Hsin-Chun Savage Night/野生之夜 (即興版本) solo percussion, Electronics 2018
Li, Sandra Tavali Wuan-chin Summer Morning Rain piano and computer-generated sound 2018 5'00"
CHENG, I-Lly Touch - Solo for one water installation and a performer 2018 5'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei A Prayer for Hometown Electron-acoustic Stereo 2017 7'20"
YU, Chung-Yuan Away, Home for Erhu, Piano and Electronic Sound 2017
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Deadlines Electronics 2017 1'30"
Li, Sandra Tavali Wuan-chin In A Soundscape two pianos and computer-generated sound 2017 7'00"
LIN, Mu-Xuan je tu il-là elles for flute, clarinet, harp, percussion, and electronics 2017 17'30"
CHEN, Cheng-Wen present absence for a pianist and grand piano with live-electronics 2017 20'
HSIAO, Yu-Ting Pulse of Yilan for percussion duet and reset electric music 2017 12'
LIN, Mu-Xuan speckled deep ∆ Force Majeure (2017) 11 voices, 2 percussions, piano, and electronics 2017 9'30"
LIN, Mei-Fang Time/Construction I & II Percussion I, Percussion II, Piano, Fixed Electronics 2017 10'
JEN, Chen-Hui until after the twilight Flute, Accordion, Cello, Contrabass, Electronics 2017 11'
HUNG, Chih-Fang Wind Moon Thoughts Computer Music and Soprano, Violin 2017 7'33"
WANG, Sue-Ya worms tide/worms marée Acteur et électronique image interactive 2017 10'
HSIAO, Yung-Shen 翼/Wing 2017
TSAI, Dong-Han Above Earth Percussion Ensemble and Electronics 2016
LIN, Shuo-Chun Collapse Live Elc. + Pno. + Actor 2016 4'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Hometown Soundscapt Electron-acoustic 2016 12'
HUANG, Pei-Fen In the name of love Flute and 8.1 channels 2016 8'
CHENG, Wei-Chung Indie Game 《UNCLEGO》soundtrack 2016
LO, Shih-Wei On The Fringe six voices, two percussion, two pianos, electronics 2016 8'30"
CHOU, Hsin-Chun Rebirth/重生(合唱版) solo percussion, chorus, Electronics 2016
CHANG, Chieh The Secret for Pipa and Electronics 2016 5'
CHEN, Cheng-Wen TRIO: Anwesende Abwesenheit music in three separate rooms and live-electronics 2016 50'
CHEN, Cheng-Wen «... in der Welt ...» II acousmatic composition 2015 2'39"
CHEN, Cheng-Wen «... in der Welt ...» II for choir and tape 2015 10'
CHEN, Cheng-Wen «... in der Welt ...» IV soundscape with speaking cello-corpus 2015 15'
JEN, Chen-Hui across & between II: into the chasm Electric Guitar, Small Percussion 2015 8'
Li, Sandra Tavali Wuan-chin Ban Shan computer-generated sound 2015 4'00"
JEN, Chen-Hui Drifting Mountainwards Pipa, Electronics 2015 8'
LIN, Mei-Fang Entre le son et la lumière Acousmatic 2015 7'50"
SHIH, Pei-Yu Escape Electronic music 2015 1'29''
CHENG, Wei-Chung Indie Game《DUSTATIC》Intro 2015
CHEN, Yu-Jumg Inner Field Chinese flute, string quartet, electronics, dancer, and live video 2015 8'33"
LO, Shih-Wei Madhye II Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Ambisonics 2015 8'30"
LO, Shih-Wei On The Fringe electronics 2015 8'30"
CHEN, Cheng-Wen Orchidee for violoncello solo and live-electronics with or without percussion 2015 13'
LIN, Mu-Xuan Pale Fire piano solo with electronics 2015 7'40"-8'20"
CHOU, Hsin-Chun Rebirth/重生(多媒體版) solo percussion, baryton, Electronics, live video 2015
LO, Shih-Wei The City of Solitude cello, two harps, electronics, video installation 2015 10'
Li, Sandra Tavali Wuan-chin Weave orchestra and computer-generated sound 2015 4'00"
CHENG, Wei-Chung 《Electric Queen 》album 2014
JEN, Chen-Hui across & between I Electric Guitar, Percussion 2014 8'
CHEN, Yu-Jumg Die Verwandlung Violin, violoncello, soprano, horn, piano, dancer, live video and electronics 2014 16'20"
JEN, Chen-Hui Inwards, drinking with my shadow Classical Guitar, Electronics 2014 7'
LIAO, Lin-Ni Le train de la vie 浮生 V - Alison Electric guitar + Electronics 2014 8'30"
LEE, Ya-Ting Tilting at Windmills (Don Quixote) for Percussion Solo and Max MSP 2014
CHEN, Yu-Jumg 01.20 Violoncello, piano, video and electronics 2013 9'24"
JEN, Chen-Hui As Hovering Ashes in a QuarterMoon Cello, Live Electronics 2013 14'
CHEN, Cheng-Wen Der Nebel, der Vogel und der Prophet acousmatic composition 2013 3'16"
CHIU, Yen-Ning In der Eischale... In der Eischale... 2013 10'
TUNG, Chao-Ming Karma of Stone and Bamboo bamboo, live electronics and live video 2013 7'
CHEN, Cheng-Wen Libra for a cymbal player with or without live electronics 2013 12'
LO, Shih-Wei Madhye 3 sopranos, mixed choir, electronics, video 2013 8'13"
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Tai chi 42 Postures as Interactive Performance Tai chi player with Max/MSP computer interactive performance 2013 8'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei The Five Elements II - Water Electron-acoustic 2013 9'30"
LIN, Mei-Fang The Origin of Flux Acousmatic 2013 7'
SHIH, Pei-Yu Waiting Electronic music 2012 3'30''
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Dialogue Entre Des Temps For saxophone solo and pre-recorded music 2012 10'
SHIH, Pei-Yu Dream's Scene Multichannel audio 2012 1'16''
SHIH, Pei-Yu Dreieckige Beziehungen Multichannel audio 2012 5'41''
SHIH, Pei-Yu Flying I-IV Multichannel audio 2012 7'38''
CHENG, Wei-Chung Indie Game《Fish》soundtrack 2012
LIAO, Lin-Ni Le train de la vie 浮生 III - WE Erhu + Electroacoustic 2012 12'
LIAO, Lin-Ni Le train de la vie 浮生 IV - TT Electroacoustic 2012 10'30"
LIN, Kuei-Ju Swirling Clouds Erhu, Pipa, Zheng and prepared electronics 2012 12'
LO, Shih-Wei Things Hoped For, Things Unseen harp, electroinics, video 2012 8'15"
CHIEN, Yu-Chun Wow electronics 2012
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) “Glorious” Beethoven Electronics 2011 15'
LO, Shih-Wei Beyond The Distance, Between The Souls percussion and electronics 2011 8'
CHIEN, Yu-Chun Capriccio for Pipa electronics 2011
CHEN, Cheng-Wen Chin-Ko-Chi III for bass flute solo with live electronics 2011 6'
LIN, Mei-Fang Flux Marimba, Fixed Electronics 2011 7'30"
CHEN, Chia-Hui Lun Hui électroacoustique 2011 6'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei The Five Elements I - Chaos Taiji Electronic and Video 2011 10'
SHIH, Pei-Yu Bird Multichannel audio 2010 3'54''
CHEN, Chia-Hui Compression électroacoustique 2010 5'30"
JEN, Chen-Hui d' un songe Piano, Live Electronics 2010 13'
CHEN, Chia-Hui Échappée électroacoustique 2010 5'30"
LO, Shih-Wei Hidden Dimensions electronics 2010 5'
LIAO, Lin-Ni Le train de la vie 浮生 I - LR Electroacoustic 2010 8'30"
LIAO, Lin-Ni Le train de la vie 浮生 II - Doris Guitar + Electroacoustic 2010 10'
SHIH, Pei-Yu Milchstrasse Multichannel audio 2010 11'35''
CHEN, Chia-Hui Wang Chun Feng électroacoustique 2010 6'
WANG, Sue-Ya eau son électronique,gest avec interactif image 2009 10'
WANG, Sue-Ya figure son électronique,gest avec interactif image 2009 10'
SHIH, Pei-Yu F's 65 Multichannel audio 2009 1'05''
CHENG, I-Lly Into Strings Electronics 2009 5'
SHIH, Pei-Yu Red Chamber Multichannel audio 2009 7'41''
JEN, Chen-Hui Those Remaining Words in Nuance Soprano, Electronics 2009 9'
SHIH, Pei-Yu Abrupter Abbruch Contrabass and 6 loudspeakers 2008 6'54''
LIN, Mei-Fang Figurations Acousmatic 2008 4'6"
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Hsia Ch'ing 電子音樂、古箏 2008 5'
SHIH, Pei-Yu Slow Slow Tune Flute, clarinet, piano, violin, violoncello and 8 loudspeakers 2008 9'00"
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Wish For viola and electronic music 2008 10'
SHIH, Pei-Yu Gedicht vom Wind des Herbstes Saxophone, piano, percussion and 8 loudspeakers 2007 10'23''
LEE, Ya-Ting Trio Trio 2007
SHIH, Pei-Yu Fall, aus der Zeit Multichannel audio 2006 9'55''
SHIH, Pei-Yu Liu An Huwa Ming Multichannel audio 2006 7'58''
SHIH, Pei-Yu Zwei singende Klarinette Clarinet and multichannel audio 2006 10'00"
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Experiment Notebook Er-hu and Synthsizer Roland JP-8000 2005 10'
SHIH, Pei-Yu I am another yourself Pipa, light and 4 loudspeakers 2005 11'58''
YEN, Ming-Hsiu LEFT BEHIND Electronics 2005 4'45"
SHIH, Pei-Yu Schein und Sein II Computer piano, a pianist and multichannel audio 2005 5'30''
SHIH, Pei-Yu Blume Hand Laecheln Percussion and 6 loudspeakers 2004 11'25''
SHIH, Pei-Yu Brennede Gedanken 4 loudspeaker 2004 9'35''
YEN, Ming-Hsiu ICICLES Electronics 2004 4'40"
LIN, Mei-Fang Multiplication Virtuelle Percussion, Live Electronics 2004 11'30"
LIN, Kuei-Ju Sketchbook IV violin, violoncello and 4 channel live electronics 2004 11'
HUNG, Chih-Fang Song of Wanderers Computer Music and Violin 2004 7'24"
TUNG, Chao-Ming 心經 guzheng and live electronics 2004 10'
SHIH, Pei-Yu Schein und Sein I Computer piano and a pianist 2002-2003 5'05''
Wu, Dye Déjà Vu Computer Multimedia 2002 12'24"
HSIEH, Long-Kwang The New Dream of Nan-Ko For fl. cl. perc. piano and electronic music. 2002 16'
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Two Prelude For String orchestra and electronic music 2002 10'
SHIH, Pei-Yu CHI-ruhende Kraft, Bewegungen 8 loudspeakers 2001-2002 13'05''
SHIH, Pei-Yu …Ausserdem 8 loudspeakers 2001 13'27''
SHIH, Pei-Yu Etuede Boesendorfer computer piano 2001 8'08''
LIN, Mei-Fang Interaction Piano, Fixed Electronics 2001 7'40"
SHIH, Pei-Yu Taipei Sketch Voice, instrumental occupation, tape and video [Y.M.] 2001 7'58''
HSIEH, Long-Kwang The Rainbow For clarinet (bass clarinet) , narrator and electronic music 2001 10'
YANG, Jin-Fong Space (空間) Flute、Clarinet、Bassoon、Trumpt、PercussionI、PercussionⅡ、Violin、Double Bass、Piano、Computer 2000
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Auschwich For clarinet (bass clarinet) and electronic music 2000 13'
LIN, Mei-Fang Internal Landscape Acousmatic 2000 7'56"
LIN, Mei-Fang Ascension Acousmatic 1999 5'36"
Wu, Dye Phenomena of Changes 8'01" Computer Music 1999 8'01"
TSAI, Ling-Huei Twisted Reed tape 1999
Wu, Dye Phenomena & idea 1001 Vocal & Computer 1998 12'00"
WANG HWANG, I-Uen The Blossoming of Life electronic tape and violin solo 1997
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Scream for electronic music 1996 3'
CHEN, Chiung-Yu Images for Computer Music 1995
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun The Prayer for electronic music 1995 12'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Dialog for four percussionists and tape 1994 10'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Natural Dance for electronic music 1994 10'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Process I–IV for electronic music and dance 1992
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Chant for electronic tape 1991
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Cry for cello solo and electronic music 1991
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Dance of Hell for electronic music and metal tape music 1991
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Music for Dance for electronic music 1991
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Sight for prerecorded piano and manipulated voices 1991
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Bright and Heat for electone and electronic music band 1990 5'
SU, Fan-Ling Himmel percussion & tape 1990 10'
SU, Fan-Ling Singing Earth electronic music tape 1990 9'15''
SU, Fan-Ling Pentagon piano & electronic music tape 1989 15'30''
SU, Fan-Ling Yang-Quan-Huei soprano, Hu-Chin, cello & tape 1989 12'
SU, Fan-Ling Capriccioso II f electronic music tape 1988 16'30''
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Soun, Wu–Kong--the King of Monkey for electone solo 1988 13'