Composer Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
LIU, Po-Chien Poesie des Schattens Orchestral 2023 11'00"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Microscale of Fluid String Crchestra 2023 12'00"
WANG, Chih-Yun R' ra for Orchestra 2023 2'20"
PAN, Hwang-Long Ode ad Musicam For Orchestra 2022/23 13’
LIU, Po-Chien Before March Violin with a 16-member chamber ensemble and live electronics 2022 15'00"
PENG, Jing clarinet concerto: Nightibgale's Dialogue clarinet solo and brass orchestra 2022
CHEN, Shih-Hui Our Son Is Not Coming Home To Dinner 2022 30'00"
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Symphonic Poem "Mid Spring" Orchestra 2022 10'
LIAO, Ming-Hsun The Cries on Dongyin Island Chinese Orchestra 2022 7'00"
Li, Jang Brightness Hiding Fantasy for Harmonica & Orchestra Solo Chromatic Harmonica 1st. Violin(8) 2nd. Violin (6) Viola (6) Cello(4) Double bass(2) 1st. Flute(1) 2nd. Flute(1) Oboe(1) 1st. Clarinet(1) 2nd. Clarinet (1) Basoon(2) French Horn(2) Trumpet (2) Trombone(3) Tuba(1) Timpini (1) Snare(1) Symba(1) 2021 10'00"
LIN, Ying-Ting Can I Breathe? For orchestra 2021 10'00"
LIAO, Ming-Hsun Dan Shan Festival Chinese Orchestra 2021 11'00"
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Symphonic Poem"Shadowless Mallet" Orchestra 2021 8'30"
WANG, Chih-Yun Tear: Echo for Orchestra 2021 1'30"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu We have a dream...... Narrator and Orchestra 2021 20'
CHEN, Ke-Chia Beyond The Mountain Wind Ensemble 2020 8'
TAI, Chien-Yu Eternity(for Six Percussinist and Orchestra) Six Percussionist and Orchestra 2020 15'
LIAO, Ming-Hsun Falling Northwest Chinese Orchestra 2020 11'00"
LEE, Chien-Yu Fly Against the Wind Arranger for Orchestra 2020 5'
CHEN, Ke-Chia Hakka Tales Orchestra 2020 15'
CHANG, Yu-Hui Hawking Radiation full orchestra 2020 25'
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Memory String orchestra 2020 14'
PAN, Hwang-Long Ode to culture Concerto for Symphony Orchestra 2020 40’
LIN, Chia-Ying Quattro Canti for large orchestra 2020
SanGregory, Paul Taiwanese Concerto Grosso string orchestra with soloists and harpsichord 2020 17'
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Thinking of ancient…….. Orchestra 2020 12'
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Transmental orchestra 2020 9'02"
Chou, Hsuan-Hung Vow for Solo Clarinet and Wind Orchestra Solo Clarinet and Wind Orchestra 2020 8'
HSIUNG, Jen-Yueh Weave Double concerto for Dizi, Zheng and Chinese orchestra 2020 16'00"
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope NTNU Master - Symphonic Capriccio Academic Festival Overture for Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor, Baritone, Mixed Choir, and Orchestra 2019
Chou, Hsuan-Hung A Wind Orchetra Piece for Kids: Mirrors Wind Orchestra 2019 9'
PAN, Hwang-Long Ba-Yin Concerto for Symphony Orchestra 2019 30’
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Der Frühling des goldenen Schweins für Synphonie Chorus Elb Tunnel Kozerte 2019 6'
CHAN, Ya-Lan Excessiveness for Orchestra 2019 7'20"
LIU, Wei-Chih Heteroglossia chamber orchestra 2019
Chou, Hsuan-Hung Kaohisung Festival Overture Wind Orchestra 2019 6'
SU, Fan-Ling Legend of Wind of September Oboe solo and Orchestra 2019 10'40''
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Legends from the South Seas: The Southern City of Anping Chinese Instrument Orchestra 2019
LEE, Chien-Yu Let it go、Say Meow Meow Arranger for Chinese Orchestra 2019 7'
HSIAO, Yu-Ting Taiwan Highway No. 9 Jazz Nocturn for Orchestra and Jazz Orchestra 2019 10'
LO, Pei-Yin The Butterflies in Breeze Symphonic poem for violin concerto 2019 10'41"
LEE, Chien-Yu Ye-Mi for Orchestra 2019 12'
PAN, Hwang-Long Da-Deng-Dui Concerto for Symphony Orchestra 2018/19 50’
TAI, Chien-Yu Colour of the Season Wind Ensemble 2018 8'30"
LIN, Mei-Fang Couleurs de l'Amour Full Orchestra 2018 12'
CHEN, Chiung-Yu Echoes of Memories for Orchestra 2018
YEN, Ming-Hsiu EVERLASTING LOVE 3333/ 4221/ Timp/ 3 Perc/ 1 Harp/ Strings 2018 35'
KUO, Jing-Mu Fern Chinese Orchestra 2018 11'
YEN, Pey-Wen In Memoir of a Great Patriarch VI - Violin Concerto No.3 ”100 My Heart” Themes from Sun-Don Lee Solo Vl., Orchestra 2018 23'31"
Chou, Hsuan-Hung Mt. Jade Wind Orchestra 2018 6'
LIEN, Hsien-Sheng Nan Kun Sheng for Orchestra 2018 8'30"
CHIANG, Chia-Ying Reasons of Being Late Concert Band 2018
HSIUNG, Jen-Yueh Seeking Light for orchestra 2018 17'00"
YEN, Ming-Hsiu SPEAKING EYES 2222/ 4221/ Timp/ 3 Perc/ Strings 2018 8'30"
LIN, Wei-Chieh Suite for the Floral Exposition Orchestre 2018 17'
LEE, Chien-Yu Teresa Teng Suite Arranger for String Orchestra 2018 7'
TAI, Chien-Yu The Story of A Small Town Orchestral 2018 3'30"
LIU, Wei-Chih Unable to imprison heart for Dramatic basso profondo-Solo, 4 Percussionists and String orchestra 2018 10'55"
SU, Fan-Ling 1895 Overture Orchestra Band 2017 10'30''
CHEN, Lily A Leaf Falls After orchestra (2222-4231-3perc-pn-strings) 2017 12'
CHEN, Lily Another Leaves Fall After chamber orchestra (2121-2110-2perc-66432) 2017 12'
LEE, Chien-Yu Antonín Dvořák︰Symphony No. 9,4th Movement, Edmundo Ros︰What A Difference A Day Made, Tito Puente︰El Cumbanchero Arranger for Chinese Orchestra 2017 3’
PENG, Jing Babel double symphony orchestra 2017 04'00"
LAI, Deh-Ho Bright South Triple Concerto for Vietnamese Moon Guitar, Vietnamese Pipa, Qin Pao and Chinese Traditional Orchestra 2017 15'
SanGregory, Paul Cai Cha Ge Overture harpsichord and string orchestra 2017 5'30"
HUNG, Chih-Fang Cityscapes Marimba and Orchestra 2017 10'14"
PENG, Jing Double cello concerto double cellos and string orchestra 2017 10'00"
SU, Fan-Ling Fairy of Tung Flower Orchestra Band 2017 5'30''
WANG, Chih-Yun Far Within for Orchestra 2017 9'05"
SanGregory, Paul Gao Shan Qin Concerto concerto grosso for violin, viola, cello, harpsichord and string orchestra 2017 5'
WANG HWANG, I-Uen Garden Scenes orchestra 2017
JEN, Chen-Hui in eternal dusk Orchestra 2017 13'
YU, Chung-Yuan Karma for chinese orchestra 2017
LEE, Chien-Yu Kipahpah ima Arranger for Orchestra 2017 5’
WANG, Sue-Ya numéro extension sona,violoncello et orchestre chinois 2017 12'
YEN, Ming-Hsiu NURSERY RHYMES for ranat ek, piphat ensemble and Chinese Orchestra 2017 10'30"
PENG, Jing Piano concerto piano solo and symphony orchestra 2017 10'00"
YEN, Ming-Hsiu SAI YOK WATER FALL for voice and Chinese 2017 12'
LEE, Chien-Yu Shi De Wei Wei Arranger for Orchestra 2017 5’
Chou, Hsuan-Hung Sketching Puget Sound Wind Orchestra 2017 8'30"
LAN, Mei-mi Song of Atayal wind ensemble 2017 6'13"
LAN, Mei-mi Song of Hualien wind ensemble 2017 8'04"
PENG, Jing Sterbild double symphony orchestra 2017 06'00"
HUNG, Chih-Fang Taiwan Mountain Song piano and Orchestra 2017 11'57"
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope That’s the World but Me(2017) Taiwan Series of Orchestral Music Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (2 Winds) 2017
LIU, Wei-Chih The Extension of the Dream for orchestra Orchestra 2017 13'
SU, Fan-Ling The Footprints of Our Ancestors Mixed Chorus and Orchestra Band 2017 25'
LAN, Mei-mi The Story of 814 wind ensemble 2017 8'51"
KUO, Jing-Mu Tiao Zhong Kui GuZheng Concerto 2017 10'30"
PENG, Jing Triple concerto: Adventures of the Earth Cat Bassoon solo, doble bass, harpsichord and string orchestra 2017 12'00"
TSENG, Hsiao-Wen Valse op.33 concerto for woodwind quintet and little wind orchestra 2017 3'30"
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Wind Swaying Rain Orchestra 2017
LIN, Kuei-Ju Wow! An Unexpected Friend! solo soprano and orchestra 2017 10'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun 聲色質 柳琴與國樂團 2017
CHEN, Ke-Chia A lasting Bond Orchestra 2016 7'
LAN, Mei-mi American Dreams wind ensemble 2016 15'43"
CHIANG, Chia-Ying An Adventure of Finding the Lost Name Concert Band 2016
CHAN, Ya-Lan Apprivoiser for Orchestra 2016 6'20"
LEE, Chien-Yu Azalea, Like flower in the spring Arranger for Orchestra 2016 10’
CHANG, Yung-Chin Evening around Tamsui River for Chinese orchestra 2016 8'30"
CHANG, Wan-Yu For Sheng 37-Reed Sheng and Chinese Orchestra 2016 14'00"
LUO, Fang-Wei Fragments of a Sigh for orchestra 2016 10'24"
CHOU, Chiu-Yu From Somewhere to Here 2(1,2/pic).2(1,2/eh.).2(1,2/bcl).2(1,2/cb). - - T.3P. - cel. - strgs 2016 7'30"
LEE, Cheng-Yu Hakka Suite (4 pieces) Big Band 2016 19'12"
LI, Yuan-Chen Iluwan 3(1/picc,2, 3/al).2(1,2/Eng.Hrn).2(1,2/bcl).2(1,2/contra). – – timp-2P. – hp. – strgs. 2016 9'22"
Chou, Hsuan-Hung Kaohsiung-The Harbor of Steel Wind Orchestra 2016 8'
PAN, Hwang-Long Kuroshio Current Soundscapes Concerto for Chinese Orchestra 2016 11'15"
PAN, Hwang-Long Legends of the Hundred Peaks Concerto for Chinese Orchestra 2016 17'30"
KUO, Jing-Mu Marine Elegy Chinese Orchestra 2016 11'30"
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Mechanical Rhythm orchestra 2016 10'00"
LIN, Shuo-Chun My Brother Solo Vln. + Orch. 2222 / 2 / Perc. / Str. 2016 5'
Chou, Hsuan-Hung Nantou - Words of Utux Wind Orchestra 2016 10'
LIN, Ching-Mei On the Sails of Life for Orchestra (, 3 Perc- Strings) 2016
LIN, Ching-Mei Paean for a Warrior and Love for Orchestra (, 3 Perc-Piano-Strings) 2016
LIN, Kuei-Ju Pheonix Chant Concert Brass Band 2016 12'
PENG, Jing Prayer cello solo and string orchestra 2016
WANG HWANG, I-Uen Puyuma Celebration orchestra 2016
CHANG, Wan-Yu qī bǔ cāng Chinese Orchestra 2016 7'30"
KUO, Jing-Mu Shan Huan Chinese Orchestra 2016 6'30"
CHEN, Shih-Hui Silvergrass for Cello and Chamber Orchestra 2016 12'21"
LIN, Ching-Mei Singing Heart for Violin and Orchestra 2016
HUNG, Hsuan-Jung The Ceremony of Island for Chinese Orchestral Chinese Orchestral 2016 15'
PENG, Jing The Moon over Guantien cello solo and string orchestra 2016
CHENG, I-Lly The Sensation of Reality double concerto for sho and recorder with live electronics 2016 20'
CHOU, Chiu-Yu The Tongue 二管管弦樂團 2016 8'30"
YEN, Ming-Hsiu TOY KALEIDOSCOPE 3322/ 4221/ Timp/ 2 Perc/ 1 Harp/ Strings 2016 5'
LIN, Shuo-Chun Treetops Adventure Orch: 2222 / 422 / Perc. / Str. 2016 6'
HUNG, Chih-Fang Violin Concerto violin and Orchestra 2016 17'35"
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Yuan Xiang Alto saxophone and Wind Ensemble 2016
LAI, Deh-Ho Symphony “Masu's Bodyguards” Triple Wind Orchestra 2015/2016 45'
SanGregory, Paul A Midsummer Night's Fragrance piano and string orchestra 2015 4'30"
CHANG, Yung-Chin Afternoon on Sun Moon Lake for Chinese orchestra 2015 9'30"
LAN, Mei-mi CHILIA solo violin, wind ensemble 2015 26'
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Chinese Festivals Piano concerto 2015 40'
YEN, Ming-Hsiu DEAR DOTS 3222/ 4221/ Timp/ 3 Perc/ 1 Harp/ Narrator/ Strings 2015 18'
CHIEN, Yu-Chun Decomposition orchestra 2015
PENG, Jing Elegy-2015 string quartet and string orchestra 2015 07'00"
SU, Fan-Ling Legend of the Western Regions Orchestra 2015 10'
SanGregory, Paul Let the Moonlight Carry My Heart piano and string orchestra 2015 5'
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Microscale of Light Orchestra 2015 9'00"
TUNG, Chao-Ming Moonshine of Guan-Hua orchester and electronics 2015 7'
LAN, Mei-mi Mozart March wind ensemble 2015 3'
PAN, Hwang-Long New Images of Taiwan Concerto for Chinese Orchestra 2015 43’
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Phenomenon - for orchestra orchestra 2015 12'
CHANG, Yu-Hui Pixelandia full orchestra 2015 20'
HUNG, Chih-Fang Root Pipa and Wind Orchestra 2015 15'22'
PAN, Hwang-Long Taroko Landscapes Concerto for Chinese Orchestra 2015 15'
HSIEH, Long-Kwang The Booming Times Orchestra with Mobile Phones 2015 11'
LIU, Wei-Chih The Calling from the Distant Hills Chinese Orchestra 2015 7'32"
LU, Yun The Folk Parade 2015
CHOU, Chiu-Yu The Homeland strgs, pn 2015 13'
Chou, Hsuan-Hung The Other Side of Hakaw Utux Concerto for Pipa, Cello, Singer and Chinese Orchestra 2015 19'
LEE, Chien-Yu The Slumberless Night for Orchestra 2015 10’
LIU, Wei-Chih The Sounds of Primeval Chinese Orchestra 2015 8'
HSIAU, Ching-Yu The Starry Night - for orchestra orchestra 2015 12'
CHANG, Chieh The Whisper of Glimmer for ORCHESTRA 2015 7'
LI, Yuan-Chen Wandering Viewpoint Concerto for Solo Cello and Two Ensembles: solo cello, 2 fl. (1,2/al.), 2 cl.(1,2/bass), 2 vln., 2 vla., 2 vc., 1 perc, 1 pno. 2015 15'
TSENG, Hsiao-Wen When the cors singing Full Wind Orchestra 2015 8'
CHEN, Shih-Hui A Plea to Lady Chang’e for Chamber Orchestra and Nanguan Pipa 2014 9'18"
LEE, Cheng-Yu Album: Rose, Rose, I Love You (12 Pieces) Big Band 2014 54'24"
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Blessings 韓國國樂團 2014
CHIANG, Chia-Ying Concertino for Bassoon Ensemble Bassoon Ensemble 2014
YEN, Ming-Hsiu Concerto for saxophone and wind ensemble Picc / 2 Fl / 2 Ob / 2 Bsn / 7 Cl in Bb / B. Cl in Bb / 1 Alto Sax in Eb / 1 T. Sax in Bb / 1 Bar. Sax in Eb / 1 B. Sax in Bb / Alto Sax Solo / 3 Tpt in Bb / 4 Hn in F / 2 T. Trb / B. Trb / 2 Euph / 2 Tba / 4 Perc 2014 11'30"
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Conflux & Interweave Xian Hu Di Concerto Grosso 弦胡笛大協奏曲 for dizi, erhu, sanxian and Korean traditional orchestra 2014
LIN, Ching-Mei Dancing Morning Sunlight for Orchestra (, 3 Perc- Strings) 2014 18'
LAN, Mei-mi DEA solo oboe, wind ensemble 2014 10'32"
LEE, Ya-Ting Debussy, La fille aux cheveux de lin fo Orchestra (Transcription) 2014
CHEN, Shih-Hui Fantasia on the Theme of Guanglingsan for Zheng and Chinese Orchestra 2014 11'38"
LAN, Mei-mi Game of Quartets bassoon quartet, wind ensemble 2014 13'30"
TUNG, Chao-Ming Hakaw Utux chinese orchestra 2014 10'
LAN, Mei-mi Hakka Scenery wind ensemble 2014 5'12"
LAN, Mei-mi Homage to George Gershwin wind ensemble 2014 4"
TSENG, Hsiao-Wen Le parablu de la Serbourg concerto for two piano and little wind orchestra/ Full Wind Orchestra 2014 5'
LIU, Wei-Chih Mavahrng So Panid I (the Black Wings I) Orchestra 2014 6'
LAI, Deh-Ho Moment Musical III Double Concerto for Chen's Semitone Bamboo Flute & Percussion 2014 15'
LU, Yun Music from The Mountain 2014
LEE, Ya-Ting Ocean for Chamber Orchestra 2014
CHIEN, Shan-Hua Ode on Austronesia Orchestra, Choir 2014
LI, Yuan-Chen On Aldebaran 2(1,2/pic).2(1,2/Eng.Hrn).2(1,2/bcl).2. – 2.2. – 2P. – hp. – strgs. 2014 7'30"
Nan-Chang Chien Overture 2014
SU, Fan-Ling The Celebration Overture of Hakka Orchestra and Hakka Eight-tone Group 2014 10'
LAN, Mei-mi The Liberty Bell Eb Trumpet*2, Bb Trumpet*4, Horn*4, Trombone*3,Bass Trombone, Baritone*2, Tuba*3, Timpani, Percussion*5 2014 5'10"
SanGregory, Paul To a Future Double Concerto for Fortepiano, Harpsichord and Strings 2014 20'
LAN, Mei-mi Toy Soldier's March wind ensemble 2014 3'20"
TSENG, Hsiao-Wen tweinkle, tweinkle, Llittle Star concerto for piano and little wind orchestra 2014 8'
CHEN, Ke-Chia Untold Memories Orchestra 2014 7'
WANG HWANG, I-Uen Violin Concerto Violin Concerto 2014
PAN, Hwang-Long Wind in the Pine Trees Double Concerto Solo Di-Xiao, Pipa & Chinese Orchestra 2014 11'30"
YEN, Ming-Hsiu BREAKING THROUGH 3333 / 4331 / Timp / 3 Perc / Strings 2013 13'
LAN, Mei-mi Carousel wind ensemble 2013 3'43"
LAN, Mei-mi Carousel's March wind ensemble 2013 3'39"
LAN, Mei-mi Concerto for Clarinet, Harp, Percussion and Strings wind ensemble (string orchestra) 2013 10'15"
LAI, Deh-Ho Dialect V- Association of Taiwanese Opera Full Chinese Traditional Orchestra 2013 8'
LAN, Mei-mi Fantasy on the theme of Carousel wind ensemble 2013 7'10"
YU, Chung-Yuan From a Touch of Rippling for symphonic orchestra 2013
YEN, Pey-Wen In Memoir of a Great Patriarch V - Violin Concerto No2 ”The Great Master 20” Themes from Sun-Don Lee Solo Vl., Orchestra 2013 31'27"
LAI, Deh-Ho In Search of lost Time” Double Concerto for Erhu, Violin, Chinese Traditional Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra 2013 12'
SU, Fan-Ling Legend of The Three Mountain Kings Orchestra 2013 12'
LAN, Mei-mi Little Star Fantasy wind ensemble 2013 8'20"
HUNG, Chih-Fang Majestic Mountain.Still Water Pipa,Shamisen and Orchestra 2013 14'04"
SUN, Ying-Chieh May Snow Epid 為管弦樂團與影像 2013 15'
CHIEN, Yu-Chun Prophecy of the Apocalypse orchestra 2013
Nan-Chang Chien Symphony No. 3 “Back Toward The Sea” 2013
Nan-Chang Chien Symphony No. 4 2013
Nan-Chang Chien The Devil's Trill 2013
CHIANG, Chia-Ying When the Wind Speaks Orchestra 2013
LU, Yun 鳳凰台上憶吹簫 2013
LIN, Yin-Yin A Reflection of the heart on Formosa: “Pó-Tó Sim-Siann” for Orchestra 2012
LEE, Cheng-Yu Album: New Moon(8 pieces) Jazz Combo 2012 48'34"
TSAI, Ling-Huei Chai Found Chinese orchestra 2012
HUNG, Hao-yin E De Le Zheng lead / Chinese orchestra accompaniment 2012 13'23"
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng February Second Symphonic Band 2012 12'
YEN, Ming-Hsiu FLYING TOWARDS THE HORIZON 3222 / 4221 / Timp / 3 Perc / Celesta / Strings 2012 12'40"
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Four Seasons in Taiwan (2012), The Series of Taiwan: Orchestral Music 2/3 Winds 2012 36'
LIN, Yin-Yin Hymn for Chamber Orchestra 2012
LIN, Wei-Chieh Immerge... Orchestrea 2012 6'
LAI, Deh-Ho Moment Musical II Double Concerto for Sheng and Guzheng 2012 16'
TSENG, Hsiao-Wen Palais de la Mer Full Wind Orchestra 2012 9'20"
TUNG, Chao-Ming suites of red chamber cello and chinese orchestra 2012 25'25"
SU, Fan-Ling The Footprints of Our Ancestors Mixed Chorus and Orchestra 2012 33'
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Tree Ghost and Mountain Spirit 3(1,2,pic).3(1,2,eh.).3(1,2,bcl).3(1,2,cb). - - T.3P. - pn.hp. - strgs 2012 20'
JEN, Chen-Hui yet the dew remains in pale Orchestra 2012 15'
TUNG, Chao-Ming Yun chinese orchestra 2012 7'30"
JEN, Chen-Hui ...through drifting moons String Ensemble 2011 9'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Concerto for Yang-chin, Bamboo Flute and Pi-pa with Orchestra Yang-chin, Bamboo Flute and Pi-pa with Orchestra 2011 23'
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Drem Sun on the Sea symphoinc wind band 2011 6'
LIN, Yin-Yin Hakkanese Rhythm from the Heart for Chinese Orchestra 2011
LI, Yuan-Chen Hovering in the Air Concerto for guzheng and string orchestra 2011 15'
WANG, Sue-Ya hypothèses 2 solos, flute, pipa et orchestre 2011 10'
LI, Yuan-Chen Intermezzo: SHANG 2(1,2/pic).2.2(1,2/bcl).2(1,2/cb). – 2.2.2. – T.2P. – hp. – strgs. 2011 18'20"
Wu, Dye Joyful to greet Percussion Ensemble 2011 5'10"
LU, Yun Lord Xiqin 2011
PAN, Hwang-Long Moon Over the Guan Mountain Concerto for Chinese Orchestra 2011 11'
LAI, Deh-Ho Run for 10 Suonas and Chinese Traditional Orchestra 2011 15'
SanGregory, Paul Scattering Light orchestra 2011 8'30"
Wu, Dye The Being, The State, The Dream Gaohu solo and Erhus, Zhonghus, Yangqin, Cello, Contrabass Ensemble 2011 5'42"
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope The Classical Series on Nature: Taiwanese Mountains Summit Images of Taiwan (Orchestra) 2/3 Winds 2011 40'
CHOU, Yi-Chien 安平追想曲 2011
LAI, Deh-Ho And then the Withered Bloomed… Concerto for Pipa 2010 25'
CHEN, Ke-Chia Chasing the Sun Chamber Orchestra 2010 5'
TSAI, Ling-Huei Concerto for Foot-Pressed Drums Foot-Pressed Drums and Orchestra (also Chamber Orchestra version) 2010
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Concerto for Shen with String Orchestra Microtone Shen and Organ, Harp, String Orchestra Max/MSP specialization 2010 10'
SanGregory, Paul Dark Passage orchestra 2010 7'30"
WANG HWANG, I-Uen Diptych of Taiwan erhu, guzheng and orchestra 2010
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Formosan-Floridian Symphony (Floridian Senses: A Taiwanese in Florida) Orchestra 2010 20'
HU, Yu-Chun Ghost Night for orchestra 2010 1'
PAN, Hwang-Long Jade Hibiscus Double Concerto Solo Violin, Sheng & Orchestra 2010 33’
KAO, Chen-Kang Love and Revenge Trumpet Concerto 2010 11'04''
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Memory and Hope Orchestral 2010 10'
YING, Kwang-I Mid-autumn 2010
LIN, Yin-Yin Overture to Dream in the Red Chamber for Wind Band 2010
LAI, Deh-Ho Pei-Kuan Theatre String Ensemble 2010 8'
SU, Fan-Ling Reversing the Situation Violin and Orchestra 2010 12'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Sinfonietta for Taiwan 2 System Instrumentation in 2 Movments 2010 ca. 16'
LAI, Deh-Ho Song of the Mountains String Ensemble 2010 8'
Wu, Dye Stroke Dhyana 3 Percussionists (and Multimedia) 2010 10'48"
CHIEN, Yu-Chun Swirl orchestra 2010
HSIEH, Long-Kwang The Booming Times Orchestra 2010 10'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei The Dialog between Farmer and Dew Woodwind and Brass Band Orchestra 2010 14'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei The Dialog between Farmer and Dew Arrange in 2 System Instrumentation 2010 8'
CHANG, Yung-Chin The Flower for Chinese orchestra 2010 11'30"
YEN, Ming-Hsiu THE SONG OF LIFE 1111 / 2111 / Perc / Soprano solo / Bariton Solo / Chorus (SATB) / Strings 2010 35'
LIN, Yin-Yin To Sing, and to Dance for Orchestra 2010
CHOU, Yi-Chien 歌仔風情畫(胡琴協奏曲) 2010
CHEN, Chiung-Yu A Light Unto My Path for Women’s Choir and Orchestra 2009
PAN, Hwang-Long Bass Clarinet Concerto Solo Bass Clarinet and Chinese Orchestra 2009 21'30"
PAN, Hwang-Long Bass Clarinet Concerto (Chamber Orchestra version) Solo Bass Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra (Arranger/K. J. Lin, J. L. Pan, L. H. Tsai) 2009 21'30"
PAN, Hwang-Long Bass Clarinet Concerto (Ensemble version) Solo Bass Clarinet and 14 Players (Arranger/K. J. Lin, J. L. Pan, L. H. Tsai) 2009 21'30"
CHEN, Ke-Chia Broken Crysta Orchestra 2009 8'
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Dyed Lotus 2(1,2/pic).2(1,2/eh.).2(1,2/bcl).2(1,2/cb). - - 2P. - hp. - strgs 2009 11'30"
Nan-Chang Chien Eight Generals 2009
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Fantasy - Two movements for Orchestra orchestra 2009 10'
LEE, Chien-Yu Fly Me To The Moon Arranger for String Orchestra 2009 5’
HUI, Tak-Cheung Glimpses of ink landscape orchestra [4. 3. 3. 3. - 3. 3. 3. 1. - 3 perc - harp - pno. - Strings) 2009 10'
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Klavierkonzert –Abenteuer Orchestral 2009 10'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope March for the 2009 Deaflympics Orchestra 2009
LEE, Cheng-Yu Metropolitan Taipei 2009 21'13"
WANG, Sue-Ya Point d`obsession 2solos et orchestre 2009 12'
PAN, Hwang-Long Praises•East and West For Zheng and String Orchestra 2009 13’
LIN, Ching-Mei Reflections of the Seasons for Orchestra (, 3 Perc-Harp-Strings) 2009
SanGregory, Paul Stellar Convergence orchestra 2009 9'
LAI, Deh-Ho Symphony: Four Impressions of My Motherland Triple Wind Orchestra 2009 45'
LIN, Yin-Yin Taiwanese Opera Capriccio for Orchestra 2009
CHANG, Yung-Chin The Drum of the Modern, the Chinese, and the Foreign for frame drum and Chinese orchestra 2009
SanGregory, Paul Celebration Fanfares orchestra 2008 9'30"
WEI, Chih-Chen Clouds Full Orchestra 2008 12'
LEE, Ya-Ting Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra 2008
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Fantasy Variations- on a Theme of the Taiwanese Folk Song (Symphonic Band version) Symphonic Band 2008 15'
TUNG, Chao-Ming Grdhra-Kuta sring orchstra and children orchestra 2008 20'10"
YEN, Pey-Wen In Memoir of a Great Patriarch IV - Violin Concerto No.1 ”Master” Themes from Sun-Don Lee Solo Vl., Orchestra 2008 27'50"
CHOU, Chiu-Yu In the Remains I & II string orchestra 2008 15'
HU, Yu-Chun Knocking on the Dawn for orchestra 2008 7'
WANG HWANG, I-Uen Lily Pond orchestra 2008
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope My Hometown in Our Homeland Eight Scenes of Lu Gang, The Series of Taiwan: Orchestral Music 2/3 Winds 2008 45'
WANG, Sue-Ya Oeil flûte solo et Orchestre Flûtes 2008 12'
HSIAO, Yu-Ting Piano Concerto Fantasia Piano Concerto 2008 18'
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Revival Orchestra 2008 18'
LIN, Kuei-Ju Snow in june solo soprarno, orchestra and chorus 2008 15'
CHEN, Ke-Chia Song of The Wanderer Concerto for Clarinet and orhcestra 2008 12'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Taiji—the beginning of the four phenomena Bass clarinet concerto 2008 25'
LAI, Deh-Ho The Dream of the Red Chamber Symphony Triple Wind Orchestra 2008 52'
CHEN, Chia-Hui Transite deux orchestres 2008 9'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Tunes from Various Regions of Hakka in Taiwan The Series of Taiwan: Orchestral Music (Inspired by Six Hakka Folk Tunes) Concerto for Violin Solo and Orchestra (2/3 Winds) 2008
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Whisper between Sun and Moon Orchestral 2008 10'
CHEN, Ke-Chia Afterlight Orchestra 2007 11'
SanGregory, Paul Eastern Concertato concerto grosso for flut, oboe, flute, basson and tuba soloists with chamber orchestra 2007 9'
YING, Kwang-I Formosa 2007 10'20"
YEN, Pey-Wen In Memoir of a Great Patriarch III - Symphonic Poem for Violin and Orchestra Themes from Sun-Don Lee Full Orchestra 2007 48'02"
LI, Yuan-Chen Like A Dream, An Illusion 3(1,2,3/pic).3.3.3. – – 4P – hp.cel.orgl. – strgs (65443 by stands), balcony: fl.hp.vln. 2007 12'30"
CHANG, Yu-Hui Mountain is Mountain flute and string orchestra 2007 16'
CHIEN, Sansan Postlude - Thoughts after June orchestra 2007 7'15''
LEE, Cheng-Yu Reliance Jazz Combo 2007 7'2"
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope The Flavor of Hakka Folk Tunes The Series of Taiwan, Orchestral Music Three Hakka Folk Tunes Originally Circulated in Kaohsiung County 2/3 Winds 2007 15'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei The Ode of life For Full Orchestra, Organ and 4 cnannels Eletron-acoustic Klang. 2007 28'40"
SU, Fan-Ling The Pi-Pa in the Midnight Voice and Orchestra 2007 5'
Wu, Dye Transfigure Strings ensemble 2007 11'20"
CHEN, Lily Whirling Waves orchestra (3232-4331-4perc-hp-strings) 2007 8'
WANG, Sue-Ya Divergence soprano et orchestre 2006 10'
YEN, Pey-Wen InMemoir of a Great Patriarch II - Suite for Violin and Orchestra Themes from Sun-Don Leeh Full Orchestra 2006 43'04"
CHEN, Ke-Chia Inside the Vessel of time Orchestra 2006 6'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Lament of the Xiang River Orchestra 2006 8'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Life of Dom Orchestra 2006 25'
WANG, Sue-Ya Noyau II percussion solo et orchestre 2006 10'
SHIH, Pei-Yu Qin Yue Orchestra 2006 7'21"
LIN, Ching-Mei Ritual Dances for Chamber Orchestra: ( Perc-Harp- 2006
Nan-Chang Chien Symphony No. 2 “Naluwan” 2006
CHEN, Ke-Chia The Desires Concerto for viola and string orchestra 2006 19'
WANG HWANG, I-Uen Timeless Reflections orchestra 2006
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Totentanz (Arrangement from Liszt‘s version) Symphonic Band 2006 15'
SUN, Ying-Chieh Yeliou Caprice for Orchestra and a dancer 為管弦樂團與獨舞 2006 12'
YEN, Ming-Hsiu YUN 3333 / 4331 / Timp / 3 Perc / Strings 2006 10'
SanGregory, Paul After Hours concerto for saxophone soloist and band 2005 22'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope All Rise with the Wind: Three Heroes of Taiwanese Folklores Concertino for Piano Solo and Orchestra 2005
SU, Fan-Ling Brautlied Voice and Orchestra 2005 9'26''
SUN, Ying-Chieh Chant Spring Night (Orchestration) For Soprano (or Tenor) Solo and Orchestra 2005 3'20"
Wu, Dye Dance Music Ensemble Music 2005 3'46"
Nan-Chang Chien Ella Formosa March 2005
YEN, Pey-Wen Fantasy along Tamshui River Full Orchestra 2005 7'21"
PAN, Hwang-Long Heterophony Concerto for Orchestra with Zheng, Piano, Organ & Traditional Beiguan Ensemble 2005 47’
WANG, Sue-Ya L`Image peut du recul 2 percussions chinois et orchestre 2005 40'
LAI, Deh-Ho Moment Musical I Double Concerto for Bamboo Flutes & Pipa 2005 20'
LU, Yun Music from The Mountain 2005
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Ni-Shang Qu (Cinematic Fantasy) Orchestra 2005 10'
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Poetic Paintings for Bunun aborigines Symphonic Band 2005 7'
LIN, Ching-Mei Shattered Prism for String Orchestra 2005
Wu, Dye Symphonic Music for Mobil Mobil 2005
SU, Fan-Ling The Beauty Belle Orchestra 2005 13'26''
LU, Yun The Collection of Masks 2005
TZENG, Shing-Kwei The most beautiful flower Arrange in 2 System Instrumentation with singer 2005
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Theme and Variations for Orchestra 2 Winds 2005
CHEN, Chiung-Yu A Slow Dance II for Solo Violin and Orchestra 2004
LIN, Ching-Mei Abysmal Cry Orchestra (, 3 Perc- Harp- Strings) 2004 11'
YEN, Ming-Hsiu BALAFAN piano and orchestra 3333 / 4331 / Timp / 3 Perc / Harp / Piano / Strings 2004 12'
LEE, Ya-Ting Between the Past and the Present for Full Orchestra 2004
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Edging orchestra 2004 8'00"
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Farewell Song Symphonic Band 2004 7'
LAN, Mei-mi Formosa Dance wind ensemble 2004 8'
LU, Yun Lang Sai (Dancing Lions) 2004
YANG, Jin-Fong Light (光) 2004
SUN, Ying-Chieh Ode to music (Orchestration) For Soprano Solo and Orchestra 2004 6'30"
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Rhapsody on a Theme of a Taiwan Opera Song Symphonic Band 2004 6'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) River Legent Orchetra 2004 10'
Nan-Chang Chien Symphony No. 1 “When the Bugle Starts” 2004
JEN, Chen-Hui The Mind of Crescent Moon Violin Concerto 2004 18'
WANG, Sue-Ya 7 koo orchestre chinois 2003 10'
LI, Yuan-Chen Awakening 4(1,2,3,pic).3(1,2,eh.).3(1,2,bcl).3(1,2,cb). – – 4P. – 2hp. – strgs (87554 by stands). 2003 14'30"
SanGregory, Paul Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra percussion soloist and orchestra 2003 9'
PENG, Jing Double concerto: Displacement violin solo, cello solo and string orchestra 2003
CHANG, Chun-yien Homage to Haydn Concertino for string quartet and Chamber Orchestra 2222-1110-str qua-str 2003 10'24"
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Impromptu Orchestral 2003 8'
LU, Yun Lord Xiqin 2003
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Memory of a Great Patriarch (A Suite for Orchestra) Symphonic Suite of Seven Orchestral Pieces 2 Winds 2003
LEE, Ya-Ting My Motherland for Chamber Orchestra 2003
CHIEN, Sansan Overture to Medusa clarinet (or flute) solo with orchestra 2003 6'
CHEN, Ke-Chia Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra Concerto for violin and orchestra 2003 10'
TSAI, Ling-Huei Three Poems by Sylvia Plath-for Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra (re-arranged from Chamber Orchestra version) 2003
HSIEH, Long-Kwang 2 Preludes for String orchestra and Electronic Music 2002 10'
PENG, Jing A Cursed City symphony orchestra 2002
SU, Fan-Ling Legend for Wandering Wayfarer Orchestra 2002 13'
LIN, Ching-Mei Piano Concerto Orchestra ( Strings) 2002 21'
WANG, Sue-Ya Ray percussion solo et orchestre 2002 10'
SU, Fan-Ling Temple Festival Suite Symphony Orchestra 2002 12'
CHANG, Chun-yien Tone Poem: Formosa Rhapsody 2002 “The Treasure Island id Filled with the Prophets” Chorus: SATB, *3*32*3-4331-tmp-hp-str 2002 10'36"
PENG, Jing Valley's sigh double symphony orchestra 2002 10'39"
CHEN, Kai-Yue Concerto for Clarinet in Bb and Chamber Orchestra Concerto for Clarinet in Bb and Chamber Orchestra 2001 15'
YEN, Pey-Wen Impression Full Orchestra 2001 4'35"
LAN, Mei-mi Temple Festival Orchestra 2001 10'07"
SU, Fan-Ling The Fine Looking Lad Violin and Orchestra 2001 15'30''
LAI, Deh-Ho The War of Chu & Han for Pipa, Chinese Traditional Orchestra and Double Wind Orchestra 2001 23'
TSAI, Ling-Huei Three Ways of Dissecting a Mummy Orchestra (triple-wind) 2001
LEE, Cheng-Yu You Are My Everything Big Band 2001 4'59"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu A-La-Mu-Han Female voice and orchestra 2000 5'
WANG, Sue-Ya Bourgeon orchestre 2000 12'
LEE, Cheng-Wei Crisis Orchestra 2000 8'31"
LIN, Mei-Fang Fluorescent Orient Full Orchestra 2000 9'30"
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Hok-Lo Ma (Psalm of the Hok-Lo Taiwanese Grandmother) Orchestra 2000 12'
PENG, Jing Orcean tribe double symphony orchestra 2000 10'21"
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope The Animal Rhapsody Twelve Short Improvisations for Youth Orchestra 2000
CHIEN, Sansan 敘事曲 orchestra 2000 3'45''
CHANG, Yu-Hui Amid Haze erhu and chamber orchestra 1999 13'
PENG, Jing Dance od the Forest guitar solo and string orchestra 1999 04'55"
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Sinfonietta Two Wind Instruments 1999
Nan-Chang Chien Sinfonietta No. 4 “Flying” 1999
PENG, Jing The Crow and the Castle guitar solo, cello solo and string orchestra 1999 07'15"
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Three Sceneries of Wind City (Drei Szenen der Windstadt.) String Orchestra 1999 18'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Twelve Orchestral Essays 2 Winds 1999
WANG HWANG, I-Uen Autumn Atmosphere orchestra 1998
LAI, Deh-Ho Dialect III- Concert Overture for full Orchestra Triple Wind Orchestra 1998 7'
LAI, Deh-Ho Dialect IV- for Orchestra Triple Wind Orchestra 1998 10'
SU, Fan-Ling Drama showing in the Theatre Symphony Orchestra 1998 16'
PENG, Jing Elegy men's choir, symphony orchestra 1998 22'38"
WANG, Sue-Ya Espace Fuyant orchestre 1998 10'
PENG, Jing Four impression moments four-person percussion ensemble, symphony orchestra 1998 10'37"
PENG, Jing Jungle Psalms four-person percussion ensemble, symphony orchestra 1998 10'08"
PENG, Jing Paganini Rapsody: freely adaption violin solo and string orchestra 1998
SU, Fan-Ling Temple Festival Suite Chinese National Orchestra 1998 12'
SUN, Ying-Chieh The Unending Chant For English Horn and Orchestra 1998 11'
SUN, Ying-Chieh Capriccio For Piano Solo and Chamber Orchestra 1997 11'
SU, Fan-Ling Drama showing in the Theatre Chinese National Orchestra 1997 8'
PENG, Jing Erhu concerto erhu solo and chinese orchestra 1997
PENG, Jing Flute concerto: 1. Floating street scenes 2. Playfulness solo flute and string orchestra 1997
CHIEN, Sansan Into the Water Curtain orchestra 1997 10'
CHEN, Kai-Yue Nebuleuse Orchestral Music 1997 12'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei The Old Station Under the Wind (La Vieux Gare dans le Vent) String Orchestra 1997 8'30"'
CHEN, Chiung-Yu The Slow Dance I for Orchestra 1997
PAN, Hwang-Long Cello Concerto Solo Cello and Chamber Orchestra 1996 28'
PENG, Jing clrarinet concerto solo clarinet and string orchestra 1996
SU, Fan-Ling Jeering at the King Chinese Orchestra 1996 12'30''
Nan-Chang Chien Perpetuum Mobile 1996
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Suite of Folk Songs (Arrangement for Orchestra) orchestra 1996 10'
LAI, Deh-Ho Two Oboes Two Oboes and String Ensemble 1996 8'
PENG, Jing Violin concerto:Two Diary Entries solo violin and string orchestra 1996
SU, Fan-Ling Buddha keine Meinung aeussern Chinese Orchestra 1995 16'30''
SU, Fan-Ling Buddha ohne Worte Chinese Orchestra 1995 12'
SU, Fan-Ling Buddha ueber Mauer springen Chinese Orchestra 1995 14'
CHANG, Yu-Hui Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra clarinet and string orchestra 1995 14'
LAI, Deh-Ho Dialect I- Association of Pei-Kuan Solo Violin and Double Wind Orchestra 1995 12'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Fan-Jen (The Poem of Formosa) Orchestra 1995 10'
LAI, Deh-Ho The Lunar New Year Festival Suite Triple Wind Orchestra 1994/1995 10'
LAI, Deh-Ho Cello Concerto: My Homeland “Formosa” Triple Wind Orchestra 1994 18'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope An Old Town at Dusk 2 Winds 1993
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Fantasie  orchestra 1993 10'
LAI, Deh-Ho Late Spring Triple Wind Orchestra 1993 10'
Nan-Chang Chien Violin Concerto 1993
LAI, Deh-Ho A Wild Scribble Quadruple Wind Orchestra 1992 21'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Chiang-Cheng Tze 2 Winds 1992
Wu, Dye Poetic Taiwan Morning Flutes ensemble and Piano 1992 9'00"
Nan-Chang Chien Sinfonietta No. 3 1992
YING, Kwang-I Recollections piano and orchestra 1991
Nan-Chang Chien Taiwanese Symphonic Poem 1991
CHIEN, Shan-Hua Anticipation Orchestra 1990
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Asking Heaven I Concerto for Fl. and Orchestra 1990 16'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Ballade Orchestra 1990 15'
WANG, Sue-Ya Calme solo,duo,trio,quature et orchestre 1990 20'
SU, Fan-Ling Concerto for piano piano and Sym.-orchestra 1990 20'30''
PAN, Hwang-Long Harmony of the World III Orchestra 1990 20'55
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Zhu-Sai-Chu ( Passing the Great Wall) Solo Voice and 2 System Orchestra 1990 5'
Wu, Dye Arrange Taiwanese Song Looking for word the Spring wind Voice, Flute, clarinet, Horn and Orchestra 1989
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Concerto for Electone Solo and Orchestra 1989 15'
Nan-Chang Chien Sinfonietta No. 2 1989
TZENG, Shing-Kwei The Elegy of Tien-An-Men Square Symphony for Chinese traditional instrumen 1989 16'
HUANG, Pei-Fen Diū diū tóng 1988 8'
PAN, Hwang-Long Formosa Landscapes String Orchestra 1987 15'
PAN, Hwang-Long Formosa Landscapes Orchestra 1987 15'
PAN, Hwang-Long Harmony of the World I Orchestra 1987 16'30"
PAN, Hwang-Long Harmony of the World I Symphonic Band 1987 16'30"
LAI, Deh-Ho Symphonic Poem-Ching Ke Triple Wind Orchestra 1987 11'
PAN, Hwang-Long And So Comes the Night Voice and Orchestra (Poem: Ya Hsuen) 1986 11'30"
PAN, Hwang-Long And So Comes the Night Voice and Chamber Orchestra (Arranger/Ling-Hui Tsai) (Poet: Ya Hsuen) 1986 11'30"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Concerto for 2 Erhus and strings 2 Erhus and strings 1986 10'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Concerto in D French Horn Concerto with double Quintet (Woodwind, String) 1986
PAN, Hwang-Long Harmony of the World Concerto for Orchestra 1986 47'
Wu, Dye Orchestra Orchestra 1986 16'00"
Nan-Chang Chien Sinfonietta No. 1 1986
HUANG, Pei-Fen Spring is like…. 1986 10'
Nan-Chang Chien Dragon Dance 1985
TZENG, Shing-Kwei ... when music is beginning.... 2 System Orchestra 1983 12'30'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Asking Heaven Flute ( Saxphone) Concerto with Band woodwind and brass wind 1983 14'30"
PAN, Hwang-Long Wandlungsphasen IIA Orchestra 1982 15'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Psalm Lu-O 4 solist(S.A.T.B) Chorus, Organ,Orchestra 1981 14'17”
PAN, Hwang-Long Wandlungsphasen II Orchestra 1981 23'
CHIEN, Shan-Hua Great Wall Orchestra 1980
PAN, Hwang-Long Metempsychose Five Solo Strings and Orchestra 1979 18'50
Nan-Chang Chien Fantasy 1978
PAN, Hwang-Long Penglai Orchestra 1978 8'45"
Nan-Chang Chien 5 Chinese Songs 1977
Nan-Chang Chien Schmal ist der Weg 1976
Wu, Dye Some Military bands Military bands 1976
PAN, Hwang-Long A Night-Mooring Near Maple Bridge Orchestra 1974 10'30"
HUNG, Chien-Hui Bravo!Arman 為阿曼喝采