Composer Title Instrumentation Year Duration NCAF-funded
CHAN, Ya-Lan The distance between bones for violin and piano duo 2024 9'00"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Binary Star Flute and Trombone 2023 8'00"
CHAN, Ya-Lan Umbra for eight percussionists and a pianist 2023 12'00"
LIN, Wei-Chieh ≈ C 8 performers 2023 12'
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Clouds Flute Quartet and Piano 2023 8'
CHEN, Hsiao-Chiao Co Log Ki Gien Di, Pipa, Yangqin, Erhu, Violoncello 2023 5'00"
KAO, Kai-Yi Explore for Pipa, Guzheng and percussion 2023 11'00"-12'00"
HSIUNG, Jen-Yueh Gossamer Trio for Erhu, Pipa, Zheng 2023 08'00"
LIN, Wei-Chieh Kì-ik Quintet of objects and effects pedals 2023 16'
CHIU, Yen-Ning Mandala Bass calrinet and cello 2023 6'
CHEN, Yi-hsien Penetrating Aural Landscapes 2023 11'00"
HU, Yu-Chun Praise Dance for violin and cello 2023 7'
LIN, Wei-Chieh Reverberation: MuYu, Luo, and Ching Three percussionists 2023 30'
Tracy Yang Scene Taiwan Collection III. Industrial Zone 17piece Jazz Orchestra 2023 4'36"
KAO, Chen-Kang Seven Pieces for Mandolin, Violin, and Double Bass Mandolin, Violin, Double Bass 2023 9'05''
LIN, Wei-Chieh silenced.tumult (2nd version) Ensemble of 6 players 2023 13'
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Sonant Caprice Piano Trio 2023 7'
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Tâi-uân 4 violas 2023 8'40"
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng To̍k Sheng, Pipa, Guzheng(21 strings), Pf., Vl., Vlc. 2023 11'08"
KAO, Kai-Yi Winter fun and spring gaze Four Flutes 2023 8'00"
LIN, Wei-Chieh Zheng–Zheng–Zheng Prepared 21-string steel string Zheng and effects pedals 2023 25'
HSIUNG, Jen-Yueh Drifting White for large Chinese ensemble 2022 10'00"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Etching Di, Zheng, Pipa, Percussion, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass 2022 13'00"
KAO, Kai-Yi Adversity and calm Flute, cello and piano (Trio) 2022 10'00"-11'00"
LIN, Wei-Chieh Bloop Bass Flute, Microtonal Accordion, and Violoncello 2022 12'
CHAN, Ya-Lan Brief Candle for piano trio 2022 7'20"
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Didge Suona、Ob., Cl., Sax, and Tbn. 2022 17'58"
PENG, Jing Eichoerchen Tanz flu. Vln. Vla. Vc. 2022 03'00"
YANG, Tsu-Yao Esquisse d'Octavia Flute, Clariniet, Piano, Percussion, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello and Double Bass 2022 12'50"
KAO, Chen-Kang Impermanence Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello 2022 4'27''
LIU, Po-Chien In einem verlassenen Zimmer Nonet 2022 12'00"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu In the mist flute, oboe, violin, Viola, Cello, percussion and Piano 2022 10'
KAO, Chen-Kang Light I. A Stary Night Two Pianos 2022 6'
WANG, Chih-Yun Liminality for Clarinet, Double Bass and Piano 2022 6'00"
PENG, Jing Luchai string quartet 2022 07'04"
LIN, Mei-Fang Mémoire Entrelacée Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano 2022 4'
CHEN, Kai-Yue Mirror . Twins Percussion Quartet 2022 7'
Tracy Yang MMXXI suite _ Movement III : Reunited 17piece Jazz Orchestra 2022 4'28"
CHANG, Wan-Yu Oceanic feeling Dizi, Bass clarinet, 37-Reed Sheng, Liuqin and Cello 2022 8'35"
SHENG, Hsin-Ting 'Oeway for flute solo and percussion 2022 14'00"
HUI, Tak-Cheung Realms of interim II Flute, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Sheng, Zheng, Violin Viola, Cello, Contrabass & Electronics 2022 14'
Tracy Yang Scene Taiwan Collection II. Sea Swell 17piece Jazz Orchestra 2022 5'28"
LIN, Chia-Ying SKY BLUE for ensemble 2022
Li, Jang Somedays Morning Chromatic harmonica、Piano、Cello 2022 4'30"
PENG, Jing Sommertram in Corfu pipa, cello 2022 07'00"
CHIU, Yen-Ning Splendid oboe, cello and piano 2022 7'
CHEN, Kai-Yue Spring Rain Marimba and String Quartet 2022 7'
HU, Yu-Chun Symbiosis for two pianos 2022 8'
KAO, Chen-Kang The Best Solution to Plastic Pollution Soprano, Mezze-soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Piano 2022 8'19''
HU, Yu-Chun The Echo of Four Seasons for flute and piano trio 2022 5'
WANG, Chih-Yun The Five Versions of A Dream for Clarinet and String Quartet 2022 10'30"
LIN, Chia-Ying The Forest Hut for string quartet 2022
LIN, Mei-Fang To B or not to B String Quartet 2022 4'30"
LU, Yi-Ting Trigger for clarinet, cello, and percussion 2022 15'00"
LIN, Chia-Ying Undici for ensemble 2022
CHEN, Hsiao-Chiao Unknown Space Chinese Orchestra 2022 8'00"
LIN, Wei-Chieh Zhong Zhan Di, Ruan, Zheng, and String Quartet 2022 35'
WANG, Chih-Yun Before the Mist for Large Ensemble 2021, 2023 10'00"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Double Pendulum Alto Flute, Clarinet, Sheng, Zheng, Percussion, Piano, Violin and Cello 2021 8'00"
Tracy Yang MMXXI suite _ Movement II : Healing 17piece Jazz Orchestra 2021 2'27"
Li, Jang Ten-Year Dairy Chromatic harmonica(2)、Chord harmonica、Bass harmonica 2021 3'00"
LU, Yi-Ting A Sudden Gust of Wind for large ensemble 2021 15'00"
WANG, Chih-Yun After Imagining Dancing in the Moonlight for Flute, Cello and Piano 2021 7'00"
WANG, Chih-Yun Avidyā Mist for Large Ensemble 2021 24'30"
CHEN, Kai-Yue Barren Island Percussion Septet 2021 8'
HU, Yu-Chun Breaking The Isolation - Fantasy for violin and piano for violin and piano 2021 8'
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Consolation for Clarinet & Piano Duet 2021 3'30"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Long way Flute and Piano 2021 15'
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Mid Spring Trio for Flute、Clarinet & Piano 2021 7'
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Mid Spring for Violin,Viola. & Piano 2021 7'
Tracy Yang MMXXI suite _ Movement I : Uncertainty 17piece Jazz Orchestra 2021 4'59"
WANG, Chih-Yun Nocturne and Intermezzo Capriccioso for Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano 2021 11'00"
CHIU, Yen-Ning Redemption flute, bass clarinet, cello and piano 2021 8'
HSIUNG, Jen-Yueh Reminiscence of Nymphaea for pipa trio 2021 13'00"
CHAN, Ya-Lan Sand aSH for String Quartet 2021 10'00"
Tracy Yang Scene Taiwan Collection I. Sea of Clouds 17piece Jazz Orchestra 2021 6'44"
CHEN, Yu-Jumg Sound-Field Vibration Violin, violoncello, clarinet, accordion 2021 30'29"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Sounds of Mountain Trumpet and Piano 2021 15'
LUO, Fang-Wei Soundscapes of a Frontier Town for pipa, zheng, clarinet / bass clarinet, double bass, and percussion 2021 8'00"
HSIEH, Long-Kwang The Call of the Land Duet for Flute&Clarinet or Flute & Saxphone 2021 3'30"
CHANG, Wan-Yu The real sound 37-Reed Sheng and two 21-String Zheng (one without Yan Zhu) 2021 8'00"
CHANG, Wan-Yu The thoughts of Nanguan Erhu, Cello and Piano 2021 6'30"
KAO, Kai-Yi Counterpoint (with Text notation) Flute, bass clarinet, bassoon and piano (Quartet) 2020 6'00"
YANG, Tsu-Yao Hashtag 2 Percussionnistes 2020 12'30"
HSIUNG, Jen-Yueh The fragments of winter birds for Piccolo, clarinet, viola and piano 2020 05'00"
CHEN, Hsiao-Chiao An Afternoon in the Woods Suona, Zhongruan, Daruan, male voice choir 2020 10'00"
LIAO, Lin-Ni And if we put our dreams behind us…? Bass flute, bass clarinet, viola, cello and piano 2020 2'
Chen, Heng Atterrisage échoué trio for alto saxophone violin and prepared piano 2020 8'30"
YEN, Pey-Wen Aunt Tigress Legent - A Chinese Folktale Piano 2020 4'30"
HUANG, Pei-Fen Bardo String Quartet 2020 20'
LIN, Mu-Xuan Before, (Now), Before, Before, After guzheng, dizi and Ruan 2020 18'00"
YANG, Tsu-Yao Bleu II String Quarte 2020
YANG, Tsu-Yao Bleu III String Trio 2020
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Catalysis Di, Zheng, Ruan and String Quartet 2020 13'00"
CHANG, Wan-Yu Clouded leopard's thoughts Yangqin and Piano 2020 8'10"
LIAO, Lin-Ni Do - our - Nature's soft for harp and large tam tam harp and tam tam 2020 8'
SanGregory, Paul Drama of Song flute, violin, viola, cello, vibraphone 2020 10'30''
YANG, Tsu-Yao Echo Zheng and Sheng 2020 12'00"
HSIUNG, Jen-Yueh Elegy for Violin and Piano 2020 09'00"
WANG, Chih-Yun Flaneur for Saxophone Ensemble 2020 16'00"
CHIU, Yen-Ning Flow five percussionists 2020 7'
CHANG, Wan-Yu Infinite 37-Reed Sheng and Chamber Orchestra 2020 9'10"
CHEN, Yu-Jumg Invisible Ash Zheng, piano, violin, violoncello, percussion, dance, elecronics, and video 2020 20'52"
CHEN, Hsiao-Chiao Invisible Wave Clarinet, Erhu, Piano 2020 6'00"
LIU, Po-Chien Klangvoll durch Klang, Khí-Tâng Khí-Tâng for Sextett and Tape 2020 10'00"
HSIEH, Hui-Ju Leopard Cat Dulcimer, Piano, Percussion, Violoncello, Contrabass 2020 8'00"
PENG, Jing Mond am See, Die Legende vom Wasserfall string orchestra 2020
Li, Jang Musica Universalis Chromatic Harmonica , Tremolo Harmonica , Violin ,Di , Guzheng , Accrodian , Percussions 2020 6'00"
Li, Jang Ourea Chromatic harmonica(2)、Chord harmonica、Bass harmonica 2020 5'00"
Li, Jang Peacetone Adventure Chromatic harmonica(2)、Bass、Piano、Guitar、Percussions 2020 4'30"
CHEN, Shih-Hui Perpetual Movable Games for Flute, Oboe, Cello and Harpsichord 2020 9'40"
KAO, Kai-Yi Piano Tritone Violin, Alto Saxophone and Piano (Trio) 2020 7'00"-8'00"
LO, Shih-Jung Reminisce at the hillcrest of Cuifeng for two pianos, eight hands 2020 9'00"
CHIU, Yen-Ning ritual flute and piano 2020 4'
LEE, Chien-Yu Silent Confession For Flute, Viola and Pian 2020 8'
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Structure/Encounter Fl., Vlc., Perc., and Tape 2020 10'05"
HSIUNG, Jen-Yueh The Gaze from the Rain for Chinese ensemble 2020 11'00"
LIAO, Ming-Hsun The Night Watchman's Drum in Ghost Month Erhu and Yangqin Duet 2020 10'00"
WANG, Chih-Yun The Shouts from Afar for Violin and Piano 2020 8'30"
CHEN, Ke-Chia Unwavering Light trio for Erhu, Violin and Cello 2020 5'
YU, Chung-Yuan Wende For Flute, Oboe, Cello and Harpsichord 2020
Chen, Heng WhyOuch duet for percussion 2020 10'
LIN, Wei-Chieh Zheng Zheng prepared 21-string steel string Zheng and Percussion 2020 29'
JEN, Chung 弄火 揚琴與鋼琴 2020 9'
WANG, Ying-Chieh 擊樂 集悅 for percussion ensemble 2020
CHANG, Wan-Yu Silent World Pipa and String Quartet 2019-2020 12'10"
CHANG, Wan-Yu In the Mist One Percussionist and Alto Banhu 2019-2020 12'00"
LIN, Wei-Chieh silenced.tumult 7 players 2019-20 20'
LIAO, Ming-Hsun Dongjiyu / Dongji island Sheng, Yangqin, Percussion I, Percussion II, Erhu 2019 10'00"
LIN, Mu-Xuan Agnes, [with Agnes] flute, bass clarinet, violin, percussion, and vocalist 2019 09'40"
LIN, Mu-Xuan Agnes, [with our love for Agnes] flute, bass clarinet, violin, percussion, and video 2019 09'40"
CHIEN, Yu-Chun Being Double trombone, percussion 2019
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Beneath the Surface Recorder Quartet 2019 11'00"
TAI, Chien-Yu Blooming Time Flute, Oboe, Harpsichord and Cello 2019 10'30"
LIU, Wei-Chih Builders of Light II for 9 musicians 2019 10'15"
LIN, Wei-Chieh Chant Five Pipas 2019 16'
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Coherence Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano 2019 7'
LIN, Chih-Liang Come to an End Bass flute, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, cello, percussion 2019 9'30"
YANG, Tsu-Yao Diode V Hautbois et Ensemble 2019 15'00"
LIN, Chih-Liang Encounter Prepared marimba and vibraphone 2019 6'
CHAN, Ya-Lan Ephemeral for clarinet, violin, cello and piano 2019 7'00"
KAO, Kai-Yi eSACHERe French Horn and Marimba (Duet) 2019 6'00"
YANG, Tsu-Yao Esquisse d'Isaura Di, Ruan, Zheng, Piano 2019 10'30"
JEN, Chung Frozen fog/霜霧 鋼琴、揚琴 2019 9'
CHANG, Yu-Hui Germinate flute/piccolo, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion 2019 12'
CHANG, Yu-Hsin Hana, Hibana / 夏花 for Five Pipa 2019 10'
LIAO, Lin-Ni How prudent that we are… II Flute, oboe and Tam-Tam 2019 9'
FANG, S'yo I prefer 2019 8min
CHIEN, Yu-Chun Isolation baritone saxophone, percussion, piano, contrabass 2019
CHEN, Hsiao-Chiao Juggling Pipa, Jinghu, Harpsichord, Chinese Gong and Drum 2019 5'00"
CHEN, Kai-Yue July March Symphonic Band 2019 5'
LIN, Mei-Fang Liaison Clarinet, Viola, Piano 2019 7'20"
YING, Kwang-I Listen to my mind violin, horn, percussion and film 2019
Tracy Yang Melting Arctic 17piece Jazz Orchestra 2019 7'37"
CHEN, Hsiao-Chiao Mermaid Soprano Sheng, Bass Sheng, Yangqin, Harp, Violoncello, Double Bass 2019 6'00"
HUANG, Pei-Fen Ming Yueh Flute, Ruan and Cello 2019 8'
HUI, Tak-Cheung Mist in June Reed Quintet 2019 8'
TSAI, Dong-Han My Wall I for 9 musicians Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Trombone, Percussion, Piano, Cello, Bass 2019
Tracy Yang OR (operating room) 17piece Jazz Orchestra 2019 6'40"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Origin Viola and Piano 2019 15'
KAO, Kai-Yi Piano Tritone Soprano Saxophone, Cello and Piano (Trio) 2019 7'00"-8'00"
Chen, Yi-Chen Poetic Machine Octet for Flute, Clarinet , Violin, Cello and four Percussionists 2019
YANG, Tsu-Yao Pour Nesat Quatuor de Saxophones 2019 08'00"
HSIAO, Yu-Ting Pulau Gembira for String Orchestra 2019 9'
CHIEN, Yu-Chun REcompoSItion: 2016 ensemble and a conductor 2019
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Ritual String Quartet 2019 20'00"
CHANG, Wan-Yu The ancient temple Chinese Chamber Orchestra 2019 9'15"
WANG, Chih-Yun The Seven Rites of Sakura for Wind Quintet 2019 25'50"
Ni,Heng-Chun the Snow Falls Harp, Gu-zen and Xiao 2019 9'
HSIAO, Yu-Ting The Sound of Kalinko for Clarinet Quintet 2019 45'
LIN, Shuo-Chun The Trainer of the Predator Fl. Cl. 2 Fag. / Hn. Tpt. Tbn. / Perc. 2019 7'
SanGregory, Paul Three Viola Duets two violas 2019 8'30''
CHENG, I-Lly Trace for flute, piano, violin, viola, cello, amplified watercolor paper 2019 10'
Chen, Heng Trios symptômes ennuyeux quoique non fatals _quatour quartet for bass clarinet, trumpet, cello and percussion 2019 10'30"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Trompe l'oeil Bassoon, Accordion and Violin 2019 10'00"
SanGregory, Paul Variations for Multi-Hands Piano many performers on one piano 2019 7'15''
YANG, Tsu-Yao Ventriloquie Flûte Basse et Violoncelle 2019 07'40"
HUI, Tak-Cheung Water Album#2 - On the Petal Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Percussion and hidden speakers 2019 13'
LIN, Ge-Wei Pipa, Piano 2019
LIN, Wei-Chieh Erosion Bass Flute, Cor anglais, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Violoncello, Contrabass, Percussion, and Piano 2018-19 17'
LIAO, Ming-Hsun Hongu Utux : Seediq Bale Dizi, Pipa, Zhongruan, Percussion, Erhu 2018 13'00"
HSIUNG, Jen-Yueh Winter Footsteps for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano 2018 09'00"
Chen, Heng 2 caprices trio for 2 violins and accordion 2018 5'30"
Chen, Heng 3 divermtimenti quartet for flute, cello, zheng and percussion 2018 8'
HUNG, Hao-yin A Wordless Book from Heaven Zheng Trio and Storyteller 2018 10'59"
YANG, Tsu-Yao Aphasie Clarinette, Violoncelle, Piano 2018 13'20"
LEE, Cheng-Wei Composure Viola, Piano & Zheng 2018 7'48"
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Dectet 10 payers (Fl., Cl., Sax, Pipa, Male Voice, Female Voice, 2 Vl.,2 Vlc.) 2018 13'00"
CHEN, Shih-Hui Echoes from Within, a Musical Response to Cy Twombly for sheng, bass and electronic 2018 23'08"
LIEN, Hsien-Sheng Far Call from Mount Dawu for Trumpet (with Piano as Resonator) 2018 7'30"
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Gartenlicht und Schatten Flute, Clarinet in B flat and Cello 2018 9 '
CHANG, Wan-Yu Gesture 21-String Zheng, Zhonghu, Oboe and Cello 2018 7'00"
CHIU, Yen-Ning Heat! clarinet and cello 2018 8'
Chou, Hsuan-Hung Hengchun Ancient City - Memories of Lonkjouw Saxophone Ensmble 2018 12'
Tracy Yang Here's to the past 17piece Jazz Orchestra 2018 6'33"
LIU, Wei-Chih Heteroglossia 8 Percussionists 2018 13'35"
HUANG, Pei-Fen Hope spring & Rainy night flower Peking Opera Singer, Flute and String Orchestra 2018 16'
CHANG, Yu-Hui Incredulous alto flute, bass clarinet, horn, violin, viola, cello, double bass, percussion and piano 2018 12'
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan isshaku Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Percussion, two Violins, Viola and Cello 2018 8'00"
JEN, Chung Jade/琰 絲竹室內樂 2018 8'
CHEN, Hsiao-Chiao Knight’s Star Lily Di, Erhu, Vibraphone, Marimba, Piano 2018 12'00"
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Layer upon Layer II String Quartet 2018 12'00"
CHEN, Ke-Chia Moments Before percussion ensemble and fixed media 2018 12'
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Mosaik Flute, Clarinet, Horn, two Violins, Viola, Cello and Double Bass 2018 5'00"
LIN, Shuo-Chun Mosey Cat Vln. Cl. Pno. 2018 14'
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Mount the Clouds – A Prelude to the Song of Water Dragon  qin, violin, viola, cello 2018 11'30''
YING, Kwang-I Music for Saxophone and Piano Saxophone and Piano 2018
TSAI, Dong-Han Music for Two Percussion and Two Pianos Percussion and Two Pianos 2018
LUO, Fang-Wei Nocturne for Insomniacs for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, percussion, and piano 2018 8'00"
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Pulse Piano Trio and Tape 2018 6'30"
CHAN, Ya-Lan Quartet for piano four hands and two percussionists 2018 7'00"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Recursive Schema Ⅲ Clarinet, Cello and Piano 2018 11'
TAI, Chien-Yu Rhapsodic Formosa Quartet(取材自台灣歌謠:桃花過渡) Soprano, Alto Soprano, Viola, Piano 2018 5'30"
HUI, Tak-Cheung Ring…Tree Rings II Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Piano, Zheng, Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass 2018 16'
Chen, Heng S (on-air) te trio for oboe, horn and harpsichord 2018 10'
SanGregory, Paul Shaping Metal percussion duet 2018 7'30''
CHEN, Lily Shimmering in the Air haegeum, viola and live electronics 2018 9'
Ni,Heng-Chun Song for Autumn Voice, Erhu, Viola, Liu-quin and Gu-zen 2018 5'40"
HUNG, Hsuan-Jung Taipei town Stor II Chamber music 2018 15'
TAI, Chien-Yu Taiwanese Folk Song Sextet(取材自鄧雨賢:四月望雨) Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Harpsichord, Violin and Cello 2018 6'30"
TAI, Chien-Yu Taiwanese Folk Song Suite 1* Flute, 1* Alto Flute, 3* Bass Flute 2018 8'
CHANG, Wan-Yu Taiwanese folk songs of Sheng Sheng Octet 2018 10'10"
HUI, Tak-Cheung Tale of an old Picture II - Chanson Piano Quartet 2018 7'
CHIEN, Shan-Hua The Impression of Mu Dan 2018
CHEN, Yu-Jumg The Last Farewell Violin, piano, and vibraphone 2018 4'31"
LIN, Shuo-Chun The Rainbow Swirl Fl. Vc. Pno. 2018 12'
HU, Yu-Chun The Sky In Motion for flute, clarinet, and tape 2018 5'
TAI, Chien-Yu The Story of A Small Town String Quartet 2018 3'30"
CHIEN, Yu-Chun Trio string quartet 2018
LIU, Wei-Chih Twisted Words: Heteroglossia II Di (doubling Xiao, Xun and Kou Xian), Daruan and Guzheng 2018 16'35"
WANG, Chih-Yun Vitreous Island for Two Pianos 2018 20'00"
HUI, Tak-Cheung Water Album#1 - Seascapes Flute, Saxophone, Viola, Positive Organ, Percussion and Electronic 2018 13'
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Your Brilliant Smile Clarinet & Piano 2018 6'30"
Chen, Heng De grandes petites chose 13 musicians 2017-19 15'
LO, Shih-Wei (un)silenced voices flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, piano 2017 4'
KAO, Chen-Kang 2 Pieces: Light, Fire Piano Six Hands 2017 7'54''
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope A Castle Between Light and Shadow Piano Quintet 2017
LIEN, Hsien-Sheng Afterglow in Autumn Hills, for Flute and Zheng 2017 7'30"
Chen, Heng Aide-mémoire C er-ho, accordion and prepared piano 2017 13'30"
WANG, Sue-Ya anti[tr] violon et piano 2017 10'
CHIANG, Chia-Ying As the Spring Rains 2017
CHANG, Wan-Yu Atmosphere of Sheng Sheng Quartet 2017 8'00"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Between Bass Flute, Percussion and Harp 2017 8'00"
LIU, Wei-Chih Builders of Light I Di, Guzheng, Accordion and Harpsichord 2017 8'
YANG, Tsu-Yao Cercle Invisible 2 Percussionnistes 2017 09'00"
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Chanting, Enchanted Six Melodies from Taiwanese Songs for Violin and Viola 2017
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Convergence flute, erhu, pipa, jeng and percussion 2017 10'
YEN, Pey-Wen Crimson Cliff Violin, Piano 2017 7'08"
LIN, Fang-Yi Der Qualm aus fernen Land 人聲、西塔琴、二胡、長笛、豎笛、大提琴、打擊樂 2017 15'
WANG, Sue-Ya dérive Flûte, voix masculine, Électronique, Corps et Image 2017 12'
SanGregory, Paul Dialogues alto saxophone, electric guitar 2017 10'
PAN, I-Tung DING-DA 2017 10'
PAN, Hwang-Long East and West IX (9 Litter Pieces) Sheng, Clarinet, Pipa, Cello & Zheng 2017 12'
KAO, Kai-Yi eSACHERe 2 French Horns (Duet) 2017 6'00"
Li, Jang Folkways Chromatic harmonica、Piano、Ukulele 2017 5'00"
CHEN, Ke-Chia Formosa Phoenix Narrator, English horn, cello, tuba, percussion and piano 2017 10'
LEE, Cheng-Yu Four Songs for Taipei Saxophones, String Quartet and Piano 2017 11'58"
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Gefahr Piano for four Hands 2017 7 '
LO, Shih-Wei glass:shattered, shattering flute and cello 2017 7'10"
YING, Kwang-I Growing cello, piano and film 2017
TSAI, Ling-Huei Hái-On Paints Violin and Piano 2017
SU, Fan-Ling Hymn to the Hakka Heroes Violin and Strings 2017 10'
CHIEN, Yu-Chun I Mitten, Jag Ser Dig baritone, trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet 2017
LIN, Mu-Xuan je tu il-là elles for flute, clarinet, harp, percussion, and electronics 2017 17'30"
CHEN, Chia-Hui Jeux d’écoute : Sonorité diploïde violon & percussion 2017 5'30"
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Legend of Goldenwoodwind for Wood Wind Quintet 2017
Chen, Heng Les montagnes au lointain duet for contrabass 2017 6'30"
LIAO, Lin-Ni Look back on time with kindly eyes Bass Fl./ Bass Cl./ Vn./ Vla./ Vlc./P. 2017 9'
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan M Mezzosoprano, Flute, Bass Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Piano, two Violins, Viola and Cello 2017 9'00"
CHIU, Yen-Ning Magnet! baritone and recorder 2017 5'
YU, Chung-Yuan Memory for Violin and Piano 2017
SanGregory, Paul Mist guzhen, 2 marimbas and vibraphone 2017 8'
LIN, Wei-Chieh NA Voice and prepared Zheng 2017 26'
LEE, Cheng-Wei Of Chinese Calligraphy, Cursive Style II Violin, Pipa, Violoncello & Zheng 2017 9'30"
Chen, Heng Oison, trisse ! duet for alto saxophone and percussion 2017 8'30"
LIAO, Lin-Ni one bird, one tree… Erhu, accordion and piano 2017 10'
WANG, Chih-Yun Pastel Resflections for Septet 2017 8'30"
LIN, Chih-Liang Pulse of Life Bass clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and piano 2017 8'30"
LI, Yuan-Chen Rain Noir Noir fl, vc, and hp. 2017 15'
HUNG, Hsuan-Jung Rain、Night、Flower Pipa, Liuqin & Zheng trio 2017 10'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Reciprocity for haegeum and piano 2017
CHEN, Ke-Chia Rememberance cello and piano 2017 5'
HUI, Tak-Cheung Ring…Tree Rings String Quartet 2017 16'
SanGregory, Paul Ruminating shakuhachi, piano 2017 10'30"
KAO, Kai-Yi Shengxiao Clarinet, Soprano-Sheng, Erhu (Trio) 2017 13'00"-14'00"
YANG, Tsu-Yao Signal Violon, Alto, Violoncelle, Contrebasse 2017 09'30"
WANG, Sue-Ya sonore visuel Flûte, voix masculine, deux violons,, Corps électronique et image 2017 12'
JEN, Chung Summer Wind/夏風 絲竹室內樂 2017 7'
CHEN, Lily Sundowning accordion and guitar 2017 8'
CHIANG, Chia-Ying Surging Music of Flutes Three Flutes, Alto Flute 2017
HUNG, Hsuan-Jung Taipei town Story-Passengers Pipa, Liuqin & Zheng trio 2017 15'
Hsu, Chia-Yu Taiwan Miniatures ViolinⅠ1, ViolinⅠ2, ViolinⅡ1, ViolinⅡ2, Viola1, Viola2, Cello1, Cello2 2017 6'30"
LIN, Chih-Liang The Beautiful Cocoon Bass flute, violin, harp and double bass 2017 9'
LIN, Fang-Yi The infinite consciousness 五組擊樂與預製錄音 2017 15'
CHANG, Wan-Yu The Rhapsody of Siraya two 21-String Zheng and one Xiao 2017 10'00"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan The Way We Talk Recorder Duo 2017 10'00"
LIN, Chin-Yow Think..... Erhu、Flute、Pipa、Guzheng & Piano Quintet 2017
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Three sketches clarinet / Bass clarinet and piano 2017 10'
YEN, Ming-Hsiu Through the Eyes of the Dragonfly for two flutes and piano 2017 10'21"
CHENG, I-Lly Touch for four water installations/ percussionist 2017 10'
TSAI, Ling-Huei Traces Flute, Duduk, Tenor Saxophone, Chang, Tar, Liuchin/Daruan, Percussion, Kamancha, Kemence, Cello 2017
HU, Yu-Chun Triptych of Awakening for clarinet, cello, and piano 2017 7'
LO, Shih-Wei Untamed Elegance I two harps 2017 6'
LO, Shih-Wei Untamed Elegance II two harps 2017 7'
JEN, Chen-Hui until after the twilight (Trio ver.) Flute, Sheng, Cello, Electronics 2017 11'
LEE, Ya-Ting Vortex for Flute and 2 Clarinets 2017
LIN, Shuo-Chun War Trip Clarinet Octet (Eb Cl. / 3 Bb Cl. / Basset Hn. / 2 Bass Cl. / C-bass Cl.) 2017 8'
CHOU, Yi-Chien 江湖小曲 2017
LIN, Wei-Chieh Darken Piano Four-Hand 2016-17 25'
LIN, Wei-Chieh Gu-xu Erhu and two performers 2016-17 17'
LIN, Wei-Chieh OM Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, and Piano 2016-17 17'
LIN, Wei-Chieh OM (2nd version) Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, and Piano 2016-17 17'
LIN, Wei-Chieh OM OM Trumpet in C, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Piano, and Percussion 2016-17 25'
LIN, Wei-Chieh Pyeheo Oboe, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, and Contrabass 2016-17 20'
HUI, Tak-Cheung …Bai 2 Guan, Sheng, Pipa, Zheng, Percussion and Tape 2016 8'
LO, Shih-Wei …toward anātman for 15 performers 2016 13'30"
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng 5x4 fingers Piano for 4 hands 2016 12'02"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Three Performers and seven Rins 2016 6'00"
LIN, Shuo-Chun A Rondo on Anton Webern's Kinderstück (Joint Composition) Vln. Cl. Vc. (Pno.) 2016
SU, Fan-Ling Aeolus Violin and Piano 2016 10'
YEN, Pey-Wen Batterflies in love with Flowers Basset Horn, Piano 2016 8'22"
Ni,Heng-Chun Blessing Dance Pipa Quartet 2016 7'
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Bunte Farben 2 Pianos and 2 Percussions 2016 16 '
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Candlelight Beauty Duet for flute & guitar 2016 9'
TSAI, Ling-Huei Chin Thoughts VII Foot-Pressed Drum and Nanguan Dongsiao 2016
YEN, Ming-Hsiu CINA CUMA for viola and piano 2016 8'40"
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun CJK Quartet for Japanese Shinohue, Nōkkan, Korean Piri, Chinese Dadi and 37 traditional soprano Sheng 2016 8-9'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Commission-in-progress for saxophone and piano 2016
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Commission-in-progress, Transverse Sextet for Korean Pierrot Ensemble of daeguem, piri, haeguem, gayaguem, geomungo and percussion 2016 10'
LIN, Wei-Chieh corpo a corpo Tenor Saxophone, Piano, and Frame Drum+Bass Drum 2016 16'
HUNG, Hsuan-Jung Cross point Pipa & Cello 2016 9'
CHEN, Hsiao-Chiao Cycle Chinese Orchestra 2016 13'00"
HU, Yu-Chun Dance for Morsa for flute, double bass, piano and drums 2016 5'
LIN, Mu-Xuan Danse, danse… sinon nous sommes perdu! (à la brève) chamber orchestra 2016 3'00"
LIU, Wei-Chih Délire Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Percussionist, Piano, Violin, Viola and Cello 2016 8'15"
WANG, Sue-Ya filet virtuel Violoncelle, piano, électrique et images 2016 10'
SanGregory, Paul Filigree contrabass, piano 2016 5'30"
PAN, Hwang-Long Fortune turns lick a wheel Concerto for five Percussion Players 2016 15’
LIEN, Hsien-Sheng Four Pieces for Flute and Zheng for Flute and Zheng 2016 13'30"
LEE, Chien-Yu Happy Children, Happy Singing Arranger fo String Quartet 2016 5’
SanGregory, Paul Harmonic Spaces piano (four hands) 2016 12'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun HongLou West Gate Story for 37 traditional soprano sheng, zhongruan, violoncello and percussion 2016 10'
YING, Kwang-I Interdependence III three percussion players 2016
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Intersect and Intertwine II for koto, zheng, gayageum and janggu) 2016 7-10'
JEN, Chen-Hui into silence, and keep falling Cello, Piano 2016 9'
LIEN, Hsien-Sheng Je bois seul lors de pluies continuelles II for Zheng and String Quartet 2016 12'30"
CHEN, Chia-Hui Jeux d’écoute : Sonorité triploïde flûte, alto & guitare 2016 6'
CHANG, Wan-Yu Landscape of Yunnan Chinese Chamber Orchestra 2016 7'00"
CHANG, Yu-Hui Mind Like Water string quartet 2016 10'
LIU, Wei-Chih Monument II: Falling String Quartet 2016 7'
CHEN, Cheng-Wen Musik für Gitarre zu vier Händen for four hands guitar 2016 13'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Nostalgias Trio for Flute ( alto fl.) Cello and Piano 2016
LEE, Cheng-Wei Of Chinese Calligraphy, Cursive Style Violin & Zheng 2016 8'27"
LO, Shih-Wei On The Fringe six voices, two percussion, two pianos, electronics 2016 8'30"
WANG, Sue-Ya physis Erhu, pipa, électrique et images 2016 10'
CHEN, Chiung-Yu Piano Trio No.1 (2016 Revised Version) for Piano Trio 2016
CHEN, Ke-Chia Postcard cello and piano 2016 6'
LO, Shih-Wei R[o/u]LE(s) (string) quartet 2016 15'
SanGregory, Paul Rain and Flowers violin, piano 2016 8'30"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Recursive Schema Ⅱ Violin, Erhu and Piano 2016 10'
LAI, Deh-Ho River without Shore, Eternal Dream Percussion Octet 2016 12'
JEN, Chung Ruo of the Northern Sea/北海若 絲竹室內樂 2016 6'
CHIEN, Shan-Hua Shuidiao Getou 2016
LIN, Kuei-Ju Sketchbook V flute, piano 2016 12'
LIN, Wei-Chieh Sketches for OM Amplified Acoustic Guitar and Bass Clarinet 2016 10'
LIU, Wei-Chih State of Motion Di, Zhongruan and Guzheng 2016 6 - 8'
Chen, Yi-Chen Strange Lands, Intertwined. for Shakuhachi and String Quartet 2016
LIN, Wei-Chieh Studies for OM Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Violin, and Violoncello 2016 8'
WEI, Chih-Chen Ten Reflections Clarinet, Viola and Harp 2016 8'
CHEN, Ke-Chia The Looming Sky piano quartet 2016 7'
Li, Jang The Map Painter 1.Adventure 2.Wind 3.Unlimited Scrolls Chromatic harmonica(3)、Chord harmonica、Bass harmonica 2016 15'00"
HUI, Tak-Cheung The Mist Not Mist Alto Flute, Clarinet, Sheng, Accordion, Pipa, Zheng, Piano, Percussion, Erhu, Violin, Cello, Contrabass 2016 10'
LEE, Chien-Yu The Moon Forgets for String Quartet 2016 7’
CHANG, Wan-Yu The sound of Zhongruan Zhongruan, 37-Reed Sheng, Piano and Percussion 2016 9'40"
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Trio Piano, Violine and Cello 2016 10 '
CHEN, Chia-Hui Une mémoire sous l'ombre III - Contemplation du passé 15 instrumentistes & électronique 2-2-0-0-sax/ 0-0-1-0 / 2 perc.-accordéon-clavier midi / 1-1-1-1-1 2016 15'
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Voice beyond the strings String Quartet and Xiao 2016 10'
CHENG, I-Lly Waves for four open instrument and electronics 2016 6'
LEE, Chien-Yu Where is Spring? Arranger fo String Quartet 2016 5’
CHIU, Yen-Ning Wie aus einem Mund string quartet 2016 13'
CHENG, I-Lly Within a Tranquil Space for shakuhachi, duduk, sho, sheng, guzheng and guqin 2016 7'
WANG, Sue-Ya zhuangzi et le papillon nohkan,piano,corps,electronique, performeur et images 2016 10'
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Vögel trillieren im Tal  Soprano, Piano and Viola 2015 12'00"
LIN, Wei-Chieh …entrelacement… Flute and Harp 2015 7'
SanGregory, Paul 33 Tears (for Sansan) 3 percussionists (adapted from the 2011 solo piano work) 2015 4'
LIN, Chih-Liang A Maple Leaf Landed in My Hand flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and piano 2015
Tracy Yang A Step to my Dream 17piece Jazz Orchestra 2015 6'54"
LIN, Mu-Xuan about G miniature for flute, oboe d’amore, harp, clavichord, and violoncello 2015 2'45"
JEN, Chen-Hui across & between III 4 Traditional Thai instruments: Khim, Jakhe, Gong Wong Yai, Gong Mon 2015 8'
CHOU, Chiu-Yu An Old Dream of Red Chamber sheng, violin, viola, cello, double bass and piano 2015 50'
HU, Yu-Chun As I See My Reflection in Your Eyes for piano four hands 2015 6'30"
LIN, Wei-Chieh Bokeh Alto Saxophone, Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, and Metal Plates 2015 8'
LIN, Wei-Chieh Bokeh (ii) Flute, Tenor Saxophone, Violin, and Violoncello 2015 9'
TSAI, Ling-Huei Chin Thoughts VI Soprano, Flute, Chonghu, Pipa and Harp 2015
LIU, Wei-Chih Compose unlimited 2015 10-20'
HUANG, Pei-Fen Dance with Moonlit Shadow Flute, Ruan and Cello 2015 12'
CHANG, Wan-Yu Dense Reflection Chinese Chamber Orchestra 2015 7'20"
LI, Yuan-Chen Dolphin 'n' Cat pno. duo 2015 8'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Double concerto for tuba, zheng and percussion ensemble 2015 12-15'
HSIAO, Yu-Ting Dreams in the Butterly Valley for String Orchestra and Oboe 2015 5'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Drinking alone with the moon-inspired from Li Bai for Flute Solo 2015
LIAO, Lin-Ni Etude de temps Bass Fl./ Vn./ Vlc./ P., soprano & female non-bel canto voice 2015 5'
KAO, Kai-Yi Fanfare Brass Quintet 2015 2'00"
CHEN, Lily Fuing, Refusing, Diffusing 長笛,單簧管,低音管,鋼琴,擊樂,豎琴,小提琴,中提琴,大提琴 2015 11'30"
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Grand Play (tuā hì) Played on (hiân á), the Taiwanese Transverse String Originated from Traditional Taiwan Theatrical Beiguan Music For Viola and Piano 2015
YEN, Ming-Hsiu HAKKA CAPRICCIO for cello octet 2015 7'
HSIAO, Yu-Ting Harvest for String Orchestra and Oboe 2015 5'
LIN, Mei-Fang Hovor II Violin, Viola, Cello 2015 6'
YEN, Ming-Hsiu IN SEARCH OF THE LIGHTHOUSE for piano four hands 2015 7'
YING, Kwang-I Interdependence II two pianos 2015
SU, Fan-Ling Lion Dance Violin solo and Strings 2015 5'
CHANG, Chieh Lollipop in Gray for 2 percussion players 2015 4'
LIU, Wei-Chih Maya Erhu, Guzheng, Cello, Yangqin and Viola 2015 7'
LIU, Wei-Chih Monument I 2 Pianists 2015 8'30"
SU, Fan-Ling Nuwa Fill the Sky Violin solo and Strings 2015 5'
Li, Jang Oasis Chromatic harmonica(3)、Chord harmonica、Bass harmonica 2015 3'00"
JEN, Chen-Hui on a rising haze Di (Xiao), 36-Reed Sheng, Pipa, 21-String Zheng, Sanshien, Erhu I (also Treble), Erhu II (also Alto) 2015 12'
HUI, Tak-Cheung On the day, when the Lotus Bloomed Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Trombone, Percussion, 2Piano, 2Violins, Viola, Cello 2015 12'
LEE, Chien-Yu Passerby for Di, Xiao, Zeng, Clarinet, Bassoon, Melodica, Violin, Cantrabass and Percussion 2015 10’
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Rendezvous I for Japanese Ryuteki and Korean Saenghwang 2015 7'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Rhyme of Strings for pipa and gayageum 2015 9'
YING, Kwang-I Rhymes a warrior, singing bows and piano 2015
LIN, Shuo-Chun Ring! 2 Vln. 2015 2'
LIU, Wei-Chih River Swirls Chinese instruments Ensemble - 13 musicians: Dizi, Pipa, Sheng, Suona, Darun, Yangqin, Guzheng, Percussionist, Gauhu, Erhu, Zhonghu, Cello and Double Bass 2015 7'40"
LIN, Mu-Xuan Searching for the Searchers (Los rastreadores 1) sinfonietta and video 2015 7'10"
SanGregory, Paul Sextet for Oboes and Piano 5 oboes, piano 2015 6'
CHANG, Wan-Yu Sorrow of Flower 36-Reed Sheng, Liuqin, 21-String Zheng and Cello 2015 6'00"
CHANG, Yung-Chin The Afternoon at the Sun Moon Lake for Chinese ensemble 2015
LO, Shih-Wei The City of Solitude cello, two harps, electronics, video installation 2015 10'
LAN, Mei-mi The Fest of African Blackwood Clarinet Ensemble 2015 12'20"
HSIAO, Yu-Ting The Forgotten Railway for String Orchestra,Oboe and piano 2015 6'
CHEN, Hsiao-Chiao The Golden Fog Xiao, Pipa, Erhu, Piano 2015 7'00"
CHIU, Yen-Ning The orphan of Aisa voice, flute, bass clarinet, double bass, percussion, accordion and Harp 2015 12'
LEE, Chien-Yu The Slumberless Night for Flute, Cello, Piano and Percussion 2015 10’
CHEN, Lily till we're all in a whirl hitting the ground alto saxophone and bass clarinet 2015 7'
CHANG, Wan-Yu Timbre of Sheng 37-Reed Sheng, Gourd Sheng, Zhongruan, Marimba and Vibraphone 2015 8'20"
TSAI, Ling-Huei Toki Alto Saxophone and Piano 2015
LIN, Shuo-Chun Treetops Adventure (Quintet Version) Treetops Adventure (Quintet Version) 2015 6'
CHENG, I-Lly UNI- for Sho, Recorder, Live electronics and video 2015 15'
Chen, Heng Vers Païpati-rôma septette 2015 8'30"
LEE, Ya-Ting Vigil Trio for Flute, Harp, and Pipa 2015
LIN, Mei-Fang Vortex Illusion Zheng, Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello 2015 8'45"
HUNG, Hsuan-Jung Water.Dancing String quartet 2015 10'
CHANG, Chieh YEUNG GUAN for 6 Instrumentalists 2015 7'30"
CHANG, Yung-Chin Yi Yue Zhu Hang for percussion ensemble 2015
TUNG, Chao-Ming YYJY pipa and string quintett 2015 12'10"
CHOU, Yi-Chien 鄉情(絲竹樂) 2015
CHEN, Ke-Chia Rain Dance brass quintet 2014-2015 7'
LIN, Mu-Xuan “Bonjour Minuit”, a theatre of poetry : Proem, Episodes I:I~I:IV three vocalists, flute, horn, piano, percussion, violin, violoncello, double bass, and electronics 2014-16 15'00"
LIN, Wei-Chieh flickering Flue, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello and Piano 2014-15 14'
LIN, Wei-Chieh flickering (2nd version) Flue, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello and Piano 2014-15 14'
LIN, Wei-Chieh flickering (3rd version) Flue, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello and Piano 2014-15 14'
LIN, Wei-Chieh flickering (4th version) Flue, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello and Piano 2014-15 14'
CHANG, Wan-Yu Harmony: Inspired by Yuefu poem“Shang Ye” 36-Reed Sheng and three Percussionists 2014/2019 7'00"
Li, Jang The Drift Bottle Chromatic Harmonica、Piano、Bass、Guitar、Percusions 2014/2017 6'00"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Das Lied vom Kummer two Sopranos, Flute and two Percussions 2014 13'00"
LO, Shih-Wei [de]construction - SoundScripts I-III for 12 performers 2014 10'
CHOU, Chiu-Yu A Faint Fragrance from Elsewhere 長笛I、長笛II、鋼琴 2014 8'45"
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Ausdehnung Clarinet, Percussion, Piano and Cello 2014 18'00"
CHIEN, Shan-Hua Austronesian Sentiment 2014
YEN, Ming-Hsiu CAVE UNDER THE WELL for double bass quartet 2014 4'
YEN, Ming-Hsiu DAWN for violoncello and piano 2014 6'40"
LAI, Deh-Ho Divertimento Percussion Quintet 2014 13'
LIN, Mu-Xuan Double Jeopardy 12 instruments 2014 10'15"
LIU, Wei-Chih Drawing Sacrifice I 2 Violas 2014 7'
LIU, Wei-Chih Drawing Sacrifice II Violin and Piano 2014 5'
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Duet for flute and clarinet flute, clarinet 2014 7'
YING, Kwang-I Duo for Violin and Piano violin and piano 2014
TSAI, Ling-Huei Eb2E Two Marimbaphones 2014
SanGregory, Paul Ensemble Etude for Percussion, No. 1 (drums) 5 Drums (5 players) 2014 4'
LIN, Mei-Fang Entangled Saxophone Quartet 2014 7'30"
PENG, Jing Fantasy of water string quartet, jezz troumpet, electronic sound effects 2014 11'14"
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Ginger for flute and vibraphone 2014
Li, Jang Guerrilla Chromatic harmonica(3)、Chord harmonica、Bass harmonica 2014 3'00"
LI, Yuan-Chen Harmony vln & orgl 2014 3'
WANG, Sue-Ya Hétérogénéité 4 instruments, dispositif électronique 2014 15'
TSAI, Ling-Huei Hiap Beiguan Percussion and Marimba 2014
LIN, Kuei-Ju Hide and Seek marimba duo 2014 4'
CHIANG, Chia-Ying Interlude Marimba Duo 2014
CHANG, Yu-Hui Intersect flute/bass flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, and piano 2014 12'
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Jadeite Sprout sheng, ruan, zheng, flute, percussion, violin 2014 8'
YING, Kwang-I Journey pipa, guzheng, erhu 2014
PENG, Jing Maerchen Suite string quartet 2014 10'48"
LIN, Mei-Fang Match, in Memoriam Mauricio Kagel Percussion Trio 2014 6'
LIU, Wei-Chih Mavaheng So Panid (the Black Wings) Shakuhachi, Violin, Erhu, Viola, Cello and Piano 2014 13'
HSIAO, Yu-Ting Memories for Piano, Violin and Violoncello 2014 15'
LU, Yun Music from the Island- Lament 2014
CHANG, Yu-Hui On the Podium flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, piano and percussion 2014 3'
CHANG, Chieh One Night for String Quartet 2014 6'30"
YEN, Ming-Hsiu PARCHED SUMMER for double bass and piano 2014 6'
PENG, Jing Perpetuum Mobile Violin and Viola Duo or Violin and Cello Duo 2014 02'59"
CHEN, Chiung-Yu Prelude for Xylophone Duet 2014
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Quartet for Arirang (String Quartet No.2) for Arirang String Quartet 2014
CHANG, Chieh Railway for B♭ Clarinet and Cello 2014 3'
HUI, Tak-Cheung Rhyme in Rhyme Sheng, Sho, Shakuhachi, Oboe, Clarinet, Pipa, Qanun, Zheng, Harp, Erhu, Kemence, Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass 2014 9'
HUNG, Hsuan-Jung Shape.Transformation Liuqin & Piano 2014 7'
CHIU, Yen-Ning Soft thunder, over the pool falls rain flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion 2014 12'
LIN, Shuo-Chun Stare Fl. Ob. Cl. Fag. Hn. 2014 4'
CHEN, Ke-Chia Taiwanese Children's Games piano four-hand 2014 6'
LIU, Wei-Chih The Fire of Zhu-Que Flute (doubling Piccolo), Clarinet, Trumpet, Percussionist, Piano, Violin, Cello and Double Bass 2014 9'35"
CHIU, Yen-Ning The Lantern Festival Night recorder and percussion 2014 8'
YEN, Pey-Wen The Moon Reflection Violin , Piano 2014 8'05"
LIU, Wei-Chih The Movement of Wind 2 Marimbists 2014 3'
CHIU, Yen-Ning Three Poems by Emily Dickinson soprano, bass clarinet, violin, viola and cello 2014 10'
PAN, Hwang-Long Time and Space Violin, Clarinet, Cello & Piano 2014 13'15"
TSAI, Ling-Huei Tobike Gucheng, Nanguan Singer and Pipa 2014
YEN, Ming-Hsiu TOY KALEIDOSCOPE for piano four hands 2014 7'15"
CHEN, Chia-Hui Une mémoire sous l'ombre II - Ondulation 16 instrumentistes & électronique 1-1-1-0-sax/ 0-1-1-0 / 2 perc.-harpe-accordéon-clavier midi / 1-1-1-1-1 2014 7'
CHANG, Chieh Unknown flower for four Chinese instruments 2014 7'
YEN, Ming-Hsiu VOICES FROM THE REMNANTS for sheng and string quartet 2014 10'
KAO, Chen-Kang Wang Ta-Wei, LIN Yi-Ying Violin, Cello, Guzheng 2014 8'35''
YU, Chung-Yuan While the Wind Suddenly Rises for string quartet 2014
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Wind Enigma for piri and erhu 2014 9'
CHANG, Chieh Wind into Pine for Wind Quartet 2014 6'
LIN, Mei-Fang Wu Xing Sheng Ke Zheng I, Zheng II, Percussion 2014 9'30"
SU, Fan-Ling Xiao Ru-Song Aesthetic Creation Multimedia Music 11 Musicians Chamber Music 2014 50'
LIN, Fang-Yi 墜落的告別 人聲與室內樂團 2014 10'
LIN, Wei-Chieh Double Concerto Violin, Violoncello, and String Ensemble 2013-14 18'
LIN, Mu-Xuan Peinture n.1 clarinet and marimba 2013-14 8'00"
LIN, Wei-Chieh ...entrapercevoir... Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Harp, Violin, and Violoncello 2013 10'
LIN, Wei-Chieh …percevoir… Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Violin, and Violoncello 2013 7'
TUNG, Chao-Ming 3 Hearts four percussionists 2013 8'30"
LIN, Wei-Chieh A glimpse of trembling refraction Violoncello and Piano 2013 9'
LIN, Ching-Mei A String of Unfathomables for Pipa and String Quartet 2013 13'
LI, Yuan-Chen Aldebaran fl/picc, cl/bs cl, vln, vc, pno, perc. 2013 6'30"
Wu, Dye Arrange Libertango Marimba, Piano & Max Computer 2013 6'30"
LIAO, Lin-Ni CCC Electric Guitar/Accordion/ Percussions (6 tam tams, percussions accessories) 2013 11'
PENG, Jing childhood string quartet or string orchestra 2013 01'47"
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Cloud Rivers clarinet, viola, piano 2013 10'30"
WANG, Sue-Ya coeur à coeur erhu et piano 2013 12'
YING, Kwang-I Conversation pre-recorded music and piano 2013
HUI, Tak-Cheung Crack between the reflections 2 Flutes, Oboe, 2 Clarinets, Harp, Piano, 2 Percussions, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello and Contrabass 2013 10'
LIAO, Lin-Ni De Animatae Alto-Soprano Recorder/ Piano/ Toy Piano 2013 8'
LIN, Mu-Xuan Double Jeopardy flute, clarinet, lupophon, kontraforte, violin, violoncello, harp, and piano 2013 9'40"
CHIU, Yen-Ning Dreamlike Song flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano 2013 8'
PAN, Hwang-Long East and West VII Oboe, Sheng, Pipa, Zheng, Cello & Trombone 2013 13'30"
PAN, Hwang-Long East and West VIII Traditional Wind Instrument, Pipa, Zheng, Percussions, Piano, Violin & Cello 2013 12’
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Easter (arrangment) String Quartet 2013 10'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun EV in memory of Edward and Vi Carmichael for soprano saxophone and piano 2013
LAI, Deh-Ho Face-off- for 10 percussionist Percussion Dectet 2013 12'
LI, Yuan-Chen Fauna Republic fl/pic, ob, cl/bs cl, bsn, hrn, 4 perc (total 9 musicians). 2013 8'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Fishman and Woodcater Quartet for Shen, Yang-chin Bass Clarinet and Bamboos Roll 2013 9'18''
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Flying in the dark night two Flutes and Piano 2013 12'
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Geisterfeuer im Wald Flute, Bass Clarinet, Oboe, Piano, Violin and Cello 2013 10 '
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Gintaras Mezzo Soprano, E-Guitar, Cello and Piano 2013 3 '
LIN, Wei-Chieh half-glimpsed… Ensemble of 17 players 2013 11'
LIN, Wei-Chieh half-glimpsed… (2nd version) Ensemble of 17 players 2013 11'
SanGregory, Paul Hexachordal Blues violin, piano 2013 6'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Hiding Treasure in the Mountain for Paiwan Double Nose Flutes, Violin and Cello 2013
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Illusions of Butterfly harp, violin 2013 7'20"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Intermezzo Di-Xiao, Erhu, Pipa and Zheng 2013 8'
FAN, Wei-Tsu Jazz Krakowiak for Zheng Trio 2013
Li, Jang Labyrinth Chromatic harmonica(3)、Chord harmonica、Bass harmonica 2013 3'00"
JEN, Chen-Hui landwards, a sinking nuance Flute, Zheng, Cello, Erhu 2013 9'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Layers of Waves Trio for dadi, erhu and zheng 2013 7'45”
SanGregory, Paul Lightly Suite violin, guitar 2013 15'
CHIANG, Chia-Ying Meeting the One Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano Trio 2013
LIN, Mu-Xuan Metamorphosis Part I flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano 2013 3'14”
YEN, Pey-Wen My sweet III Bass Clarine, Piano 2013 6'14"
LIN, Shuo-Chun Nature Cl. Vln. Pno. 2013 20'
HUI, Tak-Cheung Out of the Shadow 2 Percussionist 2013 8'
LIN, Wei-Chieh Pasi-but-but String Quartet 2013 6'
CHANG, Wan-Yu Pearl and Urn 36-Reed Sheng and Marimba 2013 5'00"
CHIANG, Chia-Ying Point.Line.Plane Flute Trio 2013
LIAO, Lin-Ni Poussière dans le vent Fl./ Vn./ Vlc./ P. 2013 7'30"
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Prospective Congruence for pipa and clarinet 2013 7-10'
YING, Kwang-I Quintet Chinese flute/xiao, yangqin, violin, cello and percussion 2013
YEN, Ming-Hsiu REFLECTIONS for violoncello and piano 2013 20'
HU, Yu-Chun Roaring Blue for clarinet and piano 2013 11'
SanGregory, Paul Shining Through Cracks oboe, piano, string quartet 2013 9'
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Smelis Mezzo Soprano, E-Guitar, Cello and Piano 2013 4 '
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Spring Banquet violin, cello, piano 2013 13'
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Still singing Hou Ting Hua, on the other side of the river… Pipa, Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Trombone, Percussion, Piano, Violin, Viola and Cello 2013 7'00"
WANG HWANG, I-Uen String Quartet No.2 String Quartet 2013
CHIANG, Chia-Ying The Glorious Moment Horn Trio 2013
LIU, Wei-Chih The Sunken Territory 1 Electric Guitar player, 6 Percussionists and Electronics 2013 17'
HUANG, Ling-Hsuan Three Computers and their owner Mezzosoprano, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Percussion and Double Bass 2013 9'00"
KAO, Kai-Yi Tide Orchestra 2013 12'00"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Traces, impression clarinet ensemble 2013 8'
CHEN, Chia-Hui Une mémoire sous l'ombre I - Prologue 15 instrumentistes 1-1-1-0-sax / 0-1-1-0 /- 2 perc.-harpe-accordéon / 1-1-1-1-1 2013 3'
CHEN, Ke-Chia Untold Stories flute, viola and piano 2013 7'
CHIANG, Chia-Ying Variations on 'Rose of Sharon' Flute, Cello and Piano Trio 2013
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Water Rings for violin, Bb clarinet and piano 2013 13'
LIU, Wei-Chih Wind, Lingering Fear…… 10 Percussionists 2013 16'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun ZAS! for zheng and alto saxophone 2013 7'
PENG, Jing Zeiverschibung 2013 11'43"
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Zusammenflusses (Confluence) Duo for zheng and percussion 2013 7'30”
LIN, Wei-Chieh murmuRing-shimmEring-smuDging Flute, Violin, Violoncello, and Percussion 2012-13 12'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun ”Fishing Song” Taiwanese Children's song for erhu, clarinet and piano 2012
CHIEN, Shan-Hua 《席慕蓉詩三首: 七里香、飲酒歌、祈禱詞 》 2012
JEN, Chen-Hui …then oceanwards Chinese chamber ensemble 2012 15'
HU, Yu-Chun A Happiness Carrier - song cycle for mezzo soprano and piano 2012 11'30"
TSAI, Ling-Huei A Ruined City Nanguan Singer, Dongsiao and Piano 2012
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope A Series of Miniature from My Childhood Duet for Clarinet and Piano 2012
HUI, Tak-Cheung As an fallen leaf, on a waving stream Flute, Oboe, Clarinets, Guitar, Mandolin, Harp, Piano, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass 2012 10'
LIU, Wei-Chih Astral Sheng, Liuqin, Yangqin and Percussionist 2012 3'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Dance Fusion for Pierrot Ensemble: flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano 2012
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Das Parfüm Oboe, Bassoon, Violin and Cello 2012 8 '
YEN, Ming-Hsiu DEPARTURE for piano four hands 2012 3'20"
CHIU, Yen-Ning Die drei Bestimmungen string quartet 2012 8'
WANG, Sue-Ya Digital Signal Deux guzheng, violon et image interactive 2012 12'
CHIU, Yen-Ning Egret trio for flute, cello and piano 2012 10'
CHEN, Cheng-Wen emotion recollected in tranquility or ensemble in the room with trombone solo 2012 8'
LIU, Wei-Chih Existence: Inspired by the Painting of Manabu Ikeda 10 Percussionists 2012 16'
WANG, Sue-Ya Fréquence spatiale quintette cuivre 2012 15'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun GP 【지피지기 知己知彼】 for Korean gayageum and piano 2012
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Grand Play (tuā hì) Played on the Flute (phín á), the Taiwanese Transverse Flute From Traditional Taiwanese Theatraical Music of Beiguan. For Flute and Piano 2012
CHANG, Chun-yien In forme complexe Violin, Cello, Piano 2012
CHANG, Yu-Hui In Thin Air violin, piano, percussion 2012 15'
YEN, Ming-Hsiu KUANG TSAO for flute and piano 2012 6'45"
LIN, Mu-Xuan Melancholia percussion quartet/sextet 2012 14'30"
CHANG, Chun-yien O' remadiway no Sikawasay Tenor solo, Clarinet and Piano Trio 2012
WEI, Chih-Chen On Clear Mind Soprano, Tenor, Percussion and Piano 2012 10'
LIN, Mu-Xuan Petits Quatuors : I. petite chambre string quartet 2012 2'45"
CHEN, Lily Rambling flute, clarinet, trombone, and double bass 2012 10'
LIN, Wei-Chieh Réservoir-Mirror Two Saxophones and Piano 2012 13'
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Resonance Flute, Double bass and Zheng 2012 12'
TUNG, Chao-Ming reverberant echos chinese samixian, pipa, guzheng and percussions 2012 11'
CHEN, Chia-Hui Reviviscence 8 instrumentistes 1-1-0-0 / 1-0-0-0 /-perc.-pno. / 1-0-1-1-0 2012 6'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Sounds/acoustics, Color/Timbre, and Texture for Liuqin and piano 2012 20'
CHIU, Yen-Ning Summer's dream woodwind quintet 2012 7'
CHIEN, Yu-Chun Sunny Rain pipa, English horn, two percussions 2012
SU, Fan-Ling The Fair Lady Chamber Orchestra 2012 8'
LIU, Wei-Chih The Infinite Enigma 2 Flutes (doubling Piccolos), 2 Clarinets, 2 Bassoons (doubling Double Bassoons), 2 Percussionists, 3 Violins, 2 Violoncellos, 2 Double Bass 2012 13'40"
SU, Fan-Ling The Rain Falling from The Sky Pi-Pa and String Quartet 2012 10'
LIN, Wei-Chieh The Re-Emergence of Time 12 players 2012 11'
LIN, Wei-Chieh The Re-Emergence of Time Sinfonietta of 15 players 2012 15'
CHEN, Ke-Chia The Silent Flame horn and piano 2012 10'
Chen, Yi-Chen The Stone Drums for Pipa, Erhu and Electronics 2012
HU, Yu-Chun Tracks In The Milky Way trio for two violins and piano 2012 13'
LU, Yun Two Chinese Paintings 2012
CHANG, Yu-Hui Under a Dim, Orange Light flute/bass flute, viola, guitar 2012 11'
LIU, Wei-Chih Utpāda-nirodha of the Sea Di, Sheng, Zhonghu / Gauhu, Pipa, Da-Ruan, Yangqin, Guzheng 2012 8'
LIU, Wei-Chih VeinsⅠ: Silhouette of Asterism Clarinet and Piano 2012 3'
KAO, Kai-Yi Virtual… but real Flute, Bass Clarinet, Trombone, Percussion, Harp, Violin, Cello and Piano (Nonet) 2012 7'00"-8'00"
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Wandern im Rheintal Percussion Ensemble for 7 Persons 2012 12 '
WANG HWANG, I-Uen Watercolor Sketches guzheng, violin and cello 2012
TSENG, Hsiao-Wen Wave of Memorise Qatuort for Fl., Bb Cl., Cello and Piano 2012 9'50"
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Wild Graffiti II flute, clarintet, percussion, violin, viola, cello 2012 9'
CHIANG, Chia-Ying with Sound, comes Musisc Two Flutes, Percussion and Piano 2012
CHOU, Hsin-Chun XD percussion quintet 2012
Chen, Heng ......Avant de goutter quintet for chinese traditional instruments 2011 8'
LIN, Wei-Chieh ...as time flows, and eclipses… Cello Quintet and Piano 2011 17'
CHIEN, Shan-Hua 《火車之旅》 2011
CHIEN, Shan-Hua 《原音之美》 2011
CHIEN, Shan-Hua 《這裡有我最多的愛》 2011
CHIEN, Shan-Hua 《輕舟已過萬重山》 2011
LIU, Wei-Chih A Microscopic View of Manabu Ikeda's Foretoken Sheng and Harp 2011 10'
LIN, Mu-Xuan aer- flute, bassoon, and viola 2011 4'00”
HSIEH, Long-Kwang An Image of Hedgehog For fl.cl.perc.pf. 2011 14'
YING, Kwang-I Approaching to Four Noble Truths contrabass and piano 2011
WANG, Sue-Ya axés simulant I contreténor,Liuqin(ausiichong ruan) , pipa, percussion 2011 10'
WANG, Sue-Ya axés simulant II contreténor,Liuqin(ausiichong ruan) , pipa, percussion 2011 10'
LIN, Ge-Wei Between Spaces 2011
WEI, Chih-Chen Between Stream and Hills V-Odyssey Viola and Piano 2011 15'
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Blossoming Duet for cello and piano 2011 8'
WANG, Sue-Ya Centre Masque contreténor,Liuqin(ausiichong ruan) , pipa, percussion 2011 10'
TSAI, Ling-Huei Chin Thoughts V Gucheng and String Quartet 2011
CHEN, Kai-Yue Dance Festival Symphonic Band 2011 9'
KAO, Kai-Yi dann...? Flute, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano (Quintet) 2011 7'00"
CHEN, Cheng-Wen Das Häßliche Entlein for speaker, actor and ensemble 2011 6'
YEN, Ming-Hsiu DAWN for double bass and piano 2011 6'40"
LIEN, Hsien-Sheng Divertissement Indifférent for Soprano, Cello and Piano 2011 9'30"
HSIAO, Yu-Ting Echoes from Taroko for String Orchestra 2011 6'
YEN, Pey-Wen Formosa 2Vl., Va, Vc 2011 16'31"
SU, Fan-Ling Ge Zai Shi String Quartet 2011 10'
SHIH, Pei-Yu Girasole Trumpet, tube, two percussion groups, piano, voice, guitar, violoncello 2011 34'05"
TSAI, Ling-Huei Graffiti II Woodwind Quintet 2011
HSIAO, Yu-Ting HuaTung Images for String Orchestra 2011 12'
LI, Yuan-Chen Ice Crackle Glaze fl, vln, hp, vib, and pno. 2011 8'
WANG, Sue-Ya illusinsions auditives chong ruan(instrument chinois),2ocobaass,2basseFlûte,2Flûtes et images 2011 12'
CHANG, Chun-yien In Memory of In Memory of a Great Artist Violin I, Violin II, Cello, Piano 2011
LIU, Wei-Chih Inn of Unexplored Region Flutist and Percussionist 2011 13'
CHIEN, Yu-Chun Intricacy 15 solo strings 2011
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Klänge der Stadt Stringquartett 2011 12 '
WANG, Sue-Ya lanterne magique I.II 2 percussions 2011 60'
Chen, Heng Le Ravissement de Toi string quartet 2011 10'30"
YEN, Ming-Hsiu LEGO CITY for clarinet, violin, cello and piano 2011 10'
SUN, Ying-Chieh Love One Another String Quartet 2011
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Mayasvi 1 solo Percussion with 4 Percussions 2011 10 '
CHEN, Chiung-Yu Memories ・Formosa for String Orchestra 2011
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Mìnùng for dizi & pipa 2011 6'
KAO, Chen-Kang Movement Two Pianos 2011 10'25''
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Nostalgia two pianos 2011 13'
CHIEN, Yu-Chun One Day We Will Disappear… saxophone quartet 2011
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Piano Trio—Realization, Views, Heart Frustration, Nostalgia for violin, violoncello and piano 2011 10'
CHANG, Yu-Hui Pu Songling's Bizarre Tales erhu, pipa, yangqin, piccolo/alto flute, bass clarinet, and percussion 2011 15'
LIN, Ching-Mei Pulsing Wave for Six‐Mallet Marimba and Three Percussionists 2011 13'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Santo Domingo "Âng-mn̂g-siâⁿ" for dizi, erhu, yangqin, zhongruan and zheng 2011 14'
HU, Yu-Chun S-Curve quartet for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello 2011 10'
LIN, Chin-Yow Secludedness Di, Pipa, Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello 2011
CHENG, I-Lly Shan for erhu, pipa, shen, zheng 2011 7'30''
CHEN, Lily Soundscape violin, percussion, and piano 2011 10'
HU, Yu-Chun String Quartet String Quartet 2011 8'
SUN, Ying-Chieh String quartet opus unknown : Salute to E.E .Cummings String Quartet 2011
TSAI, Ling-Huei Sunset, Strange Stones, White Ape Thai singer, Jackay, Sor-u 2011
LIN, Wei-Chieh Temps stretching Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, and Piano 2011 5'
LIN, Wei-Chieh The Convergence of Time Sinfonietta of 15 players 2011 8'
HUI, Tak-Cheung The Mist inside Recorder, Flute, Oboe, 2 Clarinets, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax, Horn, 2 Violins, Cello, Harp, Piano 2011 11'
LO, Shih-Wei The Ritual for Time I – Chants two pianos 2011 6'30"
LO, Shih-Wei The Ritual for Time II – Starry Dance two pianos 2011 5'
CHEN, Ke-Chia Three Lamentations violin, cello and piano 2011 10'
LIN, Wei-Chieh Tracing the Shadows of Broken Time (2nd version) Sinfonietta of 15 players 2011 12'
LIN, Wei-Chieh Tracing the Shadows of Broken Time (3rd version) Sinfonietta of 15 players 2011 12'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Typenkeng & Shihsanhang Neolithic & Iron Ages in Taiwan for Dadi,Erhu, Yangqin, Liuqin, Pipa, Zheng and Percussion 2011 10'
LIU, Wei-Chih Veins III: Birning Map Cellist, 2 Percussionists and Electronics 2011 13'45"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Voice in the darkness Violin, Cello and Zheng 2011 8'
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Voice in the darkness II String Quartet and Zheng 2011 13'
HUI, Tak-Cheung Way to the other Shore Woodwind Quartet, Brass Trio, Piano and String Quartet 2011 10'
CHANG, Yu-Hui When the Wind Comes, the Grass Bends violins (2), viola, cellos (2) 2011 11'
LIN, Ching-Mei Xiang Yun for 2 English Horns, 6 Bassoons, and Contrabassoon 2011 6'
PENG, Jing Youth suite string quartet or string orchestra 2011 12'00"
KAO, Kai-Yi KlavierTritonus Piano trio 2010, 2013 7'00"-8'00"
Li, Jang Whisper in the Summer Night Diatonic Harmonica、Piano、Violin (2)、Bass、Drum set 2010 5'00"
LIN, Ching-Mei A Starry Night for Soprano Saxophone and Piano 2010
SUN, Ying-Chieh Ancient Echoes Duet for Flute And Cello 2010 14'20"
LIN, Yin-Yin Between the Strings for Xiao, Pipa, PercussionsⅠ,Ⅱ, Harp, Violoncello 2010
TUNG, Chao-Ming Brechung violine and piano 2010 7'30"
CHEN, Kai-Yue Breeze March Symphonic Band 2010 4'
CHANG, Yu-Hui Burst Bb clarinets (3) and bass clarinet 2010 3'
LEE, Chien-Yu Childhood memory for Oboe, Bassoon, Horn, Percussion, Violin, Cello and Contrabass 2010 12’
TSAI, Ling-Huei Chin Thoughts IV Harp and String Quartet 2010
CHEN, Cheng-Wen Chin-Ko-Chi I for mixed ensemble (14 musicians) 2010 20'
CHEN, Cheng-Wen Chin-Ko-Chi II for mixed ensemble (16 musicians) 2010 20'
TUNG, Chao-Ming compass erhu and string quartett 2010 9'20"
TSAI, Ling-Huei Concerto for Foot—Pressed Drums Foot-Pressed Drum and Chamber Orchestra (also Orchestra version) 2010
CHENG, I-Lly Dark, Light string quartet 2010 10'
CHEN, Chia-Hui Déplacement linéaire flûte, violon, saxophone alto & violoncelle 2010 5'
WANG, Sue-Ya discriminating dimensions III ensemble 2010 18'
WANG, Sue-Ya Ephemère percussion et 5 cordes 2010 12'
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Flossy String Quartet 2010 8'10"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Flying in the dark night Flute and Piano 2010 12'
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Formation brass quintet 2010 9'
LIN, Kuei-Ju Formatting a Perfect Life percussion ensemble, improvisor and iPhone users 2010 21'
LIN, Wei-Chieh In the Silence of Time Clarinet, Violin, and Piano 2010 15'
LIN, Wei-Chieh In-Flux Violoncello and Piano 2010 10'
CHIEN, Yu-Chun Instigation soprano/alto saxophone, piano 2010
YING, Kwang-I Interdependence string quartet 2010
SUN, Ying-Chieh Kalavinca for 4 Chinese Instruments Chinese Chamber Music For Erhu、Chinese Flute、Pipa、Zither 2010 9'42"
LIN, Mu-Xuan Little Blue Dot clarinet, violin, and piano 2010 13'00"
LIEN, Hsien-Sheng Morning River, a Babbling Brook… for Cello and Piano 2010 16'
LI, Yuan-Chen Motion 2010 strg. quartet 2010 11'30"
YEN, Pey-Wen My sweet II Bass Clarinet, Piano 2010 5'21"
Li, Jang Nightmare 1.Nightmare 2.A Long Corridor 3.The House is Full of Evils Chromatic harmonica(2)、Seprano Horn、Alto Horn、Tremilo Harmonica、Bass Harmonica、Double Bass Harmonica、Chord Harmonica 2010 9'20"
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Provintia for erhu solo 2010 7'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Quan Tai Shou Xue for erhu, liuqin and zheng 2010 10'
YING, Kwang-I Ruthless clarinet, one percussion player, piano, one dancer, video, and pre-recorded music 2010
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Saxes with Sprinkles saxephone quartet 2010 4'30"
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Song of Formosa strings orchestra 2010 10'
CHANG, Chun-yien Song of Time Violin, Cello, Piano 2010
HUANG, Pei-Fen Taiwanese folk songs String Orchestra 2010 16'
SUN, Ying-Chieh The Dream of the Red Chamber 為小提琴與鋼琴之二重奏 2010 12'
CHANG, Yung-Chin The Flower for Chinese ensemble 2010
LIN, Mu-Xuan The Sea, the Sea saxophone quartet 2010 8'00"
CHIEN, Sansan Three Pieces 長笛,雙簧管,鋼琴 2010 9'10''
JEN, Chen-Hui Through a Fading Autumn Erhu I (also Treble), Erhu II (also Alto), Pipa, 21-String Zheng 2010 15'
CHANG, Yu-Hui Toil, Live, and Sing ajaeng, violin, cello 2010 7'
LIN, Wei-Chieh Tracing the Shadows of Broken Time Sinfonietta of 15 players 2010 12'
LIN, Ching-Mei Voices Feom Back Mountains for Clarinet, Violin, Viola, and Cello 2010
CHEN, Chiung-Yu Woodwind Quintet No.2 for Woodwind Quintet 2010
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Your Brilliant Smile For basset-horn and piano 2010 6'30"
KAO, Kai-Yi Gespräche String quartet 2009, 2013 5'00"-6'00"
LIN, Kuei-Ju 31-十二月-1899 brass quintet 2009 10'
LIN, Mu-Xuan A room of French windows and limestone sculptures soprano, recorder/flute, viola, double bass, piano, solo dancer, and video 2009 14'00"
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Am Achten Tag Fagott, Lyrish Soprano and Audio Tape 2009 5 '
CHANG, Yu-Hui At the Brink of the Chill violin, viola, cello, double bass, and piano 2009 19'
CHEN, Ke-Chia Book of Images violin and harp 2009 7'
CHIEN, Yu-Chun Can You Read My Mind? a male singer and chamber ensemble 2009
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Castle in the Sky Shō, shakuhachi, koto, oboe, bass clarinet, viola 2009 5'40"
TUNG, Chao-Ming Cetus alto Saxophone, obe, bass clarinet and tonband 2009 9'20"
SHIH, Pei-Yu Compress Di, liuqin, pipa, yangqin, percussion, erhu 2009 7'30"
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Die Schöne Erinnerung Zwischen Dir und Mir Stringquartet 2009 8 '
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Duo2 Prepared violin and prepared piano 2009 7'57"
PAN, Hwang-Long East and West V Zheng and String Quartet 2009 9' (3'30") (5'30")
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Five Portraits from Chinese Opera wind quintet 2009 12'
YING, Kwang-I For Five Percussion Players and Two Voices five percussion players and two voices 2009
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Formosa Image Three Concert Pieces for Violin, Viola and Piano 2009
CHEN, Lily Four Moods flute, cello, and piano 2009 12'
SanGregory, Paul Four Poems string quartet and percussion 2009 18'
LIN, Mei-Fang Friction Flute, Viola 2009 8'
KAO, Kai-Yi Fuge in Re flute, viola da gamba and harpsichord (Trio) 2009 2'00"
HSIAO, Yu-Ting Ilisin For Octet For Flute、Bassoon、Horn、 Percussion I & II、Piano Violin、Cello 2009 10'
LO, Shih-Wei Im Krebsgang II oboe and prepared piano 2009 9'
CHEN, Chiung-Yu In a Dream for Soprano, Oboe, Piano and Percussion 2009
JEN, Chen-Hui Intoning toward the Twilight Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trombone, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass 2009 7'
CHEN, Kai-Yue Invigorate Oveture Symphonic Band 2009 8'
JEN, Chen-Hui Jardin du Nord Di, 36-Reed Sheng, Pipa, 21-String Zheng, Contrabass, Erhu I (also Treble), Erhu II (also Alto) 2009 12'
LEE, Cheng-Yu Jazz Suite Saxophone Octet and Drumset 2009 21'13"
LIU, Wei-Chih Kun: Amidst the Horizon Pipa , Guzheng, Sheng, Di, Erhu, Yangqin, Liuqin / Da Ruan 2009 15'
LIAO, Lin-Ni Non-Lieu 2 Fl./ Vla./ Vlc./ Piano for 2 hands/ Piano for 4 hands 2009 8'
LEE, Cheng-Wei Of the Same Vein String Quartet 2009 9'52"
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) painting Duet for violin and piano 2009 3'
PAN, Hwang-Long Praises Zheng and String Quartet 2009 13’
LO, Shih-Wei Samsara in Sound for 13 performers 2009 13'
LEE, Chien-Yu Search for Violin, Cello and Piano 2009 6’
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Simplicity - Wind Quintet No.3 Wind Quintet 2009 11'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Six Ballads from Taiwanese Aborigines Chamber Music of Taiwan Series For Two Violins and Piano 2009
CHANG, Yu-Hui Sky Lantern piccolos (2), G flutes (2), flutes (21), alto flutes (6), bass flutes (4), clarinet, bassoon, percussions (2), piano, cello, and double bass 2009 10'
CHEN, Kai-Yue Slow take String Quartet 2009 11'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Sonata No. 3 for Violin and Piano Three Ballads from Taiwanese Aborigines for Violin and Piano 2009
CHOU, Chiu-Yu String Quartet No. 1 string quartet 2009 17'
CHEN, Lily Tableau string quartet 2009 10'
LIN, Yin-Yin The Mutual Affection among the Five Elements-An Episode of the Martial Arts Saga for Xiao and Di, Guzheng, Pipa, Sheng, Erhu 2009
LIU, Wei-Chih The Waves Broke on the Shore. Pipa player and 2 Percussionists 2009 12'
SanGregory, Paul Three Vignettes flute, oboe, piano 2009 11'
CHANG, Yu-Hui Through Time…, with Su Shr cello, and piano 2009 7'30"
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Tide of TIme Clarinet, Harp, Cello, and Bass Drum 2009 20'
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Time Voice and 3 Celli 2009 7'30"
LIU, Wei-Chih Veins II: Frozen Fragments Flute, Oboe, Horn, Piano Four Hands and Electronics 2009 7'
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Verlangen Erschaffen Harp, Lyrish Soprano, Keyboard(Reator- Synthesize) 2009 5 '
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Wild Graffiti flute, oboe, percussion, piano 2009 6'
CHANG, Chun-yien 一位早逝作曲家的殘稿 Harp, Violin 2009
CHIEN, Sansan 陳頭:超度 Homage to Nature, Threnody to the Victims of Morakot 擊樂團 2009 27'
JEN, Chen-Hui …since it’s no more a landscape Alto and Bass Flutes, Guqin, String Trio 2008 15'
CHEN, Ke-Chia A Path to Light six French horn 2008 8'
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Astatic, Incubate and Symmetrical Flute, Clarinet, Violin and Cello 2008 12 '
LIN, Kuei-Ju At the Edge of Violence and Silence 長笛(兼短笛),雙簧管,單簧管,低音單簧管,低音管,法國號,小號,長號,擊樂I,擊樂II,鋼琴,大提琴,低音提琴 2008 13'
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Ausbrüten, Entgegensetz und Verschwinden Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Violin, and Percussion 2008 10 '
LI, Yuan-Chen Cats' Romp guzheng & pno. 2008 9'30"
KAO, Kai-Yi Chamber music piece Flute, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Percussion, Violin, Viola and Cello (Octet) 2008 8'00"-9'00"
LEE, Cheng-Wei Distant Erhu, Yang Qin & Zheng 2008 14'52"
CHANG, Yu-Hui Dou Zhen six percussionists 2008 12'
PAN, Hwang-Long East and West IV Bamboo Instruments, Clarinet, Pipa, Zheng, Accordion, Huqin, Violin & Cello 2008 4’15
LIN, Ching-Mei Fantasy for Alto Saxophone and Marimba 2008
CHANG, Yu-Hui Flicker piano trio 2008 3'
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Flying in the dark night two Flutes and Piano 2008 6'
WANG, Sue-Ya Friche 2 musiciens 2008 12'
LIAO, Lin-Ni Imamusi Vla./ Gtr/ B.Sax/ P. 2008 7'
CHANG, Chun-yien In Memory of Eternity Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Piano 2008 3'10",2'10",4'19",3'31"
LAI, Deh-Ho In the deep winter of 2004 II Percussion Nonet 2008 17'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Journey to the west Mezzo- soprano and chamber ensemble 2008 17'
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Lasst uns Spass Haben Oboe, Trombone, Percussion, Viola 2008 8 '
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Le Vide Flute, Viola and Harp 2008 13'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Liu-Shu (Elegance) for liuqin, dizi and yangqin 2008 6'20”
LIN, Mu-Xuan long, long, the September rain… solo voice flute a.k.a. D recorder 2008 9'00"
WANG, Sue-Ya Machine vision 9 musiciens 2008 10'
LEE, Chien-Yu Million Stars for Clarinet, Bassoon and Percussion 2008 7’
CHEN, Chia-Hui Miroir violon, clarinette, guitare & violoncelle 2008 10'
CHANG, Chun-yien Missa Instrumentalis “A Rainbow, in Memory of Eternity” Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Piano Bar. solo, Piano 2008
LEE, Chien-Yu Morning dawn for String Quartet 2008 10’
KAO, Chen-Kang Natural Phenomena Natural Phenomena 2008 12'22''
YEN, Pey-Wen Oh!Mamamia Vl., Va., 2 Vc. 2008 6'04"
CHEN, Ke-Chia Percussion Quartet percussion quartet 2008 12'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Quartet for Mallets for Mallets 2008 6'30"
SHIH, Pei-Yu Quatet Four bassons 2008 2'06"
WANG, Sue-Ya retine basse clarinette et percussion 2008 10'
LI, Yuan-Chen Ring perc. quartet 2008 11'
HU, Yu-Chun Ripple for two percussionists 2008 6'
CHEN, Ke-Chia Song of Wanderer clarinet and piano 2008 12'
LIN, Yin-Yin The Charming Rhyme of Music ; the Innermost Depth of Affection for Qudi, Pipa, Guzheng, ErhuⅠ,Ⅱ, Zhonghu, and Cello 2008
CHANG, Yu-Hui The Orphan of Zhao (concert version) erhu, yang-qin, viola, cello, percussion 2008 10'
CHANG, Yung-Chin The Sunrise at the Alisan for Chinese ensemble 2008
LO, Shih-Wei The Voyage tow sopranos and chamber ensemble 2008 12'
TSENG, Hsiao-Wen Transmutation Little concerto for Marimba and 4 percutionists 2008 9'
LIEN, Hsien-Sheng Trois pièces du printemps for Wind Quintet 2008 10'
JEN, Chen-Hui Under the Pines Di (Xiao), 36-Reed Sheng, Pipa, 21-String Zheng, Sanshien, Erhu I (also Treble), Erhu II (also Alto) 2008 13'
LEE, Cheng-Yu Update Little Big Band 2008 5'7"
YEN, Pey-Wen Windmill and small Doll Vl., Va., 2 Vc. 2008 7'49"
Wu, Dye Without Rhyme-Sounds Percussions of Chinese Opera and Computer Sounds 2008 9'40"
CHANG, Yu-Hui Worries Just As Real violin and piano 2008 12'
HU, Yu-Chun Zen for wind trio 2008 6'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) 24 hours trio Violin, cello, and piano 2007 3'
LIN, Ching-Mei Beyond the Shadow for String Quartet 2007
LI, Yuan-Chen Butterfly fl, ob, cl, bsn, and pno 2007 8'
TSAI, Ling-Huei Chin Thoughts II— for Woodwind Quintet Woodwind Quintet 2007
HU, Yu-Chun Circuity for wind trio 2007 5'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Concerto for flute and four percussionists 2007 12'
LEE, Ya-Ting Crazines for Saxophone Quartet 2007
LIAO, Lin-Ni Deux percussionniste et amplification 2 Percussionists, amplification 2007 10'15"
PAN, Hwang-Long East and West VI1. When the World Quiets Down 2. Song of the Somnambulistic Girl Flute, Clarinet, Voice, Zheng & String Quartet 2007 12’35"
SanGregory, Paul Episodes 2 string quartet 2007 24'
CHEN, Shih-Hui Fantasia on the Theme of Plum Blossoms for String Quartet 2007 16'32"
CHEN, Chiung-Yu Green Olive Tree for Piccolo、Flute、 Trombone、Harp、Piano、Violin and Double Bass 2007
CHEN, Chiung-Yu Heart Trace for Soprano Saxophone、Alto Saxophone、Baritone Saxophone and Piano 2007
WANG, Sue-Ya Hue 4 percussions solo et électronique 2007 10'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) labyrinth fl. cl. And piano 2007 4'
CHEN, Kai-Yue Land Beating Symphonic Band 2007 10'
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Miroir Fantasique Oboe and Piano 2007 8'
CHEN, Chia-Hui Miroir II violon, clarinette, guitare & violoncelle 2007 3'
YEN, Ming-Hsiu MOVEMENTS 7 players 2007 6'
LIN, Yin-Yin Music and Dance Dedicated to the Celestial Realm for Ti, Oboe, Pipa, Zheng, PercussionⅠ, Ⅱ, Erhu, and Cello 2007
YEN, Pey-Wen My sweet I Bass Clarinet, Piano 2007 7'06"
LIN, Yin-Yin Ode to Shida for Brass Quintet 2007
YEN, Ming-Hsiu PHALAENOPSIS for violin and piano 2007 7'30"
CHEN, Chiung-Yu Piano Trio No.1 2007
LO, Shih-Wei Points and Disintegration flute, violin, viola, bass 2007 7'15"
TUNG, Chao-Ming Ponso no Tau percussion quintett 2007 17'20"
LIN, Mei-Fang Project Remix Flute/Piccolo, Oboe, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Double Bass 2007 9'
YING, Kwang-I Purify violoncello and contrabass 2007
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Rive Gauche Viola and Piano 2007 10'
CHEN, Ke-Chia Sentiments soprano, cello and piano 2007 11'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Six Regional Tunes from around Taiwan: Six Fu-Lao Folk Tunes for Violoncello Duet 2007
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Song Cello and Piano 2007 12'
LEE, Cheng-Yu Spring Breeze Saxophone Quartet 2007 5'40"
LIAO, Lin-Ni String Quartet n° 2 2 Vn./ Vla./ Vlc. 2007 5'30"
CHEN, Chiung-Yu String Quartet No.3 : Trembling・The Battle・Psalm for String Quartet 2007
JEN, Chen-Hui Timeless Intonation Clarinet (also Bass Clarinet), Percussion, Contrabass 2007 13'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Tunes from various regions of Hakka in Taiwan-Six Hakka Folk Tunes for Quartet-Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello and Piano 2007
LAI, Deh-Ho Variation [4-2-1] Flutes Quartet 2007 9'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Wan Xiang Percussion quarter 2007 25'
CHANG, Yu-Hui Wu gayaguem and cello 2007 10'
LIN, Mei-Fang Yarny/Wiry Piano I, Piano II, Percussion I, Percussion II 2007 4'
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Duo Prepared violin and prepared piano 2006
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Admiration For Piano Trio 2006 10'
WANG, Sue-Ya Bobydance cor et percussion 2006 10'
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Campus Festival Overture For Brass Quintet 2006 6'
CHIEN, Shan-Hua Chamber Music 2006 For Flute, Clarinet and String Quartet 2006
WANG, Sue-Ya Circle cor et percussion 2006 10'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Concerto for marimba and four percussionists 2006 10'
LEE, Cheng-Wei Depression Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Double Bass 2006 8'37"
LEE, Ya-Ting Elegy for String Quartet 2006
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Fantasy Variations- on a Theme of the Taiwanese Folk Song Trompet in Bb, 2 Percussions, Fagott, Violin, Viola, Cello 2006 13 '
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Heart Tide zheng, percussion, piano 2006 5'30"
JEN, Chen-Hui Hovering Seaward Flute (Piccolo, Alto Flute), Grand Piano 2006 15'
LIEN, Hsien-Sheng Les parfums descendent et flottent sur l’eau for Ensemble of Chinese instruments 2006 6'30"
CHANG, Yu-Hui Lost Threads piccolo/alto flute, viola, bass clarinet, and percussion 2006 12'
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Madame White Snake Trompet in Bb, Stringquartet 2006 10 '
CHEN, Chia-Hui Miroir I violon, clarinette, guitare & violoncelle 2006 3'
WANG, Sue-Ya Molecules perc.fl.vl.et vc 2006 13'
SHIH, Pei-Yu Mono Panflute, bassrecorder, qanun, perc., erhu, viola da gamba, di 2006 7'30"
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Music poem Piano trio 2006 2'
SanGregory, Paul Opposing Forces large mixed chamber ensemble 2006 9'15"
WANG, Sue-Ya Performance Sonore 6 musiciens 2006 60'
WANG, Sue-Ya quartuors I,II,III,IV quatuor å cordes 2006 15'
LI, Yuan-Chen Reminiscence kb & pno. 2006 10'30"
CHEN, Ke-Chia Rhapsody of Seasons string quartet 2006 13'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano-Three Capriccios for Violin and Piano 2006
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Taiwan is a Formosa Six Fu-Lao Folk Tunes for String Quartet 2006
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Taiwan is a Formosa Six Fu-Lao Folk Tunes for Piano Quintet 2006
CHEN, Ke-Chia The Desires viola and string nonet 2006 18'
LI, Yuan-Chen The Morning Bell and the Evening Drum perc. duo 2006 17'
CHANG, Yung-Chin The Night for pipa, zhongruan, yangqin, di, erhu, and cello 2006
JEN, Chen-Hui The Spectrum of an Ancient Soul Di (Xiao), 36-Reed Sheng, Pipa, 21-String Zheng, Sanshien, Erhu I (also Treble), Erhu II (also Alto) 2006 8'
SU, Fan-Ling The Tone of Heterophony Flute and Clarinet 2006 12'
WANG, Sue-Ya Tourne cor et percussion 2006 10'
YING, Kwang-I Trio No. 3 clarinet, bassoon, and piano 2006
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Water of the Field in June Six Fu-Lao Folk Tunes for String Quartet 2006
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Water of the Field in June Six Fu-Lao Folk Tunes for Solo Pi-Pa and Strings 2006
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Water of the Field in June Six Fu-Lao Folk Tunes for Solo Violin and Piano Quintet 2006
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Water of the Field in June Six Fu-Lao Folk Tunes for Piano Quintet 2006
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Across the Trees, Could See the Sea xiao, sanxian, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, 2 percussionists, 2 violins 2005 7'30"
LI, Yuan-Chen Adagio for Promenade fl, hp, organ, and vln. 2005 12'
CHIEN, Sansan Bagatelles for Winds 長笛,雙簧管,單簧管,低音管 2005 8'
LIN, Fang-Yi Cantus 長笛、大提琴、中阮 2005 8'
CHIEN, Shan-Hua Chamber Music 2005 Trio for Flute, Violin and Cello 2005
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Chat-Chat For Clarinet Quartet 2005 7'
TSAI, Ling-Huei Chin Thoughts— for Percussion Quintet Metallic percussion 2005
YEN, Ming-Hsiu ELEGY for saxophone quartet 2005 8'
WANG, Sue-Ya Emergence 4 percussions 2005 10'
LIEN, Hsien-Sheng Eprouvante Simplicité for soprano, baryton and ensemble 2005 8'15"
WANG, Sue-Ya Faces plier 2 percussions 2005 10'
WANG, Sue-Ya Fourre 4 percussions 2005 10'
WANG, Sue-Ya Fréquence 5 musiciens 2005 10'
SHIH, Pei-Yu Inclining Four percussion groups 2005 3'21''
WANG, Sue-Ya Inhomo 6 percussions 2005 16'
LI, Yuan-Chen Intermezzo: Tsan fl, ob, cl, vib, hp, pf, cel, vn, vla, kb and guqin (Chinese 7-string zither) 2005 13'30"
YEN, Pey-Wen JAGIJU 2Vl., Va., Vc., DB. 2005 10'09"
Nan-Chang Chien Jasmine 2005
LIN, Mei-Fang L’Image Reconstituée Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano 2005 6'30"
LIN, Mei-Fang Le Chemin Caché Recorder, Flute, Oboe, Violin, Guitar I, Guitar II, Piano I, Piano II 2005 5'
CHOU, Chiu-Yu Lovely Scenes clarintet, violin, 2 percussionists, piano, cello and performers' voices 2005 11'40"
YEN, Ming-Hsiu MIDNIGHT SUN for percussion quartet 2005 8'
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Perplexity Oboe, Harp 2005 5 '
YEN, Pey-Wen Piano Duet Suit 2Piano 2005 11'02"
LIN, Yin-Yin Picturesque Taiwan for Violin, Cello, and Piano 2005
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Piet For Bassclarinet solo 2005 5'30"
YING, Kwang-I Quartet soprano, clarinet, cello, and percussion 2005
WANG, Sue-Ya Recel 4 percussions 2005 10'
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Searching Clarinet in Bb, Electric Quitar, 2 Percussion, Timpani, and Drum Set 2005 12 '
SUN, Ying-Chieh Self Portrait Piano Duet 2005 7'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Super Collision For Fl. Gittar, Percussion and Computer with Mime 2005 14'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Taiwan is Ilha Formosa For Cello Quartet 2005
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Taiwanese Aboriginal Rites for chamber ensemble 2005 10'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Three Scenes of the Pei-Gang :Three Fu-Lao Folk Tunes for Violin and Violoncello- 2005
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Tswan: the River String Quartet 2005 9'30"
WANG, Sue-Ya Tubulaire 4 percussions 2005 10'
SUN, Ying-Chieh Vespers String Quartet 2005 7'30"
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Water of the Field in June Six Fu-Lao Folk Tunes For Solo Oboe and Piano Quintet 2005
WANG, Sue-Ya Weather boxes 3 musiciens 2005 10'
JEN, Chen-Hui What’s Twinkling in the Distance Clarinet, Bassoon, Trombone, Vibraphone, Harp, Violin, Cello 2005 12'
CHEN, Chiung-Yu Whisper in the Breeze for Piano, Violin and Percussion 2005
PAN, Hwang-Long Percussion Legend Percussion Quintet 2004/2005 13’15
CHANG, Hsiao-Feng Defending in the Gap of the City Clarinet in Bb, Fagott, Soprano, Violin Viola, and Cello 2004 7 '
WANG HWANG, I-Uen Dream Garden II two pianos 2004
YANG, Jin-Fong Duodecad 2004
LEE, Cheng-Wei Eight and One Sixth Flute, Horn, Percussion, Violin ;Double Bass 2004 8'10"
SHIH, Pei-Yu Entstanden Zerbrochen Flute, clarinet, guitar, piano, percussion, violin, violoncello 2004 8'55''
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Episodes from My Childhood Duet for Clarinet and Piano 2004
CHIEN, Sansan Fanfare 銅管四重奏與擊樂 2004 2'30''
SanGregory, Paul For Ancient Celebrations flute, clarinet, horn, trumpet, 2 trombones, 2 percussionists, string quartet 2004 8'30"
LAI, Deh-Ho In the deep winter of 2004 I Percussion Septet 2004 17'
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Koo-hoo-siu… Fl.,Ob., B-flat Cl.,Tbn., Vla. 2004 8'00"
CHEN, Chia-Hui Li quatuor à cordes 2004 5'
WANG, Sue-Ya Miniature zheng.fl.vc.et perc. 2004 15'
SanGregory, Paul Movements of Light two pianos 2004 17'
LU, Yun Po Suo 2004
JEN, Chen-Hui Poems & Utterance Flute (Piccolo), Clarinet (Bass Clarinet), 2 Percussion Players, Piano, Viola, Double bass 2004 11'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Politics: Struggling of Civility for flute and cello 2004 4'
JEN, Chen-Hui The Drunk Song of Midnight Di, Erhu, Pipa, Zheng 2004 9'
CHEN, Kai-Yue The first light of morning Percussion Octet 2004 10'
JEN, Chen-Hui The May, the White Flower Oboe, Pipa, Cello 2004 7'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope The Water Field of June For Violin Solo and Stings and the Piano 2004
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope The Water Field of June: Six Folk Tunes of Fu-Lao For Violin Solo 2004
CHANG, Yu-Hui Transpiration piano trio 2004 12'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Trio Violin, vibraphone, and piano 2004 15'
LIN, Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Woodwind Quintet No. 1 Woodwind quintet 2004 15'
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Zheng-Tu for zheng (Chinese zither) 2004 6'
LIAO, Lin-Ni Jian-Shui 澗 水 Duo Pianos 2003 7'10"
JEN, Chen-Hui 16 3/4 Moons Xiao, Pipa, String Quartet 2003 12'
TSAI, Ling-Huei A Sonata Only by Its Form Horn and Piano 2003
SU, Fan-Ling A Wild Swallow Descending on the Sand Violin and Piano 2003 15'30''
LAI, Deh-Ho Africa Fantasy Percussion Quartet 2003 12'
TZENG, Shing-Kwei Capriccio of “Unforgetable” 4 Hands Piano with Toy Piano (or Synthesizer) and Prepared Record Dancer or Video 2003 8'
LU, Yun Chen 2003
CHEN, Chiung-Yu Discolorations for Woodwind Quintet 2003
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Dots, Lines, Convergence Concerto for Zheng & Chamber Ensemble 2003 22'
HSIAU, Ching-Yu Drift Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano 2003 15'
LIAO, Lin-Ni Du-Che 讀 徹 Soprano and small orchestra ( 1.1.1./ 2 groupes de percussions, Hp., Po./ 2003 12'30"
SanGregory, Paul Finding Traces clarinet and piano 2003 8'
CHANG, Yu-Hui Longing for String Trio string trio 2003 10'
CHANG, Yu-Hui Lotus•Piercing•Tender four violists 2003 10'
LAI, Deh-Ho On the Road Soprano, Harp and String Quartet 2003 11'
Wu, Dye Piano Quintet String Quartet and Piano 2003
YEN, Pey-Wen Qing, Zhu, Qi Piano 2003 8'57"
PAN, Hwang-Long Schmetterlingstraum.East and West III Music for CFMW & Klangforum 2003 11’15
CHANG, Yu-Hui Shadow Chase string quartet 2003 10'
HSIEH, Long-Kwang Sincerity Duet for oboe and percussion 2003 10'
LAN, Mei-mi Six Flags Bass clarinet, Piano, Vibraphone, Electric Bass 2003 8'34"
YEN, Ming-Hsiu SORROWFUL BEAUTY for clarinet and string quartet 2003 9'
LAN, Mei-mi " White Egrest" Six Variations Woodwind Quintet 2002 13'48"
YANG, Jin-Fong Alien-colour (異色) Woodwind Quintet 2002
SHIH, Pei-Yu Augenblick Accordion and violoncello 2002 3'19''
SHIH, Pei-Yu Cao Qie Di, sheng, liuqin, pipa, yangqin, percussion 2002 5'25''
SanGregory, Paul Chamber Concerto flute/picc, oboe/Eng horn, horn, 2 trumpets, strings 2002 18'
YEN, Pey-Wen Competing Clarinet , Piano 2002 4'24"
CHIANG, Yi-Cheng Ensemble 13 players(Fl.,Ob., Bass Cl.,Bn., F.Hn., Tpt.,Tbn.,2 Perc.,Pf., Hrp.,2 Vl., Vla., Vlc., Db.) 2002
Lee, Chihchun Chi-sun Equilibrium erhu, zheng, marimba 2002 8'
LEE, Cheng-Wei For Violin &Piano Piece in G minor Violin, Piano 2002 4'44"
LAI, Deh-Ho In the Midsummer of 2002 for Octet of Woodwinds and Strings 2002 15'
CHOU, Chiu-Yu In the Mist string quartet 2002 7'20"
LIEN, Hsien-Sheng Jeux des fleurs du prunier for violin and piano 2002 18'
CHANG, Yu-Hui kai•men•da•ji string quartet and piano 2002 10'
LIAO, Lin-Ni La Soprano/ Fl./ Cl. in Bb/ Vn./ Vlc./ P. 2002 8'10"
SU, Fan-Ling Legend for Wandering Wayfarer 15 Solists 2002 8'
WANG HWANG, I-Uen Metamorphosis String Quartet 2002
LEE, Ya-Ting My Motherland- for Clarinet in Bb, Violoncello and Piano (reduction) 2002
LIN, Ching-Mei One Movement String Quartet for String Quartet 2002 8'
CHANG, Yu-Hui Perplexing Sorrow flute, viola, and piano 2002 10'
LAN, Mei-mi Quartet for Clarinets Clarinet Quartet 2002 8'17"
LEE, Ya-Ting Septet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, Percussion, two Violins, and Violoncello 2002
Wu, Dye Stalemate Soprano, Saxophone and Computer 2002 8'00"
LAN, Mei-mi String Quartet No. 2 "Taiwan Scenery" String Quartet 2002 7'13"
LEE, Ya-Ting Struggle Duet for Violin and Violoncello 2002
Nan-Chang Chien The 12 Animal Signs of Chinese Zodiac 2002
LAI, Deh-Ho The Cycle of the Seasons Percussion Quartet 2002 10'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope The Dead of the Night Octet for Strings 2002
LIN, Ching-Mei The Pilgrimage for Wind Quintet, Percussion & Strings 2002 10'
SU, Fan-Ling The Rite of Dance Bb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Piano 2002 12'
Lee, Wen-Pin Hope Theme & Variations on an Original Theme for Violoncello Octet / Violoncello Orchestra 2002
TSAI, Ling-Huei Three Poems by Sylvia Plath— for Soprano and Chamber Orchestra Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Percussion, Violin, Violoncello (also Orchestra version) 2002
YING, Kwang-I Trio No. 2 violin, violoncello, and piano 2002
Nan-Chang Chien Yolimba Variation – Happy Birthday 2002
LU, Yun 弦樂四重奏小品六首 2002
PAN, Hwang-Long Percussion Theater Percussion Quartet 2001/2002 16'15"
LIN, Mei-Fang About to… Viola, Cello, Harp, Piano 2001 7'
SU, Fan-Ling An Ancient Pathway, Westward Wind and Skinny Horse Violin and Piano 2001 5'
CHANG, Yung-Chin An Tung Buying Grocery fur liuqin ensemble 2001